Well here’s a coincidence, a murder in a Batman movie.  Maybe we should have Detective Gordon handle this, I’m sure he’ll find out the culprit. I found it hilarious that my brother was so ass damaged that I was laughing at the coincidence that I truly believes I find the murder funny. Course, there’s no arguing with people with lower I.Q.s so let them do as they please. Let me start off right here by saying that I don’t support murder, I support coincidental irony. And this incident for all intents and purposes is pretty coincidental and ironic at the same time. So let me stop babbling on and on about what I think and let you see for yourself about what you think.


Batman tragedy: Reactions of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ premiere Colorado shooting


Friday morning as the news developed of the Aurora, Colorado shooting at
The Dark Knight Rises premiere. It has been reported that 12 died and at least 50 others were wounded. The news reports are pouring in analyzing details and every angle that can be examined. The last in movie in the Batman series has inadvertently hosted an event that will chill movie goers for years to come.

The name James Holmeswill go down in history as another mass murderer. People are telling us “what went down.” According to news reports,

a survivor of the shooting reported later that the gunman pointed the gun right at him. Another said, “I thought it was a joke or part of the show,” Jennifer Seeger told TODAY. “He came in and threw in the gas can, and then I knew it was real.”

Life was normal for the people watching the movie, before the canister of gas was tossed into the room and the gunman came in and opened fire. Standing in line earlier a journalist tweeted her last post 20 minutes before the movie would start. People across the nation are reeling with the news of the Colorado shooting. Many are over-reacting by vowing not to go to the movies for a while, fear of copycat shootings could be the reason.

Several articles on Examiner highlight the reactions in the entertainment world:

‘Gangster Squad’ trailer pulled from Batman movie after Colorado shooting

President Obama has moment of silence for theater victims of Colorado shooting

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ theater security increased; NYPD stepping up patrols

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ cancels Paris premiere after Colorado shootings

The Batman movie is not to blame, although many would blame the violence of the movie, the guns. It is not the fault of the theater – who would expect this to happen?

Do not over-react – security is being increased at movie theaters across the nation. This is sad, and it is amazing that in this day and age we do live with crazy mass shootings every few years, not just from terrorists taking down the World Trade Center, but from crazies within in our own country. Our condolences to all families affected by this tragedy.


Crazies man, every year we have a bunch of morons do this sort of inherently dumb actions that jeopardize people’s safety and then all of a sudden we’re calling in homeland security and then shit hits the fan. Well guess what? Now’s a good a time as any to fucking leave the US; Too many psychotic morons here anyway. This isn’t a quickie so let’s move on.


This next bit is a gallery post from EqD regarding drawfriend. Enjoy the posts, and save all pics you like. I’m rather fond of this one tbh.



Drawfriend Stuff #509




Where Luna actually hangs out during major disasters edition!  Celestia might control the sun, but Luna controls the GALAXY.  Your puny lives are but a speck in the grand scheme of things.


Now here’s some arbitrary list Leon posted up about action animes or whatever.


Top 20 “Seriously Entertaining” Anime

Author: Leon



Surprisingly, a top anime list based on the rigorous scientific criteria of being considering “seriously entertaining” by a whole bunch of anime fans actually results in a list of classics absolutely nobody should allow themselves to miss out on…

The ranking:

1. Tiger & Bunny

2. Toradora!

3. Ano Hana

4. Steins;Gate

5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

6. Nichijou

7. Code Geass

8. Working!!

9. Gintama

10. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

11. A Certain Scientific Railgun

12. Ghost in the Shell

13. Tomodachi ga Sukunai

14. Ore no Imouto

15. Inu x Boku SS

16. Neon Genesis Evangelion

17. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

18. Durarara!

19. Hidamari Sketch

20. Cowboy Bebop


Next up, you know that guy who made Nayrootoe? Well, he wants to make a ramen anime…who would watch that?


