Suicidal Friday with Plugs

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As you people have undoubtedly guessed by now, The Pony Show Weekend Edition post was trashed. First of all, this isn’t a porn blog, I don’t post porn on here, so don’t come here hoping to see it. This blog has been for a long time a news blog of sorts with a few pieces of anime mixed in. I don’t need a ton of hits on one post just reach post markers of over 100 a day. I think that’s ludicrous to rely on a single post for higher popularity. One quick plug for you guys, then we’ll head to news. For all of you that enjoy R34, here’s something.


Anyway, let’s get to the news.



Shiga Suicide Bullies “Will Be Arrested”

Author: Artefact

Police have finally announced plans to arrest the bullies who tormented their classmate into killing himself, whilst it has emerged that the ringleader’s mother was head of the school’s PTA and along with the teachers apparently did everything she could to pin the blame on the victim’s family.

3 of his schoolmates are expected to be charged with 6 charges of assault and extortion, although as they will be charged as juveniles they will not face any time in prison.

As the scandal unfolded it was widely rumoured that the parents of the boys responsible were well connected, and this was one of the reasons the school refused to accept any connection with the victim’s suicide and the bullying it did nothing about.

It appears this was correct – the father of “boy A” was the director of a company in Kyoto, and his mother chaired the school’s PTA.

Rather than investigating the circumstances of the bullying, she was busily spreading word that “the boy who killed himself had family issues, and our boy was only listening to his problems” and that “they were just sparring to let off steam.”

She had her son transferred to another school after the boy’s suicide, fearing a scandal might disrupt his education, and he is said to have proved popular at his new school (although other reports say he has been “ignored”).

Whilst police still have still yet to arrest the boys accused of bullying their classmate to death, they have been busy making other arrests – including a 69-year-old man who sent a letter to the prefectural governor in which he threatened to kill one of the bullies, and a 16-year-old high schooler who managed to get the school closed with a fake bomb threat.

Whilst public and political pressure is now such that it is hard to imagine police not arresting the boy’s tormentors, there is much doubt as to whether they will face any meaningful sanction or any action will be taken against the school authorities who ignored his plight and then attempted to cover up the scandal.

So as we can see, bullying isn’t the right way to go, so ya don’t bully your peers. Who knows, you may end up working for them one day, then you’ll get your comeuppance. So it’s been a while since I posted a figurine so have at thee.



Touko Kurosawa Bondage Ero-Figure

Author: Leon

Daiki Kougyo’s latest ero-figure features original character Touko Kurosawa in some mild bondage action, whose clothes (or what remains of them) can be removed in order to prevent her overheating – though the manacles stay on come what may.

The figure will be available in December 2012.


So let’s talk about free ATM cash, a guy spread the word on it on Facebook…well we can tell what happened then.



CBA customers used Facebook to spread work about ‘free’ ATM cash

WA POLICE have charged 19 Commonwealth Bank customers over a series of ATM bank frauds after a technical glitch allowed them to withdraw large sums of money, overdrawing on their accounts. Major Fraud Squad detectives have laid 197 charges over the string of frauds, which happened across WA between December 2010 and March 2011.Police said the CBA customers withdrew money they were not entitled to during routine software maintenance.

The police investigation, code-named Operation Elvaston, honed in on social networking sites which the offenders used to brag to about the scheme.

Police said it appeared that the offenders had initially stumbled upon the glitch by fluke, but then spread the word through Twitter and Facebook.

More than $200,000 was stolen and another $7 million attempted to be accessed throught the ATMs as part of the scam. In one case, a customer was able to steal $30,000 in multiple ATM transactions.
Det-Const Jennie Ayre said CBA had identified a weakness in its software maintenance systems and the glitch was uncovered during checks of their record keeping. The case was referred to the Major Fraud Squad in May 2011.

“The Major Fraud Squad commenced an investigation and identified Commonwealth customers that had been withdrawing funds in excess of what was in their account,” Det-Const Ayre said.

Customers were identified through social networking sites and on CCTV at ATM locations.

Det-Const Ayre said said police were seeking numerous other people who had capitalised on the glitch and advised them to contact the bank to arrange a payment plan to repay the money.

“I think it was just a fluke. Someone has found out and it’s just spread,” she said.

“If you don’t have the money in the account, it’s not yours to take. You are not entitled to the money and it’s a criminal offence of stealing.”

The glitch has been fixed.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of seven years’ in jail.

And Abrakadabra San Bernadino County files for bankruptcy.

SAN BERNARDINO – An attorney’s move to collect $1.4million the city had agreed to pay to the families of three men killed by police prompted an early bankruptcy filing to avoid paying the settlements, officials said Thursday.“He was moving to execute, and had the judge taken action the city wouldn’t have been able to make its next payroll,” said City Attorney James F. Penman. “Bankruptcy protection prevents him from seizing our assets.”

In addition to three cases alleging excessive force, which Penman declined to elaborate on, he said another creditor had begun trying to seize machinery from the city last week.

Woodland Hills-based attorney Dale Galipo said he tried to get the judge to force payment or prioritize settlement payments in the three police cases – which the city, plaintiffs and judge had agreed to at various points over the past year – because he wanted to make sure his clients were paid.

“In our judicial system, we operate in good faith,” Galipo said. “I’m very disappointed, and I’m very concerned for my clients, and I’m trying to do everything to make sure they get what was agreed to.”

Galipo said the city agreed to pay the families of Cedric May, Jerriel Da’Shawn Allen and Terry Wayne Nash $525,000, $530,000 and $686,000 respectively.

The city already paid $325,000 in the May case, he said.

A closer look at the three cases follows:

Police shot May in 2009, and reported at the time that May grabbed an officer’s genitals and Taser while fighting with police.

The shooting happened the night May’s family had a barbecue to celebrate his release from jail the previous day. Family members said at the time that contrary to police statements, he was shot after being handcuffed.

