You know, when I get incredibly busy working on shit and then completely forget about a few other things like this blog? Ya well, it’s gonna a major hiatus cause I’m doing other shit, prolly touhoustuck or whatevs…My tumblr and facebook page should keep you up-to-date, on major things, so check there. The pages I linked one is more active than the other cause, I don’t really post much stuff on the TGS page anymore. I may if there are more followers, but there’s very little point for me to do it if I get so few views on it. Still, check in from time to time, there’s usually a news story once in a while, but don’t expect to see much.


Here’s a round up post from EqD till I get back.


Nightly Roundup #424


Junebug is actually quite an awesome looking pony! I can see why you guys voted for her for tonight’s header. Let’s hope this gives her some attention!

Got a short one for you guys tonight, maybe this means I can get some sleep finally! Check for it all after the break and leave a comment on what header I should use for my last Roundup for the week!


This blog will kinda deadpool till I’m free again. So see ya on the flipside…