Kishimoto: “I Actually Wanted To Write A Ramen Manga”

Author: Artefact


Naruto mangaka Masashi Kishimoto has been busily embarrassing Narutards with his first ever TV interview, revealing that he initially planned Naruto “to be about ramen” and that “it is aimed at boys in middle school.” Paraphrasing some of his comments, he apparently wanted to write a ramen manga but this was not accepted so he decided to write a manga about not being accepted, for schoolboys and full of ninja  – and so Naruto was born:

“I initially thought I would write a story about ramen, but it wasn’t accepted.”

“The theme of ‘wanting to be accepted or recognised’ crops up a lot in my works…”

“So I thought I might do something about Japan and with ninja in it.”

“I treasure the kind of memories boys in middle school have, even if I am getting on a bit.”

“At Shonen Jump we are all rivals.”

There has been a certain amount of despair amongst Naruto fans online at him being so blunt about the manga targeting 2nd year middle school boys (not that this would surprise anyone) – in Japanese the phrase “chuu-ni-byou” (中二病), “8th grader sickness,” is actually slang for behaving in the juvenile manner expected of a knuckle-headed little 14-year-old.


There’s a huge gallery of some sort, you can look it over if you want. Ugh, Jump stuff, I never read that anymore, it’s old hat, so is Shoujo Beat but I enjoyed some of it during my days as a teenager. Anyway, moving on.

Hyde Park man breaks into house, throws party, and causes damage. This kind of thing never happens at Jekyll Park


YDE PARK— A Hyde Park man is due in town court Thursday for allegedly throwing a party at a house when the homeowner was out of town, police said.

Hyde Park police charged Michael A. Petronella, 24, with second-degree burglary and second-degree criminal mischief, both felonies.

Police said Petronella was house-sitting a woman’s residence when he threw a party without permission and caused $3,500 worth of damage. When the homeowner came back to the residence she called police and Petronella was arrested and arraigned in Hyde Park Court, police said.

He is being held in Dutchess County Jail on $10,000 bail or bond and is due back in town court Thursday at 5:30 p.m.


Oh and I heard Florida strip clubs were trying to get Sarah Palin look-a-likes to join.


Tampa strip clubs take extra steps to cash in on RNC


TAMPA –Strip clubs may not be the most politically correct venue for those attending the Republican National Convention, but that doesn’t mean Tampa’s well-known adult hot spots won’t be ready for the influx of visitors.

One place is bringing in a stripper who looks like former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. There are major renovations taking place. And some nude clubs have already been giving potential customers a taste of the talent online.

“Not only can you see the dancers on the stage and in the dressing room, you can also talk to them in an online chat room,” said Don Kleinhans, owner of the 2001 Odyssey on North Dale Mabry Highway.

By the time the RNC begins in late August, Kleinhans hopes out-of-towners will have already formed attachments to his dancers from watching them online through the Club Cam System, which the 2001 Odyssey developed.

Customers pay $4 a minute to chat on top of the monthly $19.95 membership.

“Basically, what you see in a bricks-and-mortar strip club you can now see live on the Internet,” Kleinhans said.

One of the dancers, known as Go Go, hopes the software will lead to a profitable August. She chats a few times a week.

“Guys I meet online feel like we have a relationship,” she said. “If someone came to town, you only had them the short amount of time … and had to part ways. Now you can still make money off them.”

Thee Doll House, on North West Shore Boulevard, doesn’t have webcams but its dancers are also planning to cash in during the convention.

Thee Doll House recently underwent a $1 million renovation and plans to bring in a Palin impersonator to entertain customers.

Neither club would predict how much money they would make during the convention but both expect business to more than quadruple.

Even with all the cameras turned on the area. In 2010, when the convention was awarded to Tampa, club owner Joe Redner said never mind that the GOP pitches itself as a party of family values.

“Washington, D.C., per capita, sells more bondage leather than any place else in the world,” Redner, who owns the Mons Venus, told the Tribune in 2010. “Those people are kinky.”