Allen was 19 when he was shot by officers after a chase in which a vehicle crashed through three backyard fences.

He was a passenger in a Chevrolet Tahoe that reportedly ran a stop sign, then kicked up dust, making it difficult for officers to see.

Authorities said at the trial they had heard someone yell “shoot ’em, shoot ’em,” and had seen Allen look at officers with his hands hidden.

Allen was later determined to be unarmed and reaching for his marijuana.

Nash, also known as Terry Jackson, died in police custody in 2011 after a Taser was repeatedly used on him.

Officers said Nash, a 250-pound 22-year-old who reportedly had paranoid schizophrenia and was under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana, continued struggling even while they were waiting for an ambulance.

A federal jury in Los Angeles determined police were unnecessarily rough and improperly denied medical aid on the scene.

The city’s delay of payments may backfire, Galipo said.

“This bankruptcy may not last forever, and two or three years from now, I may be asking a jury for 3 or 4 million dollars,” he said. “(City officials) may say they should have been more reasonable now.”

Emergency filing

But the decision to file an emergency bankruptcy petition may help City Hall if any creditors challenge San Bernardino’s eligibility for bankruptcy protection, said attorney Michael Sweet of the San Francisco offices of Fox Rothschild.

Sweet, who advised officials in the Bay Area city of Richmond on a plan to avert a bankruptcy filing, said bankruptcy law makes it easier for debtors to file a case without going through a mediation process with their creditors if the debtor could lose money in a court judgement.

San Bernardino’s situation is particularly interesting, Sweet said, because he views the case as combining aspects of the Orange County and Vallejo bankruptcies.

Orange County went bankrupt in 1994 after the failure of the county’s investment policies. Its treasurer at the time, Robert Citron, ended up pleading guilty to multiple criminal charges.

Vallejo, the first California city to declare and emerge from bankruptcy, took the action because its revenues fell far short of its financial commitments, Sweet said.

Allegations that San Bernardino’s financial records have been falsified for 13 of the past 16 years complicate things, Sweet said.

“Here you’ve got both things, which make for an extraordinary mess,” Sweet said.

Penman said he did not expect any difficulties as a result of the early bankruptcy filing, although it would have been more efficient to file all paperwork at once.

“I don’t think there’s any substantive difference,” he said, “other than we were hoping to use the next two weeks to gather more information and file more documentation with the initial filing pages.”

Those documents should still be filed by the middle of the month, Penman said.

The city’s employees are among the creditors who may choose to challenge City Hall in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Any decisions to contest the city’s claims, however, will not be made until San Bernardino officials show more information on the city’s financial condition. The initial filing contained only minimal information, such as the city having more than $1billion worth of assets and liabilities.

“There are some questions about what their actual numbers are, and we need to see the numbers that are filed under penalty of perjury,” said Corey Glave, the attorney who represents San Bernardino Professional Firefighters.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association’s attorney, Dieter Dammeier, does not anticipate any challenges to the bankruptcy itself but will be keeping guard to make sure the city doesn’t impose any changes to officers’ labor contract without a judicial order.

“If the city deviates from the status quo, we probably would challenge that,” he said.

Other city employees haven’t seen any changes to their working conditions now that the filing is official, but labor representative George Swift said he’s contemplating a meeting with the city manager and finance director to see San Bernardino’s books.

That’s our show for tonight folks, see you all next week, same bullshit time same bullshit face. Goodnight everyone.

SAN BERNARDINO – An attorney’s move to collect $1.4million the city had agreed to pay to the families of three men killed by police prompted an early bankruptcy filing to avoid paying the settlements, officials said Thursday.

“He was moving to execute, and had the judge taken action the city wouldn’t have been able to make its next payroll,” said City Attorney James F. Penman. “Bankruptcy protection prevents him from seizing our assets.”

In addition to three cases alleging excessive force, which Penman declined to elaborate on, he said another creditor had begun trying to seize machinery from the city last week.

Woodland Hills-based attorney Dale Galipo said he tried to get the judge to force payment or prioritize settlement payments in the three police cases – which the city, plaintiffs and judge had agreed to at various points over the past year – because he wanted to make sure his clients were paid.

“In our judicial system, we operate in good faith,” Galipo said. “I’m very disappointed, and I’m very concerned for my clients, and I’m trying to do everything to make sure they get what was agreed to.”

Nasa pays people to shoot Coloradons at age 68

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So as I showed you guys yesterday, other than a few aesthetic changes and a few gym changes, BW2 really isn’t all that different. I suppose if you like Platinum’s storyline, it’s okay, but that’s really all that changes in BW2. See, when they first made yellow it was a huge hit because it was the first time we got to use Pikachu and the game played so much like the series. That’s what Nintendo did right for Yellow. Years later, they made Crystal, but it didn’t have the feel of Yellow. It was distant and not as interesting. But this isn’t bad, it’s just they started focusing more on story integrated gaming as opposed to something like game experience. Which, I’m rather saddened about. Anyway, just my two cents about how TPC has been like over the years. Let’s move onto news.



TMZ: Theater Shooting Victim Hires Attorney

Torrence Brown’s Best Friend Shot, TMZ Reports

Deb Stanley


DENVER — The entertainment website TMZ is reporting that one of the theater shooting victims has hired a lawyer and plans to sue.Torrence Brown, Jr. was not shot, but his best friend died and Brown says he is suffering from extreme trauma, according to website said Brown’s attorney plans to target three defendants — the theater, doctors who the attorney says gave the shooting suspect several medications and the movie studio that made “The Dark Knight Rises.”


Oh and let’s not forget our idiots in other parts of the U.S.


Man in critical condition after having his friends light his HEAD ON FIRE on a crackpot bar bet


A Georgia man has been hospitalized in critical condition after he had his friends set fire to his head on a bet at a local bar.

