JJ’s art of Lauren Faust for her b-day.


I want to start this out by congratulating JohnJoseco on a great job for his present to Miss Faust. While Will did also make one for her it’s only Surprise, aka Pinkie’s original base. While today is a good day for Faust to celebrate, we still need to get things going with our blog which means, we still need to push toward some form of journalism today, no matter how shitty. If you will recall Andrea Libman had her birthday not long ago. Almost exactly a week from Faust’s; Crazy, huh? Well that out of the way, I’ll introduce some of Faust’s newest stuff.









That said, let’s move on. EqD had a huge art post in celebration of this though.


Drawfriend Stuff #514


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And this one too.

Happy Birthday, Lauren Faust

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No long diatribe is needed to justify or explain this post- we all know why we’re here in the first place, and it’s because of the vision of one woman who dared to take a cartoon that was never destined for greatness and turn it into a cultural icon that can still teach us things to this day.
Happy birthday, Lauren, from the staff of Equestria Daily!


Welp, now that we got our pony high for the day, how’s about we move onto real world dealings.


South Korean-North Korean flags confused at soccer match


GLASGOW, Scotland — The preliminary women’s soccer match between North Korea and Colombia was delayed when the South Korean flag was displayed on the jumbotron alongside the faces of North Korean players, an error which incensed the players and their coach.

London 2012 has apologized for the mistake.

“We will apologize to the team and the National Olympic Committee, and steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again,” the organizing committee said in a statement provided to USA TODAY Sports.

The game was being played at historic Hampden Park, and followed the USA’s 4-2 victory over France. The second game was delayed by about an hour, finally won by North Korea 2-0.

North Korea’s coach, Gun Sin Ui, said through a translator after the match that he and the team were very upset by the error, and that the team would have forfeited the match if it had not been corrected.

“We were angry because our players were introduced as if they were from South Korea, which may affect us greatly as you may know,” Gun said.

Gun said he plans to ask organizers if the flag problem was intentional and added that winning was no compensation for the offense.


Good one, guys, you got the moralfags good with this one. Best troll move ever, North Korea. So remember that guy who shot the sher– I mean the movie goers? well…


Accused Colorado gunman sent notebook to psychiatrist: report

By Chris Francescani


(Reuters) – The man accused in the movie theater massacre at the opening of the new “Batman” film mailed a notebook detailing his plans to a psychiatrist at his university before the attack, Fox News reported on Wednesday, as the first funeral was held for one of the 12 people killed.

The package allegedly sent by 24-year-old James Eagan Holmes had been in a mailroom at the University of Colorado since July 12 but remained unopened until its discovery on Monday, a law enforcement source told FoxNews.com.

Reuters could not immediately verify the report. Messages left with police in Aurora and other law enforcement officials involved in the case were not immediately returned.

A spokesman for the FBI’s Denver office said the bureau could not speak about any aspect of the investigation because the judge in the case had issued a protective order on Tuesday that strictly limits what attorneys, law enforcement and court staff can say publicly about the case.

The Fox News report said police and FBI agents were called to the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus in Aurora on Monday morning after a psychiatrist who is a professor at the school reported receiving a package believed to be from the suspect.

Although that package turned out to be from someone else and harmless, a search of the Campus Services’ mail room turned up another parcel sent to the psychiatrist with Holmes’ name in the return address, the source told Fox News.

After obtaining a search warrant, police took the package away and discovered its contents.

Fox News quoted its source saying: “Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people. There were drawings of what he was going to do in it — drawings and illustrations of the massacre.”

Images in the notebook included drawings of stick figures shooting at other stick figures, the FoxNews.com report said.

Fox News did not identify the psychiatrist. Holmes was a doctoral student in neuroscience at the Anschutz campus until filing paperwork to drop out in June.

University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery confirmed in a written statement that a suspicious package was delivered to the campus by mail on July 23 and said it was “immediately investigated and turned over to authorities within hours.”

“The anonymous Fox News source that the package was received on July 12 and sat on a loading dock is inaccurate,” Montgomery said in the statement.

She declined to discuss the package any further, citing the order by Aurora County District Judge William Sylvester.

Police say Holmes, wearing tactical body armor and a gas mask and toting three firearms, opened fire on a crowded midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in the Denver suburb of Aurora, killing 12 people and wounding 58 others.

Holmes, who was arrested behind the theater immediately after the attack, made his first appearance in court on Monday, appearing sleepy and disoriented. Authorities plan to formally charge him on July 30.