The Bay area has more than 40 strip clubs, and their already infamous reputation increased during the 2009 Super Bowl, when some clubs stayed open 24 hours and doubled or tripled the number of dancers.

The entertainers hope politics brings a bigger payday than football, assuming visitors don’t mind being recognized.

“I’m really excited. I know there’s going to be a ton of people here and its going to be a really fun time to work,” Thee Doll House dancer Nikki Maylander said.


Oh lookie another Facebook status stabbing.



Man Said His Wife Stabbed Him After Reading His Facebook


Rhonda Rochelle Washington was in the Brazos County Jail in Bryan Thursday evening with bond set at $999. The 33-year-old Bryan woman is charged with aggravated assault.

Police records show Washington’s husband told officers he was trying to sleep early Thursday when his wife got upset reading his Facebook account in the living room. Police say when he checked on her, she chased him with a knife and stabbed him.

Washington said her husband was high on drugs and they were arguing over his drug use when she struck his hand with her keys. However, police said the husband did not appear to be intoxicated.
Is this psycholand all of a sudden? Theater shootings, facebook status stabbings, making people look like Palin? You guys sure I’m not in the Twilight Zone?

Tomato truck fire makes gravy on I-295


Talk about hot tomatoes.

A tractor-trailer carrying a load of tomatoes caught fire late Wednesday in the northbound lanes of I-295 in Gloucester County.

No injuries were reported in the blaze south of Exit 17 in Greenwich Township, but the fire created a gooey mess that took workers a good part of the night to clean up, disrupting traffic flow through the area until just before dawn.

The cause is under investigation.


And let’s not forget, Mitt Romney! Oh look the Romney family is going overseas to the east. Wait a second, didn’t Romney say he was unemployed like the rest of us? How the fuck could he afford this?

Mitt Romney Foreign Trip To England, Israel, Poland Will Serve As Leadership Audition


WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney auditions on the international stage next week as he travels to England, Israel and Poland looking to establish credibility as a potential commander in chief in his challenge to President Barack Obama.

For the Republican presidential hopeful – a former private equity executive and Massachusetts governor with little formal experience overseas – it’s a chance to demonstrate competence in settings often occupied by presidents. He’ll hold formal meetings with foreign leaders, give public speeches and visit historic sites.

Aides say it’s a chance for the candidate to forge links with strong U.S. allies and show that he’ll stand up for shared values.

There’s also risk: Romney, sometimes prone to misstatements, faces higher stakes wading into delicate diplomatic disputes than he does on the more familiar campaign trail at home. And executing a complicated trip through three countries over a weeklong span presents the most difficult logistical challenge Romney’s campaign has yet faced.

The centerpiece of the trip is a politically delicate visit to Israel, where he meets with top leaders who are closing in on a critical decision about whether to launch a military strike on Iran that is opposed by the Obama administration. The relationship with Israel and the question of what to do about Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons ambitions represent one of the starkest contrasts between Obama and Romney, who mostly has defined his foreign policy largely in terms of his opponent.

“If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And if you elect Mitt Romney, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon,” Romney said last year at a GOP primary debate focused on foreign policy.

The Israel visit comes on July 28, when Romney will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. Ambassador Daniel Shapiro and President Shimon Peres. Romney advisers won’t say if he will visit the West Bank, but he does plan a meeting with Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Authority prime minister.

The trip will be Romney’s fourth visit to Israel – he visited in 2011 and gave a speech at the Herzliya Conference in 2007, an address his advisers say will guide his visit next week.

“I believe that Iran’s leaders and ambitions represent the greatest threat to the world since the fall of the Soviet Union, and before that, Nazi Germany,” Romney said during his 2007 speech.

The trip will also allow him to reach out to Jewish voters in the U.S. – and also to evangelical Christians, a critical portion of the Republican base traditionally zealous about protecting the Jewish state.

“I think, by and large, you can just look at the things the president has done and do the opposite,” Romney told an evangelical Christian group in June when asked how he would approach the American relationship with Israel.