It was originally reported that 36-year-old William Bonner, of Thomson, got into a fight with several other patrons at Allie Katz Bar in Augusta, and then had his face burned in retaliation.

However, a surveillance video from inside the bar has revealed that Bonner had purposefully had his drinking buddies douse his head with a shot of Bacardi 151 and put a match to it, according to the station WJBF.

In the black-and-white footage, which does not have an audio track, the visibly inebriated Bonner is seen getting ready to prove his friends wrong.

It takes his challengers two attempts to light his head ablaze, and when it happens, Bonner can be seen running around the bar like a human torch and trying to put out the flames.

‘I actually thought that this man has gone wild,’ said Allie Katz manager Keith Bussey, adding that he’s has seen many crazy things done under the influence of alcohol before, but nothing quite like this.

‘They call him Ghost Rider in here from the movie, and it’s exactly what it looked like,’ Bussey said, referring to the comic-book character that was portrayed on the big screen by actor Nicholas Cage in the eponymous 2007 film.

Lieutenant Blaise Dresser said unlike other people who set themselves ablaze and then post videos of their fiery experiences on YouTube, he doesn’t believe that Bonner was seeking his 15 minutes of fame.

‘The man who was set on fire bet his friends that he was drinking with that he could set his face on fire,’ Dresser said. ‘Obviously, no one believed him and he proved them wrong.’

The manager of the Allie Katz bar had a few words of warning to other patrons who may want to replicate Bonner’s bet.

‘Do not have your friend pour alcohol on your head and have your other friend light it and think that it’s cool in front of women,’ Bussey said.

Lieutenant Dresser said there will be no charges filed in this case as Bonner has already suffered enough as a result of his ill-conceived bet.

Bonner was originally taken to GHS Medical Center before being transferred to Doctors Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.


I gotta admit, I’ve seen a lot of dumbasses in my life, but this man takes the cake. Lighting your own head on fire just to be Ghost Rider…that takes balls.

Next up, we talk about what it’s like for NASA to pay you to stay in bed all day.


50 days in bed for science: Inside NASA’s bed rest study



Heather Archuletta isn’t an astronaut. But if the U.S. space program ever lands on Mars, she’s taking partial credit.

A three-time participant in NASA’s bed rest studies, Archuletta gives up weeks of her life for research on how space travel affects astronauts’ bones, muscles and blood. In 2008, Archuletta, 40, an IT professional from Texas, was one of six people paid $160 a day to participate in a 90-day microgravity bed rest study. By remaining in bed for weeks at a time, the participants simulate gravity on a space station. (The research was halted at 50 days because Hurricane Ike forced the evacuation of Galveston, where the research was conducted.)

NASA continues to recruit new study participants. Archuletta, who hopes to join another study this spring, spoke with me yesterday about the bed rest research — and why she thinks it’s more important than ever.

In the microgravity study, you had to lie in bed tilted six degrees back. What effect did that have on your body?

The first couple days you lie there going, “What did I get myself into?” But I’m a huge space enthusiast and it was a dream come true for me to be at NASA, so I stuck with it. They assured me that everything you’re going through is what astronauts go through, so that’s what kept me going. You get changes in blood pressure, heart rate and even the fillings in my molars were throbbing. It’s such a change to the body.

What was a typical day like during that study?

We get up at 6 o’clock everyday. They play music through our speakers just like they do at a space station. We are weighed every morning on an industrial scale. They make very, very specific amounts of food and water for you, so you stay at your target weight. There are times when you have to report to tests. People come in and wheel you into different rooms. They were taking 3-D sonograms of my heart and testing my muscle strength.

You’re not allowed to nap during the day. You have to stay active. Everybody has their own television. I wanted to learn sign language, so I got books on American Sign Language and watched signing videos. I’m a big reader, too. I tore through 30 books. There’s a common room where everybody can join for meals and do arts and crafts and watch movies together.

You use a bedpan. They have a special shower with a mesh gurney that you can roll onto because you have to bathe at [an angle of] negative six degrees.

How long did it take you to recover?

It was like someone was shoving knives into my feet [when I first tried to walk]. An ambulance took us to a hospital in Austin to recuperate. They had a physical therapist travel up there with us and he helped us with stretches and special exercises everyday. You’d walk for a little while, but then use a wheelchair for an hour. It was about a month before I was getting back into my own exercise routine. It took about two weeks until I could drive a car again.

What are the risks involved in these bed rest studies?

You’ll have changes in the blood. You may have lowered bone density. Your muscles will certainly change. It was not an easy choice to make. I had a few moments of thinking, “I’ve only got one body and if anything really happens to me, what if it’s not reversible?”

Knowing the risks and with the misgivings you had, what finally motivated you to participate?

Mars. I so want to see us land on Mars in our lifetime. And we’ve got the technology to do it. We’ve got the propulsion technology; we’ve got the spacecraft technology. The last piece of the puzzle is the human factor. We’ve gotten robots there; we can get a craft there. The bigger question is, “Can we get a human there healthy enough to collect rocks once he lands?” And if that ever does happen, I’m so proud that I’ll be able to say I was a tiny little part of that.

But with the president calling for an end to NASA’s moon program, are these bed rest studies still relevant?

Yes. Now more than ever. We can’t stop being visionary because we don’t have the money right now. Whether we go to Mars in 10 years or we go to Mars in 100 years, what we’re learning now on the space station and what we’re learning now in these studies will still be relevant when we reach Mars or a Mars moon or an asteroid. I think it’s just going to be further in the future than we had hoped.


So if you wanna get paid to not do shit, go enjoy that. I suppose if you enjoy the feeling of pain it’ll be worth the money.


President of Ghana Dies at 68



BAMAKO, Mali — The president of Ghana, John Atta Mills, died unexpectedly Tuesday at a military hospital in the capital, Accra, five months short of finishing his first term in office. He turned 68 on Saturday.

