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I didn’t really have time to post a header so here’s Marcy from Adventure Time. I realize as the week goes on, my drive for posting goes down far below the surface of sea level, but I suppose there’s not much I can say at this point, except read on cause I’ve got a lot to cover today.


Kyushu death toll rises to 28 as rain abates

Kyodo, AFP-Jiji


FUKUOKA — The death toll from the downpours in southwestern Japan reached 28 on Monday when two of six people declared missing were found dead in Kumamoto and Fukuoka prefectures, police and firefighters said.

The torrential rain since Thursday in northern Kyushu caused floods and mudslides in Kumamoto, Oita and Fukuoka prefectures, sweeping away cars and people without warning.

Residents embarked on a full-scale cleanup Monday following record rainfall that forced hundreds of thousands to flee and left at least 32 dead or missing.

Television footage showed residents, volunteers and local officials shovelling mud and removing damaged furniture from their homes while mechanical diggers worked to clear roads of trees and debris. The four days of intense rain also caused river levees to give way, inundating or destroying houses with torrents of muddy water.

“We are stepping up efforts to remove rubble as roads remain covered with mud at many points,” said Masatatsu Minoda, a Kumamoto Prefecture official.

“Workers are engaged in cleanup efforts while taking precautions against more possible landslides. We may have to stop working if it rains heavily again,” he said.

According to Kyushu Electric Power Co., some 2,600 houses in the area were without electricity. Local authorities meanwhile have been sending out emergency teams to aid villagers isolated by landslides.

Troops were called in Sunday to airlift supplies to those cut off while local authorities dispatched rescue helicopters to ferry the elderly to hospitals.

Rescue divers and troops meanwhile searched rivers and flooded rice fields for bodies. The two found Monday were both men.

While hard rain fell sporadically in northern Kyushu Monday, the Meteorological Agency warned that further landslides and floods were possible if .

In the city of Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, 3,500 people from 1,200 households were under instructions to evacuate as of Monday afternoon, while the number under orders to stay away widened by 21 to reach 280 in the village of Minami Aso.

In mountainous Yame in Fukuoka Prefecture, as well as Hita in Oita, about 400 people remained cut off by landslides.

The Self-Defence Forces supplied food by helicopter and rescued residents in need of nursing care.

Aso was among the hardest-hit areas and received around 81.7 cm of rain. The city lies at the foot of a volcano where at least 19 people were killed and three went missing.

There was also heavy rain Sunday in Kyoto, about 500 km east of the region. The rain left about 20 people temporarily trapped after a stream overflowed.

So ya, Japan’s suffering from major problems, they’ve continuously been like this and what with the car accidents from earlier this year, the country’s not looking all that good.


Confirmation could doom facility; others probed

Shika nuclear plant may sit on active fault


Government research indicates the fault running beneath Hokuriku Electric Power Co.’s Shika Nuclear Power Station may be active, raising questions about the utility’s claim in the late 1990s to the contrary, according to sources.

Government regulations do not allow construction of a nuclear reactor above an active fault. If it is confirmed active, the Shika nuclear plant in Ishikawa Prefecture may not qualify to operate.

The plant is currently shut down for scheduled safety checks plus the state-ordered stress tests introduced because of the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 plant.

The research by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency shows the fault — named S-1, which runs southeast to northwest within the plant’s premises — moved sometime after 130,000 to 120,000 years ago, the sources said Monday.

Hokuriku Electric Power conducted excavation surveys when it applied in 1997 to build a second reactor at the plant and claimed it found the fault “does not indicate activity.”

In a review of fault lines after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, NISA went through excavation data presented by Hokuriku Electric and concluded the research indicated the strong possibility that S-1 may have been active in a relatively recent period.

Geological layers comprised not just of bedrock from ancient periods but also sand and pebbles dating back to 130,000 to 120,000 years suggest the fault was deformed, the sources said.

It remains unknown at this point if S-1 could generate a quake on its own or move in tandem if a temblor hits nearby active faults. Given that another fault lies beneath reactor 2, if the two faults shake at the same time, it could endanger the plant.

“I would say Hokuriku Electric’s assessment that the geological layers of 130,000 to 120,000 years ago have not morphed is far-fetched,” said Mitsuhisa Watanabe, a geomorphology professor at Toyo University.

Watanabe even suspects the fault was active more recently.

Research and surveys by NISA have suggested that a soft fault layer, called a crushed zone, could move at Japan Atomic Power Co.’s Tsuruga nuclear power station in Fukui Prefecture, raising the possibility that the plant, also now idle, may have to be permanently shut down.

Citizens are calling for research into Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui, which also has a soft fault layer. Reactor 3 has been restarted at the Kepco plant and reactor 4’s operations are in the process of being resumed.

And our last story from the land of the rising sun, is the suicide issue. Which if you haven’t already realized is pretty prevalent in Japan, and has been for many, many years.


Otsu now admits bullying led student to kill himself

Settlement looms in high-profile tragedy city first tried to deny



OTSU, Shiga Pref. — The city of Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, reversed its stance Tuesday and said bullying was behind the suicide last year of a junior high school student.