Israel is just one of the areas where Romney has drawn sharp contrasts with Obama without always outlining a clear alternative. He’s done that with a series of international events, including a crisis over Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng and a hot-mic comment Obama made to then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

But Romney’s advisers said he plans to be careful not to be seen obviously attacking the president while overseas, following longstanding tradition that U.S. politicians don’t criticize their own country’s leader while abroad.

For Romney, the trip will highlight an area where polls show he lags behind his Democratic opponent. A CBS/New York Times poll this week gave Obama a 47 percent to 40 percent lead over Romney on which candidate Americans think would better handle foreign policy.

Romney plans to outline his foreign policy vision in a speech Tuesday to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Reno, Nev., before flying to London and the Olympic Games. He goes to Israel from there and finishes in Poland. While abroad, he plans major speeches in Jerusalem and Warsaw, though advisers say he’ll steer clear of outlining specific policy proposals in those addresses.

Romney does not plan to stop in Afghanistan, where the U.S. is still fighting a decade-long war, or Iraq, where Obama ended U.S. military involvement as promised. Visiting Afghanistan could have drawn a war-weary public’s focus to the ongoing conflict and forced Romney to outline more specifics on how he would handle the war as president. So far, Romney has sought to keep his options open on questions like when to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Obama visited Afghanistan during the 2008 campaign, but the then-Illinois senator was part of a larger congressional delegation.

Romney visited Afghanistan in 2011. Aides said he’s skipping it this time because of a tight schedule.

Throughout the trip, Romney will face inevitable comparisons with Obama, whose overseas trip to seven countries during the 2008 campaign culminated with a speech to an audience of 200,000 at the Victory Column in Berlin.

At his first stop, in London, Romney plans meetings with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, Foreign Secretary William Hague, and Ed Miliband, who leads the opposition Labour Party. He plans fundraisers, where attendees will likely include bankers and others from London’s financial sector.

Great Britain is America’s most important global ally, and the special relationship between the two countries is a primary focus for any new president or secretary of state. Typically, meetings with British leaders are among the first any new American leader holds after taking office.

The Olympics, kicking off July 27 in London, could also offer Romney opportunities for additional meetings with foreign leaders, many of whom will be there for the beginning of the games. Romney advisers said efforts continue to set up additional meetings.

Romney plans to attend the Olympic opening ceremonies and some of the early competitions. The events offer Romney an opportunity to highlight his record at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, where he was brought in to run the organizing committee following a bribery scandal. So far, he hasn’t talked much about his role at the Olympics on the campaign trail, and it’s been mostly absent from his TV commercials. That’s likely to change in London, where Romney plans a major interview with NBC News’ Brian Williams.

Romney isn’t part of the official U.S. presence at the international competition. First lady Michelle Obama will lead the U.S. delegation.

In Poland, Romney will visit a deeply Roman Catholic country that for years has favored Republicans over Democrats. The visit, campaign officials said, comes at the invitation of Lech Walesa, the Polish labor leader who co-founded the Solidarity movement and served as Poland’s president during the country’s transition out of communism. Romney will meet with Walesa in the Solidarity birthplace, Gdansk, and also hold meetings in Warsaw.

In Poland, Romney will have an opportunity to criticize Obama’s so-called political “reset” with Russia after U.S.-Russian ties deteriorated badly under President George W. Bush, as well as the Obama administration’s decision not to build a missile defense base in Poland.

Romney has referred to Russia as America’s “No. 1 geopolitical foe.”

He’ll likely receive a warm welcome. Poles have never showed the enthusiasm for Obama that Germans and other Western Europeans did, and his popularity there has declined further during his years in office. But for Romney, the critical audience for his Poland trip is likely the many U.S. citizens with Polish ancestry who live in critical swing states across the American Midwest.


And there you have it? I will see you all next week, goodnight everybody. This is Grass signing out.