News of his death came on state-run television, which interrupted regular programming for the announcement. The government gave no details of the cause, but Mr. Mills had recently spent eight days in the United States for medical treatment.

He did not disclose what treatment he was seeking, but told his fellow citizens on his return that he was strong enough to run the country. But on Tuesday afternoon, he was rushed to the military hospital, where he died.

Mr. Mills, a former university economics professor, was narrowly elected at the end of 2008, with less than 1 percent of the vote. He was due to run again in elections in December. In 2009, President Obama chose Ghana for his first African visit — testimony to the solidity of the country’s democracy — and in 2011, Ghana began exporting oil for the first time, sending out 23.5 billion barrels that year.

On Tuesday afternoon, lawmakers in the country’s Parliament awaited news about the political transition, in a solemn and mournful atmosphere.


Oh and there’s this dumbass who counterfeited $1 bills.


Fake $1 bill passed in Lewiston

by Associated Press


LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — Police in Lewiston say someone passed a counterfeit $1 bill at the Big R, a denomination that is rarely faked.

Police Lt. Budd Hurd says the bill looks real, but the paper is heavier than normal, which is what tipped off a store clerk Monday.

The bill had apparently been washed to soften its appearance and make it look older and used. Hurd says a forgery pen indicated the bill was a fake.

Hurd told the Lewiston Tribune he’s only seen a counterfeit $1 once in his career, and it was made by a junior high school student to pay off a bully.


So remember how I posted an article not long ago about the suicides? Well, they started holding a council meeting about it now.


Shiga Suicide Teachers: “We Are The Real Victims Here”

Author: Artefact


The scandal surrounding the 13-year-old Shiga prefecture schoolboy who was only able to end his bullying by leaping from his apartment block continues to deepen, with teachers apparently still of the opinion that bullying had nothing to do with his death and that they are being unfairly scapegoated for not doing anything at all to help him.

According to emails reportedly sent by the city’s top teaching official, the real victims of the scandal are the poor teachers:

“If the mass media weren’t involved, this would be nothing at all.”

“The media are just stirring things up too much.”

“We’re victims as well here.”

“Why’d they have to get the police involved now of all times?”

“Nobody even recognises the bullying caused his suicide in any case, so the reporting is all wrong.”

The bullying scandal has continued to unfold with yet more details of his bullying emerging, including the fact the bullies apparently forced their way into his bedroom and stole his wallet and that one of their number was transferred to another school where he continued to bully other pupils, as well as all manner of efforts on the part of the teachers and parents of the bullies to deflect the blame back onto the dead victim.

Even the latest prime minister has chipped in with the following:

“I have a message for any child being bullied – you’re not alone, there is certainly someone out there who will look out for you. It doesn’t matter who, just seek help.”

However, it did not take long for critics to point out the boy repeatedly sought help from teachers, parents and police, none of whom actually bothered to do anything to prevent him being hounded into suicide by his classmates.


And you can enjoy this next gallery of censored posts.


Total Eclipse Massacred By Censors

Author: Artefact



As is apparently obligatory for anything which started off as an eroge, Muv-Luv Total Eclipse has been suffering some exceptionally enthusiastic censoring, depriving fans of any unsteamy yuri action involving what appears to be an evil parallel universe version of Eilanya.


And just in case you’re getting any ideas. This is a giant robot anime.



And finally we have a figurine.


Persona 2: Innocent Sin Lisa Silverman Figure

Author: Leon


A svelte figure of Persona 2: Innocent Sin‘s Lisa Silverman is scheduled for release in November 2012, by FREEing.

Lisa is available for pre-orders now.


That’s our show for today, as usual enjoy the gallery for the figurines and anime and I will see you guys next time, this is Grass signing out; Good night, everyone.

Something for All

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In the advent of Black 2 and White 2, TPC has once again come up with another opening for Best Wishes Shizun 2.





But let’s move on. As the date nears for black 2 and white 2, I might as well show you guys some of the aesthetics the game has to offer come October.


Aesthetic changes

  • The opening is drastically different from the one in Black and White, now featuring the new game characters, the Tao trio and the legendary musketeers. Also, the title screen shows either Black Kyurem or White Kyurem, depending on the version.
  • The bar that shows a Pokémon’s level, Exp. Points and HP has been redesigned. It is black in Black 2 and white in White 2.
  • The area eyecatch has also been redesigned and shows the location in the top left of the screen and season in the bottom right. It is black in Black 2 and white in White 2.
  • New locations, such as Aspertia City and Sangi Town, have been added to the game.
  • New characters are introduced, such as Hugh, Colress, Roxie, Marlon and Banjirou.
  • Cheren, Bianca, Elesa, Ghetsis and Iris all receive redesigns.
  • All Unova gyms receive redesigns.
  • Most of the Black and White music has been slightly remixed, in addition to the Gym Leader and Champion music from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.
  • There have been several changes made to existing locations, such as Driftveil City and Nimbasa City.
  • Every trainer has their own fully animated sprite.
  • Several attacks have received new battle animations.
  • The battle menu has seen a redesign.
  • The C-Gear has been redesigned.
  • The Unova Pokédex has been expanded tremendously to accommodate older Pokémon.
  • All returning Gym Leaders and Champions receive new sprites.
  • Route 4 has changed drastically and also differs between Black 2 and White 2.
  • Victory Road changed drastically from Black and White to Black 2 and White 2 as well and differs in appearance between Black 2 and White 2.
  • Challenger’s Cave‘s entrance collapsed while Route 10 was locked off due to landslide on Victory Road, making both areas inaccessible. In place of Cold Storage there is now the Pokémon World Tournament.

