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Police Bust AKB162

Author: Artefact


Police have arrested the manager of AKB162 for having his girls service patrons in Akihabara, after it emerged they were underage and he was improperly licensed.

According to police, the perpetrators of this horrendous criminal enterprise ran a “girls bar” in Akihabara, allowing creepy schoolgirl fanciers the opportunity for contact with the objects of their fascination.

Operating as a “JK cafe,” the establishment allowed patrons to be served by and even converse with high school girls, who would attend them in their actual uniforms, and apparently enjoyed some popularity.

The bar employed 20 girls aged 15-18, and enjoyed monthly sales in the region of ¥3,000,000. Some of the girls also made as much as ¥30,000 a day “dating” their customers off the premises as an add-on service.

Police have charged the 44-year-old manager with various health and safety offences, ranging from running an improperly licensed dining establishment to employing minors.

The charges stem directly from him having 3 girls aged 15 and 16 serve a 32-year-old salaryman.

Police have reportedly just launched a crackdown on brothels which for whatever reasons they objected to, having raided 93 establishments and made 62 arrests.

The origin of the “162″ in the establishment’s name still remains unclear…

And one more.


Binbougami-ga! Anything But Poor: “Best Anime of Season?”

Author: Artefact




Newly aired poverty goddess anime Binbougami-ga! has proved an immediate hit, being widely acclaimed for its blend of high tempo gag and parody action, along with not a little sexy service and decent production values.

For those wondering about the setting, in traditional Japanese superstition (otherwise known as Shinto), a binbougami (“貧乏神” – literally, “poverty god”) is a type of god which attaches itself to a person or household and curses them with inevitable poverty – whilst rarely worshipped (or rather, appeased with offerings), they are the subject of much fiction.

For those wondering about Momiji’s choice of manga – the title is adapted from none other than Jump SQ…


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