“At this point, the city is (prepared) to admit a causal link between the bullying and the suicide,” an attorney of the municipal government told the Otsu District Court at the second session of the lawsuit filed by the parents of the 13-year-old victim against the city and the alleged bullies, a case that put the boy’s school under the national spotlight.

“We intend to proceed with negotiations for an amicable settlement,” the lawyer said.

Otsu initially argued it wasn’t negligent because it could not determine if the boy, who jumped off a condominium building Oct. 11, was bullied by schoolmates. Media reports, however, alleged that the bullies made the boy “practice” killing himself, and that his homeroom teacher was aware of the abuse but took no action.

Otsu Mayor Naomi Koshi reversed his stance and admitted bullying caused the suicide, after a school survey revealed that several students had reported that the bullies had made the boy practice killing himself.

“I want to apologize deeply to the boy and his bereaved family,” Koshi said Tuesday at City Hall.

In the court, the city asked that the next session be postponed until an investigation by an external panel of experts, to be set up soon, is completed.

The municipal government said the panel would need about four months to reach its conclusion. The court set the next session for Sept. 18 after the plaintiffs objected.

A senior education ministry official in charge of trying to curb school bullying and two other officials, who were dispatched to Otsu on July 10 at the mayor’s request, will assist the city in selecting members of the investigative panel.

“We apologize for the trouble we’ve caused to the victim’s family and to the victim himself, who had to choose death as he stood on the brink of despair because probes by the school and the municipal board of education (into the bullying) were insufficient,” a lawyer representing the city said after Tuesday’s court session.

In a comment issued later through a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, the boy’s 47-year-old father said: “There are a lot of students seeking help as we speak. I want (teachers) to detect signs of bullying.”

In the suit, which was filed in February, the victim’s parents argued that teachers failed to properly respond despite knowing their son was being bullied. The couple are seeking about ¥77 million in damages from the city and the alleged bullies.

The incident grabbed national attention after reports alleged the boy was forced to go through the motions of killing himself.

Last week, police took the rare move of searching both the school and the Otsu board of education.

They also plan to interview hundreds of students and parents during the summer break before deciding, possibly by the end of August, whether to build a criminal case, according to investigative sources.


And now we move onto Obama’s idea of a new weapon….


Iran drought part of ‘soft war’ by West: VP



The drought in southern Iran is part of a “soft war” launched against the Islamic republic by the West, the Fars news agency quoted an Iranian vice president as saying on Monday.

“I am suspicious about the drought in the southern part of the country,” Hassan Mousavi, who also heads Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism organisation, said at a ceremony to introdue the nation’s new chief of meteorological department.

“The world arrogance and colonist (term used by Iranian authorities to label the West) are influencing Iran’s climate conditions using technology… The drought is an acute issue and soft war is completely evident… This level of drought is not normal.”

Iran has experienced several droughts in recent years, especially in the south where it was hit in recent weeks by violent sand storms that engulfed several cities.

Sand storms particularly enter Iran from neighbouring Iraq where desertification has increased over the last two decades due to wars.

Last year, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in Iran, adding that “European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent.

Iranian leaders claim on a daily basis that Western countries, led by arch-foe the United States, devise “plots” in many forms to undermine the Islamic republic and to impede its economic and scientific development.

They also accuse world powers of colluding against Iran’s national unity, independence, political establishment, culture as well as international relations.


And now for all you online dweebs out there, there’s this study that shows internet can develop mental disorders. Pfft, as if most American’s don’t already have some kind of ADHD/ADD going on in their minds. Though I find it funny that ADD/ADHD isn’t as prevalent in females as it is in males. Hmm, food for thought.


Study: People Who Are Constantly Online Can Develop Mental Disorders


CHARLOTTE (CBS Charlotte) — Get off that computer. A new study finds that constantly being online can affect your mental health.

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg  recently studied more than 4,100 Swedish men and women between the ages of 20 and 24 for a year and found that a majority of them who constantly use a computer and mobile phones can develop stress, sleeping disorders and depression.

Sara Thomee, lead author of the study, said there was a “central link” between computers and mental disorders.

“High quantitative use was a central link between computer use and stress, sleep disturbances, and depression, described by the young adults,” Thomee said in the study. “It was easy to spend more time than planned at the computer (e.g., working, gaming, or chatting), and this tended to lead to time pressure, neglect of other activities and personal needs (such as social interaction, sleep, physical activity), as well as bad ergonomics, and mental overload.”

The study found a correlation between stress and always being available on the phone.

“Demands for availability originated not only from work and the social network, but also from the individual’s own ambitions or desires. This resulted in disturbances when busy or resting, the feeling of never being free, and difficulties separating work and private life,” Thomee explained in the study. “Unreturned calls or messages led to overload and feelings of guilt.”

Even people who played video games online faced a greater risk of suffering from depression.