Aesthetic changes

  • The opening is drastically different from the one in Black and White, now featuring the new game characters, the Tao trio and the legendary musketeers. Also, the title screen shows either Black Kyurem or White Kyurem, depending on the version.
  • The bar that shows a Pokémon’s level, Exp. Points and HP has been redesigned. It is black in Black 2 and white in White 2.
  • The area eyecatch has also been redesigned and shows the location in the top left of the screen and season in the bottom right. It is black in Black 2 and white in White 2.
  • New locations, such as Aspertia City and Sangi Town, have been added to the game.
  • New characters are introduced, such as Hugh, Colress, Roxie, Marlon and Banjirou.
  • Cheren, Bianca, Elesa, Ghetsis and Iris all receive redesigns.
  • All Unova gyms receive redesigns.
  • Most of the Black and White music has been slightly remixed, in addition to the Gym Leader and Champion music from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.
  • There have been several changes made to existing locations, such as Driftveil City and Nimbasa City.
  • Every trainer has their own fully animated sprite.
  • Several attacks have received new battle animations.
  • The battle menu has seen a redesign.
  • The C-Gear has been redesigned.
  • The Unova Pokédex has been expanded tremendously to accommodate older Pokémon.
  • All returning Gym Leaders and Champions receive new sprites.
  • Route 4 has changed drastically and also differs between Black 2 and White 2.
  • Victory Road changed drastically from Black and White to Black 2 and White 2 as well and differs in appearance between Black 2 and White 2.
  • Challenger’s Cave‘s entrance collapsed while Route 10 was locked off due to landslide on Victory Road, making both areas inaccessible. In place of Cold Storage there is now the Pokémon World Tournament.

So there you have it, something to look forward to this fall.  Now, onto pressing matters, a giant list of boring anime for the summer.


Top 10 Summer 2012 Anime You Dumped After 1 Episode

Author: Artefact


With most regular anime viewers (or at least those not reading about them all online instead) basing the decision of which anime to keep watching almost entirely on their impressions of the first episode, few rankings could be more telling as to who the season’s losers and winners are…

The ranking:

1. Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai

2. Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

3. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

4. Tanken Dry Land

5. Dog Days II

6. Jintai wa Suitai Shimashita

7. Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere II

8. Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi

9. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

10. Arcana Famiglia

The bottom of the ranking saw such apparent classics as Tari Tari, Kokoro Connect, Ebiten, Nobuna’s Ambition and Binbougami-ga!, indicating either that they are so good nobody in their right minds would drop them, or less flatteringly that nobody bothered watching their first episodes anyway…

See also the most anticipated anime of summer 2012 – amazingly only 3 anime from there feature in this list, although again this could merely be because nobody had high hopes for them in the first place.

Have a figurine.


Dog Days Riccotta Elmar Nendoroid

Author: Leon


The little genius Riccotta Elmar from Dog Days gets a Nendoroid set for release in November 2012, by Good Smile Company.


And now we talk about the first woman who went to spehz.


Sally Ride, first American woman to fly in space, dies at age 61


HOUSTON — Sally Ride, who blazed trails into orbit as the first American woman in space, died Monday of pancreatic cancer. She was 61.

Ride died at her home in the San Diego suburb of La Jolla, said Terry McEntee, a spokeswoman for her company, Sally Ride Science. She was a private person and the details of her illness were kept to just a few people, she said.

Ride rode into space on the space shuttle Challenger in 1983 when she was 32. After her flight, more than 42 other American women flew in space, NASA said.

“Sally was a national hero and a powerful role model. She inspired generations of young girls to reach for the stars,” President Barack Obama said in a statement.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, a former astronaut, said Ride “broke barriers with grace and professionalism — and literally changed the face of America’s space program.”

“The nation has lost one of its finest leaders, teachers and explorers,” he said in a statement.

Ride was a physicist, writer of five science books for children and president of her own company. She had also been a professor of physics at the University of California in San Diego.

She was selected as an astronaut candidate in 1978, the same year she earned her doctorate in physics from Stanford University. She beat out five women to be the first American female in space. Her first flight came two decades after the Soviets sent a woman into space

“On launch day, there was so much excitement and so much happening around us in crew quarters, even on the way to the launch pad,” Ride recalled in a NASA interview for the 25th anniversary of her flight in 2008. “I didn’t really think about it that much at the time — but I came to appreciate what an honor it was to be selected to be the first to get a chance to go into space.”

Ride flew in space twice, both times on Challenger in 1983 and in 1984, logging 343 hours in space. A third flight was cancelled when Challenger exploded in 1986. She was on the commission investigating that accident and later served on the panel for the 2003 Columbia shuttle accident, the only person on both boards.

She also was on the president’s committee of science advisers.

The 20th anniversary of her first flight also coincided with the loss of Columbia, a bittersweet time for Ride, who discussed it in a 2003 interview with The Associated Press. She acknowledged it was depressing to spend the anniversary investigating the accident, which killed seven astronauts.

“But in another sense, it’s rewarding because it’s an opportunity to be part of the solution and part of the changes that will occur and will make the program better,” she said.

Later in the interview, she focused on science education and talked about “being a role model and being very visible.”

“She was very smart,” said former astronaut Norman Thagard, who was on Ride’s first flight. “We did have a good time.”

It was all work on that first flight, except for a first-in-space sprint around the inside of the shuttle, Thagard recalled by phone on Monday. He didn’t know who won.

One of Ride’s last legacies was allowing middle school students to take their own pictures of the moon using cameras aboard NASA’s twin Grail spacecraft in a project spearheaded by her company.

“Sally literally could have done anything with her life. She decided to devote her life to education and to inspiring young people. To me, that’s such a powerful thing. It’s extraordinarily admirable,” said Maria Zuber, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who heads the Grail mission.

Ride’s office said she is survived by Tam O’Shaughnessy, her partner of 27 years; her mother, Joyce; her sister, Bear, a niece and a nephew.


And let’s not forget about those idiot’s in the US.