Hundreds gathered on Wednesday at the nondenominational Pathways Church in Denver for the first funeral for a victim of the July 20 massacre.

Gordon Cowden, at 51 the oldest victim of the shooting, was a real estate appraiser who had taken his teenage daughters to the movie theater where he was killed. His daughters escaped unharmed.

An excerpt from the funeral program attributed to his daughter Brooke read: “I will never forget that in such disorientation and confusion of that night what was certain were your yells, declarations of ‘I love you’ to both of us. Forever, with love, Brooke.”

Joyce Zounis, who knew Cowden through a single parents group at her Aurora church, said Brooke Cowden gave an emotional speech during the service in which she recounted dancing with her father at an outdoor concert in June.

“Little did she know, this would be her last dance with her dad,” Zounis, 50, said.

Doug Newman, a friend of Cowden, said the grief inside the church was “pretty intense.”

“I’m in absolute shock,” Newman said. “”I haven’t been myself for a few days.”

Services for Cowden came as 19 of those injured in the shooting remained hospitalized, seven in critical condition.


Children’s Hospital Colorado said on Wednesday that it would use donations to cover the medical expenses of any victims who lacked insurance and would waive co-pays or deductible related expenses for those with insurance.

HealthOne, which owns Medical Center or Aurora and Swedish Medical Center in Denver, said it would limit or eliminate hospital charges “as appropriate to each patient and the circumstances these individuals find themselves in.”

HealthOne said it would not discuss any specific patient out of respect in order to respect privacy.

Judge Sylvester ruled on Tuesday that no cameras would be allowed in the courtroom when Holmes is charged next Monday. Holmes’ initial appearance on Monday was televised.

Authorities have not offered a motive for the shooting spree. Police said Holmes, a former neuroscience student, left his 800-square-foot (75-square-metre) apartment booby-trapped with explosives that authorities said could have destroyed the entire complex.

Local and state bomb experts conducted a controlled demolition over last weekend.

On Wednesday members of Holmes’ defense team spent about 45 minutes in the apartment, taking notes and videotaping the scene. Attorneys declined comment to reporters as they left.

Holmes, who authorities say dyed his hair red and told them he was The Joker in reference to Batman’s comic-book nemesis, was being held in solitary confinement to protect him from other prisoners.

The shooting rampage has renewed debate in the United States about gun control. At the same time, Colorado authorities said on Tuesday that applications in the state for background checks to buy firearms surged in the aftermath of the shooting.


Next up, we have a guy who went to a Dave Matthews band concert and wrecked some shit.


Crash Into Me: Dave Matthews fan steals, wrecks sheriff’s vehicle, deputies say

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -A Vero Beach man stole and crashed an unmarked Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office vehicle after attending a Dave Matthews Band concert early Saturday, deputies said.

Jason Amstutz, 30, stole the unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe while deputies were on foot directing traffic at State Road 80 and Fairgrounds Road just after midnight, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

Witnesses said they saw Amstutz speeding east on State Road 80 in the westbound lanes and jumping the center median several times.

Deputies said Amstutz crashed the vehicle into a taxi cab at State Road 80 and Sansburys Way. He was taken to Wellington Regional Hospital with minor injuries, deputies said.

The occupants of the taxi cab were not injured.


And since the last Queen’s Blade post got so many hits that I almost wanted to take down the post, I figured I’ll post up another one.


Queen’s Blade Rebellion OVA Tentacular As Ever

Author: Leon

The 2nd disc of Queen’s Blade Rebellion brings with it an OVA featuring Mirim and Runaruna subjected to even more of the tentacle molestation action which was so conspicuously unabsent from the series proper.
And so as we move on, so to do the idiots. Let’s talk about fuel…

Fuel imports put trade deficit near ¥3 trillion

Record offsets recovering exports as energy needs soar in first half

The trade deficit grew to a record ¥2.915 trillion from January to June as rising energy imports more than offset a recovery in exports, the government said Wednesday.

The sluggish outcome highlights the difficulties faced by the economy, which has been affected by a stronger yen, a gloomy global outlook amid the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and growing demand for nonnuclear energy resources.

For June alone, the trade balance recovered slightly to end with a surplus of ¥61.7 billion, the first black ink in four months, the Finance Ministry said in a preliminary report. The result beat market forecasts, but analysts warned of exports slowing down even more.

For the first half, the value of exports grew 1.5 percent from the same period a year before to ¥32.595 trillion, mainly helped by robust shipments of autos and auto parts to the United States, China and Thailand.