“Daily computer gaming for 1–2 hours meant an increased risk for symptoms of depression in the women,” the study found. “Often using the computer late at 48 night (and consequently losing sleep) was a prospective risk factor for stress and sleep disturbances, including reduced performance, in both sexes.”

Thomee concluded that people need to set limits on computer and cell phone use and limit their own demands on their availability as to not suffer from these types of mental disorders.


You know, the only reason people are so stressed out is cause of social networking and drama among friends and blah blah blah blah blah. You don’t need to hear it from me, if you cared about your mental well-being, you wouldn’t be looking at me for it, you’d be asking yourselves. Case-in-point, it’s nonsensical to believe the internet will corrupt your feeble little minds any more than say something like watching porn on Playboy or watching an R-rated movie or god knows what else. Again, don’t believe anything I post on my blog, read it, research it and think for yourselves. That has been my motto since I started this blog. Read, think, apply to real world.


YouTube videos ‘show nurses as stupid sex objects’

From: AFP
NURSES have been urged to go on the offensive against YouTube videos that stereotype them as sexual playthings or witless. Researchers led by Gerard Fealy, a professor of nursing and midwifery at University College Dublin in Ireland, analysed the 10 most-viewed clips on the popular video-sharing site in response to the keywords “nurses” and “nursing”.

Four of the 10 videos were posted by nurses, and showed the job of caregiver as skilled, professional and rewarding.

Two of the clips were from a cartoon and a US sitcom that showed nurses as stupid or incompetent.

The other four – from the US TV comedy “Frasier”, a Virgin Mobile ad, a Belgian lingerie commercial and an item from an internet TV news show – portrayed nurses as scantily dressed or willing participants in male sexual fantasies.

“Despite being hailed as a medium of the people, our study showed that YouTube is no different to other mass media in the way that it propagates gender-bound, negative and demeaning nursing stereotypes,” said Prof Fealy.

“Such stereotypes can influence how people see nurses and behave towards them.”

He called for a change.

“We feel that the professional bodies that regulate and represent nurses need to lobby legislators to protect the profession from undue negative stereotyping and support nurses who are keen to use YouTube to promote their profession in a positive light.”

Give me one good reason nurses shouldn’t be portrayed as sex objects. What is it with this world, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Sex, drugs, idiotic remarks. Society’s dimmed down over the years. Everything from making the world kid-friendly to dropping anthrax bombs on sand niggers, adults have never ceased to amaze me at how bad a job they’re doing even when they’re leading our countries into oblivion.
Now, I wanna plug one quick site I just found, you guys should look into it if you’re, like my friend Ryan who is gaga over anime. I just found it so I don’t know enough to say if it’s good or bad but you guys can enjoy it.
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Now, our usual bit from the boys at sank.

A female fashion expert has been sharing her sage insights into the “painful” fashion failings most likely to condemn any man to perpetual bachelorhood, and as is the way with such things, otaku fashion comes in for the obligatory drubbing.

The list, apparently written from the perspective of a desperate 30-something spinster prepared to marry a man on the basis of the quality of his suit:

1. Men who wear clothes which don’t fit their frame
“They don’t even try them on, they just decide they are an M or L and buy some clothes. And it’s bad to just plump for LL just because someone says you are fat.”

2. He is too concerned about looking cool and ends up wearing clothes which don’t suit him
“He has an image of guys he thinks are popular, so he just puts on all the stuff he sees in shops and magazines!”

3. He dresses in classic otaku style
“A rucksack and a pouch round his waist may be an unavoidable manifestation of his true self, but at least try to make a reasonable first impression. For marriage interviews or parties, proper attire is especially essential.”

4. His entire ensemble is Uniqlo
Uniqlo may be decent enough quality, and even trendy in some cases, but dressing head to foot in Uniqlo is no good at all.

The colossal opprobrium attached to rucksacks is of course nothing new and now seems to be part of the classic otaku stereotype.

However, it probably goes without saying that wearing a pink Precure T-shirt is the ultimate faux pas even for otaku, not that such cases are in much danger of meeting anyone in the first place.

Online there is a certain amount of predictable resentment from what is presumably the “fat wannabe Uniqlo otaku” demographic, who certainly seem defensive of their Uniqlo ensembles…


Just so you guys know, Japanese women are fucking shallow, much like American girls, so don’t get your hopes up in getting one. People are people no matter where you go, deal with it or stay in your country; That’s life.


And finally a figure gallery for you all to enjoy.


Ikkitousen Ryomou Shimei Bikini Ero-Figure

Author: Leon


Ikkitousen‘s Ryomou Shimei appears as yet another sexy figure, this time in an (optional) bikini, due for September 2012, all thanks to Griffon Enterprises.


And let’s not forget the anime….


Campione! Saucy Action Anime

Author: Leon

Action and sexy service in inequal measure have been ensuring Campione! a continuing following, with some hope held out for the disc release and whatever extras it deems fit to bring…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some leftovers to finish, that don’t involve women’s parts or panties. Good night, everyone and stay safe under the American bridge.