Driver in head-on collision charged with using cell phone



A Sylvan Beach man who was allegedly using his cell phone while driving was injured Sunday after he drove into an oncoming car on state Route 69 in Annsville, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office said.

Andrew Bonomo, 21, turned left from Main Street onto Route 69 just before the accident, but turned into the wrong lane and proceeded to drive east in the westbound lane, deputies said.

The driver of an oncoming car, 47-year-old Luke Pomilio of Rome, attempted to drive onto the shoulder to avoid a collision with Bonomo’s car, but Bonomo reportedly continued steering toward the other vehicle, according to witnesses, resulting in a head-on crash, deputies said.

Bonomo was taken to Rome Memorial Hospital with injuries. He also was ticketed for failing to keep right, using a cell phone while driving and other traffic charges, deputies said. He will appear in Annsville Town Court at a later date.

The Taberg Fire Department and state police assisted at the scene.


And let’s not forget, Asia’s billionaires.


Asia’s millionaires outnumber America’s


(CNN) — For the first time, the Asia-Pacific region has become home to the highest number of millionaires in the world, according to an annual global wealth report by Capgemini and Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management.

Asia-Pacific surpassed North America in 2011 to have 3.37 million high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), which the report defined as people with at least US$ 1 million available for investment, excluding personal assets such as primary homes, collectibles, and consumer durables.

North America was a close second with 3.35 million HNWIs, although the region still led with the highest amount of investable wealth at US $11.4 trillion, compared to Asia-Pacific’s US $10.7 trillion.

Despite the reshuffling, investable wealth fell across all regions, except the Middle East, due to HNWI investments in risky, less liquid assets amid high volatility in global markets. The overall 1.7% decline was the first recorded since the 2008 financial crisis. At 11 million, the worldwide number of HNWIs only increased by 0.8%.

China accounted for about half the increase of HWNIs in the Asia-Pacific, where the super-rich increased 5.2% to 562,000 people—placing the country in fourth place behind the U.S., Japan, and Germany. On the other hand, Hong Kong and India were the worst-hit, falling 17.4% and 18%, respectively. Singapore and South Korea also saw falling number of HNWIs.

The report cited rising inflation, declining exports due to weakened European demand, and crises such as Japan’s earthquake in March last year as the key negative factors impacting the region. It went on to say the region’s growth will “depend most heavily on whether China can engineer a soft landing, and the mature economy of Japan can recover from a challenging 2011.”

The 16th World Wealth Report, which assessed economic activity in 2011, covered 71 countries that account for more than 98% of gross national income.


And finally this happened.


Americans with guns at border use ‘cultural difference’ defence


Gun violence has no borders — as evidenced in recent weeks with mass shootings in Toronto and Colorado — but laws in Canada and the U.S. differ, prompting at least one Ontario lawyer to say “cultural difference” is the best defence for Americans caught with weapons.

Greg Goulin, a defence lawyer in Windsor, Ont., represents Americans caught with restricted and prohibited weapons when they cross into Canada.

He said the best defence is to claim cultural differences.

“Saying ‘I forgot’ doesn’t sell too well in our court system. [We think], ‘How can you forget you had a loaded handgun in your car?’” Goulin said.

He called loaded handguns “very frequent” in the U.S. and “standard additional equipment” in homes and cars.

“To me, the cultural difference is so very obvious,” Goulin said.

Goulin said Canadian courts accept “cultural differences” as a legitimate defence. He said in some cases, “upstanding U.S. citizens” have been caught with a handgun at the border because they live in high-crime areas where owning and carrying a firearm is “normal” or “justifiable.”

Goulin represented one person who was shot and then, after a lengthy recovery in hospital, was robbed at gunpoint.

“He wasn’t going to be parted from his gun,” Goulin said. “You have a certain degree of appreciation if you understand the violent culture they come from.

“Sometimes a handgun is considered an obvious necessity if you live among, in one case, coyotes.”

Stricter penalties

Under the recently passed omnibus crime bill, the penalty for being caught bringing a handgun into Canada is a three-year minimum jail sentence.

“The Crown attorney’s office has a degree of discretion. Should the person have a reasonable explanation for their error and are willing to admit culpability in the matter, that minimum penalty can be reduced at the discretion of the Crown,” Goulin said.

Signs do notify American visitors to Canada handguns are prohibited. Goulin said they don’t work all the time.

“When you come into the [Detroit-Windsor] tunnel, there’s very little time for you to see a sign. When you come to the [Ambassador] bridge, there’s such a confusing set of signs to get to the bridge, I imagine a driver’s attention is drawn elsewhere,” Goulin said, referencing ongoing construction there.

He said a solution would be a one-by-four-metre sign that reads: “Canada: No Guns.”

“The point is, [Americans] come there, they’re asked at the border, they appreciate they have a gun and still say no. Why? Why say no?” Goulin said.

The response, he said, is often, “I’m not in my home state, so how would I get another one?”


That’s all for tonight folks, g’nite everybody.

Kyushu nuclear boy kills himself through Obama’s nuclear tactics

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Bleedman’s Marceline (D.A.)


I didn’t really have time to post a header so here’s Marcy from Adventure Time. I realize as the week goes on, my drive for posting goes down far below the surface of sea level, but I suppose there’s not much I can say at this point, except read on cause I’ve got a lot to cover today.


Kyushu death toll rises to 28 as rain abates

Kyodo, AFP-Jiji


FUKUOKA — The death toll from the downpours in southwestern Japan reached 28 on Monday when two of six people declared missing were found dead in Kumamoto and Fukuoka prefectures, police and firefighters said.

The torrential rain since Thursday in northern Kyushu caused floods and mudslides in Kumamoto, Oita and Fukuoka prefectures, sweeping away cars and people without warning.

Residents embarked on a full-scale cleanup Monday following record rainfall that forced hundreds of thousands to flee and left at least 32 dead or missing.