The value of imports jumped 7.4 percent to ¥35.511 trillion as demand for energy resources, particularly liquefied natural gas, rose to make up for the complete loss of nuclear power.

The figures were measured on a customs-cleared basis.

The trade deficit was the biggest since the government began records in 1979. The reference exchange rate for the six months came to ¥79.60 per dollar, a rise of 3.1 percent that caused additional downward pressure on exporters’ earnings, the Finance Ministry said.

The situation in Europe has weighed heavily on Japanese exports, not only in direct shipments to the region but also to Asian economies that use components made in Japan to build final products for the European market, where consumer and business sentiment has been deteriorating amid the eurozone fiscal and banking crisis.

Exports to the 27-nation European Union slowed 9.0 percent with the balance staging a surplus of ¥171.6 billion, the smallest on record. Exports to Asia as a whole shed 3.6 percent, while those to China, Japan’s biggest trade partner, slid 8.6 percent with the balance coming to ¥1.405 trillion in the red.

“The global economy has shown signs of declining and this will weigh on (Japan’s) exports,” Lee Chi Woong, an economist at Goldman Sachs Japan Co., said in a report, while adding the restart of some nuclear reactors and stability in energy costs would help reduce imports and improve the trade balance.

Exports to the United States recovered by 21.0 percent, with the balance standing at ¥2.482 trillion in Japan’s favor.

In June, overall exports lost 2.3 percent to reach ¥5.643 trillion in the first decline in four months, while imports fell 2.2 percent to ¥5.582 trillion, the first fall in 30 months.

The data triggered mixed reactions from experts. The surplus for June, which came against expectations of a continued deficit and was mainly due to lower prices for energy imports, prompted upbeat assessments, but at the same time some expressed worry about slowing exports.

“Exports may have entered a phase of losing momentum,” said Mitsumaru Kumagai, chief economist at Daiwa Institute of Research.


So I’ll leave you guys with this one last article.


An Otaku’s Guide to Internet Privacy

By Reason

You wouldn’t fondle a drunk girl like I did that one summer in a dimly lit garage. You wouldn’t do drugs. You wouldn’t let Kaguya spy on you. You wouldn’t let yourself be ignorant online — naturally your best friend the BP is here. For the privacy advocates out there here’s a guide to maintaining a lot more transparency online with the modern otaku in mind (that’s you!). I’ve outlined a 5-step plan which I’ve created below, and is something that any advanced internet user should probably be following to some extent.1. Use anti-tracking browser software in regards to web tracking (cookies and scripts)

Literally every website out there has some form of tracking installed because of advertisements. With browser add-ons like NoScript or Ghostery you will be significantly more transparent online in regards to tracking companies. For the beginner if nothing else then this is what you’ll want to do in at least some form.

Implementing it: Ghostery, NoScript, BetterPrivacy, Beef Taco

2. Encrypt HTTP traffic

This is a good idea because it prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. It ensures that there are no spying eyes between whatever you’re communicating between yourself (your computer) and a web server.

Implementing it: Manually use HTTPS services whenever possible, and additionally consider HTTPS Everywhere.

3. Encrypt DNS traffic

This one is extremely powerful, and even more potent when combined with the above. Encrypting DNS traffic accomplishes two things: nobody on your network can see what websites you’re visiting, and your ISP cannot see what websites you’ve been connecting to.

Implementing it: Consider the DNSCrypt project.

4. Use a better search engine

Mainstream average-consumer based search engines generally have horrible privacy standards. Take Google for example: aside from them simply having records of your online activity your saved searches can be requested by a government, bad employees could go snooping, or Google can get hacked — all of which has happened. What privacy-based search engines have in common is that they do not log IPs in the first place, they do not store searches (this particular point means an employee can’t get curious, and that they can’t get hacked and have data compromised as log data doesn’t exist), and they do not install tracking cookies.

Implementing it: Ixquick, Startpage, DuckDuckGo

5. Use a better e-mail provider

The argument for this is generally the same as the above. In regards to this specifically though the general rule of thumb is that you’ll want an e-mail provider in another country than the one you currently reside in. The idea is that, while different countries may not have perfect laws in regards to abusive data retention, snooping eyes in your country will have less readily available access.

Implementing it: An example would be that an American could consider using a European based e-mail provider like My Opera Mail.

We’ll I’ll let myself out at this point, so good night everyone; Grass is outta here.