Alright ladies and gentlemen we are back to our regularly scheduled posts, I hope last week’s event was fun for you guys. It’s a nice change of pace to the generic pictures I post up there regularly. Let me talk about Black and White 2 for a second; just as a musing. The art, while nice is a little too flamboyant but the trailer made B/W2 look really nice. I was hoping Tajiri might finish off Best Wishes and start making black and white 2 or best wishes 2 into an anime. But that’s inconsequential albeit rather nice to have. The JP version is out and a patch should be available to play it. That said, B/W2 has a lot of hype in the U.S. We can expect a lot from T.P.C. (The Pokemon Company) in the future especially if they plan to make a 3D version a Pokemon Adventure. Ever since we saw Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, we’ve hoped they can do something about a 3D pokemon game that wasn’t just pokemon stadium over and over again. Anyway, let’s move onto today’s news.


Let’s open with this anime…


Tari Tari Sexy Bathing Anime

Author: Leon




Cute if indifferently received anime Tari Tari has already delivered its unavoidable bathing special, and amongst Type B fans at least is seemingly achieving a modicum of popularity…


Enjoy the gallery. And while you’re doing that let’s talk about how greedy China’s gotten recently.


Chinese General Demands “Return” of Okinawa

Author: Artefact


A serving Chinese general has been saying he thinks Japan ought to be made to “withdraw” from Okinawa, in favour of the peace-loving Chinese.

According to media reports, a Chinese general attached to a national defence research institute gave a radio interview in which he demanded the “return” of Okinawa to China:

We must demonstrate our resolve over the Diaoyu Islands to Japan with actions, but there is a wider issue – we should formally raise the issue of the return of Okinawa [to China].

Okinawa used to be a kingdom called Ryukyu, but in 1879 Japan forcibly occupied it. They had to abandon the Chinese calendar and Chinese characters.

Japan may have occupied it,  but we need to look closely at the issue.


Of course, Japan should withdraw from Ryukyu.

Prior to being formally annexed by Japan, Ryukyu had enjoyed various tributary relationships with both Japan and China, usually finding itself under the de facto control of the nearby Shimazu clan in Kyushu.

Recent years have seen increasing amounts of revanchist rhetoric from Chinese sources demanding the “return” or “independence” of the islands, but so far no official demand has been made for them, and none seems immediately likely given they are still bristling with American firepower – although China is already trying to pry parts of their “sacred territory” from the chain.


Oh, look I have an idea, move everyone in Japan to the US. Then we can be mixxed and ditch the island completely. Japan will have resources and have land, we can import things from other countries. Seriously, am I the only one that feels bad for that country? An entire island and resources are bare minimal for over 1 million people. Doesn’t seem fair if you ask me.


Let’s talk religion…



Mexico gang attacks Christian youth camp


Prosecutors said the gang subjected the campers to an ordeal lasting several hours. Seven girls were sexually assaulted and other youths were beaten.

The attackers took cash, cameras and mobile phones and escaped in two stolen vehicles.

The governor of Mexico State, Eruviel Avila, has promised to do everything possible to catch those responsible.

About 90 members of the Christian youth group were camping in tents in the Colibri ecological park near the town of Ixtapaluca, about 35km (22 miles) outside Mexico City.

The attackers burst into the camp at around midnight on Thursday firing shots into the air, the victims said.

The campers were rounded up and held at gunpoint while their belongings were ransacked and some were assaulted.

The park is in a hilly region with no mobile phone coverage so it was some time before the alarm was raised.

Mexican newspapers have questioned why there was not better security at the site.


And now Spain gives us some fail.



Last week we bought you news of America’s airline-esque Olympic suit. A Spanish guy in our office cackled the loudest of all, roaring with laughter at the Ralph Lauren threads.

Which is why we take delight in the images above that show what Spain will be wearing to this year’s sporting showcase. Check out their polo shirt, trainers, tie and kit bag.

Spanish cyclist Angel Rodriguez posted pictures of the clobber on Twitter, saying: “When I saw it, all I could say was dance, dance, dance, dance, bomb!”

Russian sportswear brand Bosco made the kit claiming it has a ‘tribal’ feel.


I like this next guy who made a bomb joke at the airport.


Doctor Charged After Bomb “Joke” At The Airport

A NYC doctor charged with falsely reporting an incident.

Federal authorities say joking about having a bomb is not funny. But that’s apparently what a New York City doctor did last week in the passenger terminal of the Rochester Airport.

It happened Friday morning at the Jet Blue ticket counter. The TSA says that Dr. Hany Mossad-Boktor was asked the standard question about having any firearms in his luggage, and he replied, “no, just a couple of bombs and a little dynamite, but it’s no big deal.”

TSA Federal Security Director John McCaffrey tells WHAM News that is a big deal, in terms of trying to keep the airport safe and the operation running smoothly. He says bomb sniffing dogs were called in to check the man’s luggage. It showed no signs of explosives, but he was charged with falsely reporting an incident, which is a felony.


And finally a birthday party joke. Stop me if you’ve heard this one, a guy drives a jeep into the house of the birthday kid…


Jeep drives through children’s gym during party


HENRICO, Va.(WTVR)—A Jeep Cherokee smashed through the lobby of a children’s gym, where a birthday party was underway.

Henrico Police got a report around 3:30 p.m., that an adult male drove a Jeep Cherokee through the lobby of Little Gym, located in the 8300 block of Staples Mill Road.

There were around 30 kids and adults in the gym for a birthday party, but no one was hurt because they were in the back area.

“The way it happened, it could have been a lot worse,” Jamie QuackenBush, director of Little Gym, said. “We are grateful no one was hurt. Everything damaged can be replaced. We are very lucky.”

Police said that the driver was charged with reckless driving. The building inspector said the building was not condemned, but it is currently closed.

It will reopen once repairs are done.


Video on site, enjoy. Good night, everybody, I’m signing out.