Television footage showed residents, volunteers and local officials shovelling mud and removing damaged furniture from their homes while mechanical diggers worked to clear roads of trees and debris. The four days of intense rain also caused river levees to give way, inundating or destroying houses with torrents of muddy water.

“We are stepping up efforts to remove rubble as roads remain covered with mud at many points,” said Masatatsu Minoda, a Kumamoto Prefecture official.

“Workers are engaged in cleanup efforts while taking precautions against more possible landslides. We may have to stop working if it rains heavily again,” he said.

According to Kyushu Electric Power Co., some 2,600 houses in the area were without electricity. Local authorities meanwhile have been sending out emergency teams to aid villagers isolated by landslides.

Troops were called in Sunday to airlift supplies to those cut off while local authorities dispatched rescue helicopters to ferry the elderly to hospitals.

Rescue divers and troops meanwhile searched rivers and flooded rice fields for bodies. The two found Monday were both men.

While hard rain fell sporadically in northern Kyushu Monday, the Meteorological Agency warned that further landslides and floods were possible if .

In the city of Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, 3,500 people from 1,200 households were under instructions to evacuate as of Monday afternoon, while the number under orders to stay away widened by 21 to reach 280 in the village of Minami Aso.

In mountainous Yame in Fukuoka Prefecture, as well as Hita in Oita, about 400 people remained cut off by landslides.

The Self-Defence Forces supplied food by helicopter and rescued residents in need of nursing care.

Aso was among the hardest-hit areas and received around 81.7 cm of rain. The city lies at the foot of a volcano where at least 19 people were killed and three went missing.

There was also heavy rain Sunday in Kyoto, about 500 km east of the region. The rain left about 20 people temporarily trapped after a stream overflowed.

So ya, Japan’s suffering from major problems, they’ve continuously been like this and what with the car accidents from earlier this year, the country’s not looking all that good.


Confirmation could doom facility; others probed

Shika nuclear plant may sit on active fault


Government research indicates the fault running beneath Hokuriku Electric Power Co.’s Shika Nuclear Power Station may be active, raising questions about the utility’s claim in the late 1990s to the contrary, according to sources.

Government regulations do not allow construction of a nuclear reactor above an active fault. If it is confirmed active, the Shika nuclear plant in Ishikawa Prefecture may not qualify to operate.

The plant is currently shut down for scheduled safety checks plus the state-ordered stress tests introduced because of the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 plant.

The research by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency shows the fault — named S-1, which runs southeast to northwest within the plant’s premises — moved sometime after 130,000 to 120,000 years ago, the sources said Monday.

Hokuriku Electric Power conducted excavation surveys when it applied in 1997 to build a second reactor at the plant and claimed it found the fault “does not indicate activity.”

In a review of fault lines after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, NISA went through excavation data presented by Hokuriku Electric and concluded the research indicated the strong possibility that S-1 may have been active in a relatively recent period.

Geological layers comprised not just of bedrock from ancient periods but also sand and pebbles dating back to 130,000 to 120,000 years suggest the fault was deformed, the sources said.

It remains unknown at this point if S-1 could generate a quake on its own or move in tandem if a temblor hits nearby active faults. Given that another fault lies beneath reactor 2, if the two faults shake at the same time, it could endanger the plant.

“I would say Hokuriku Electric’s assessment that the geological layers of 130,000 to 120,000 years ago have not morphed is far-fetched,” said Mitsuhisa Watanabe, a geomorphology professor at Toyo University.

Watanabe even suspects the fault was active more recently.

Research and surveys by NISA have suggested that a soft fault layer, called a crushed zone, could move at Japan Atomic Power Co.’s Tsuruga nuclear power station in Fukui Prefecture, raising the possibility that the plant, also now idle, may have to be permanently shut down.

Citizens are calling for research into Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui, which also has a soft fault layer. Reactor 3 has been restarted at the Kepco plant and reactor 4’s operations are in the process of being resumed.

And our last story from the land of the rising sun, is the suicide issue. Which if you haven’t already realized is pretty prevalent in Japan, and has been for many, many years.


Otsu now admits bullying led student to kill himself

Settlement looms in high-profile tragedy city first tried to deny



OTSU, Shiga Pref. — The city of Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, reversed its stance Tuesday and said bullying was behind the suicide last year of a junior high school student.

“At this point, the city is (prepared) to admit a causal link between the bullying and the suicide,” an attorney of the municipal government told the Otsu District Court at the second session of the lawsuit filed by the parents of the 13-year-old victim against the city and the alleged bullies, a case that put the boy’s school under the national spotlight.

“We intend to proceed with negotiations for an amicable settlement,” the lawyer said.

Otsu initially argued it wasn’t negligent because it could not determine if the boy, who jumped off a condominium building Oct. 11, was bullied by schoolmates. Media reports, however, alleged that the bullies made the boy “practice” killing himself, and that his homeroom teacher was aware of the abuse but took no action.

Otsu Mayor Naomi Koshi reversed his stance and admitted bullying caused the suicide, after a school survey revealed that several students had reported that the bullies had made the boy practice killing himself.

“I want to apologize deeply to the boy and his bereaved family,” Koshi said Tuesday at City Hall.

In the court, the city asked that the next session be postponed until an investigation by an external panel of experts, to be set up soon, is completed.

The municipal government said the panel would need about four months to reach its conclusion. The court set the next session for Sept. 18 after the plaintiffs objected.

A senior education ministry official in charge of trying to curb school bullying and two other officials, who were dispatched to Otsu on July 10 at the mayor’s request, will assist the city in selecting members of the investigative panel.

“We apologize for the trouble we’ve caused to the victim’s family and to the victim himself, who had to choose death as he stood on the brink of despair because probes by the school and the municipal board of education (into the bullying) were insufficient,” a lawyer representing the city said after Tuesday’s court session.

In a comment issued later through a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, the boy’s 47-year-old father said: “There are a lot of students seeking help as we speak. I want (teachers) to detect signs of bullying.”

In the suit, which was filed in February, the victim’s parents argued that teachers failed to properly respond despite knowing their son was being bullied. The couple are seeking about ¥77 million in damages from the city and the alleged bullies.

The incident grabbed national attention after reports alleged the boy was forced to go through the motions of killing himself.

Last week, police took the rare move of searching both the school and the Otsu board of education.

They also plan to interview hundreds of students and parents during the summer break before deciding, possibly by the end of August, whether to build a criminal case, according to investigative sources.


And now we move onto Obama’s idea of a new weapon….


Iran drought part of ‘soft war’ by West: VP



The drought in southern Iran is part of a “soft war” launched against the Islamic republic by the West, the Fars news agency quoted an Iranian vice president as saying on Monday.

“I am suspicious about the drought in the southern part of the country,” Hassan Mousavi, who also heads Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism organisation, said at a ceremony to introdue the nation’s new chief of meteorological department.

“The world arrogance and colonist (term used by Iranian authorities to label the West) are influencing Iran’s climate conditions using technology… The drought is an acute issue and soft war is completely evident… This level of drought is not normal.”

Iran has experienced several droughts in recent years, especially in the south where it was hit in recent weeks by violent sand storms that engulfed several cities.

Sand storms particularly enter Iran from neighbouring Iraq where desertification has increased over the last two decades due to wars.

Last year, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in Iran, adding that “European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent.

Iranian leaders claim on a daily basis that Western countries, led by arch-foe the United States, devise “plots” in many forms to undermine the Islamic republic and to impede its economic and scientific development.

They also accuse world powers of colluding against Iran’s national unity, independence, political establishment, culture as well as international relations.


And now for all you online dweebs out there, there’s this study that shows internet can develop mental disorders. Pfft, as if most American’s don’t already have some kind of ADHD/ADD going on in their minds. Though I find it funny that ADD/ADHD isn’t as prevalent in females as it is in males. Hmm, food for thought.


Study: People Who Are Constantly Online Can Develop Mental Disorders


CHARLOTTE (CBS Charlotte) — Get off that computer. A new study finds that constantly being online can affect your mental health.

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg  recently studied more than 4,100 Swedish men and women between the ages of 20 and 24 for a year and found that a majority of them who constantly use a computer and mobile phones can develop stress, sleeping disorders and depression.

Sara Thomee, lead author of the study, said there was a “central link” between computers and mental disorders.

“High quantitative use was a central link between computer use and stress, sleep disturbances, and depression, described by the young adults,” Thomee said in the study. “It was easy to spend more time than planned at the computer (e.g., working, gaming, or chatting), and this tended to lead to time pressure, neglect of other activities and personal needs (such as social interaction, sleep, physical activity), as well as bad ergonomics, and mental overload.”

The study found a correlation between stress and always being available on the phone.

“Demands for availability originated not only from work and the social network, but also from the individual’s own ambitions or desires. This resulted in disturbances when busy or resting, the feeling of never being free, and difficulties separating work and private life,” Thomee explained in the study. “Unreturned calls or messages led to overload and feelings of guilt.”

Even people who played video games online faced a greater risk of suffering from depression.

“Daily computer gaming for 1–2 hours meant an increased risk for symptoms of depression in the women,” the study found. “Often using the computer late at 48 night (and consequently losing sleep) was a prospective risk factor for stress and sleep disturbances, including reduced performance, in both sexes.”

Thomee concluded that people need to set limits on computer and cell phone use and limit their own demands on their availability as to not suffer from these types of mental disorders.


You know, the only reason people are so stressed out is cause of social networking and drama among friends and blah blah blah blah blah. You don’t need to hear it from me, if you cared about your mental well-being, you wouldn’t be looking at me for it, you’d be asking yourselves. Case-in-point, it’s nonsensical to believe the internet will corrupt your feeble little minds any more than say something like watching porn on Playboy or watching an R-rated movie or god knows what else. Again, don’t believe anything I post on my blog, read it, research it and think for yourselves. That has been my motto since I started this blog. Read, think, apply to real world.


YouTube videos ‘show nurses as stupid sex objects’

From: AFP
NURSES have been urged to go on the offensive against YouTube videos that stereotype them as sexual playthings or witless. Researchers led by Gerard Fealy, a professor of nursing and midwifery at University College Dublin in Ireland, analysed the 10 most-viewed clips on the popular video-sharing site in response to the keywords “nurses” and “nursing”.

Four of the 10 videos were posted by nurses, and showed the job of caregiver as skilled, professional and rewarding.

Two of the clips were from a cartoon and a US sitcom that showed nurses as stupid or incompetent.

The other four – from the US TV comedy “Frasier”, a Virgin Mobile ad, a Belgian lingerie commercial and an item from an internet TV news show – portrayed nurses as scantily dressed or willing participants in male sexual fantasies.

“Despite being hailed as a medium of the people, our study showed that YouTube is no different to other mass media in the way that it propagates gender-bound, negative and demeaning nursing stereotypes,” said Prof Fealy.

“Such stereotypes can influence how people see nurses and behave towards them.”

He called for a change.

“We feel that the professional bodies that regulate and represent nurses need to lobby legislators to protect the profession from undue negative stereotyping and support nurses who are keen to use YouTube to promote their profession in a positive light.”

Give me one good reason nurses shouldn’t be portrayed as sex objects. What is it with this world, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Sex, drugs, idiotic remarks. Society’s dimmed down over the years. Everything from making the world kid-friendly to dropping anthrax bombs on sand niggers, adults have never ceased to amaze me at how bad a job they’re doing even when they’re leading our countries into oblivion.
Now, I wanna plug one quick site I just found, you guys should look into it if you’re, like my friend Ryan who is gaga over anime. I just found it so I don’t know enough to say if it’s good or bad but you guys can enjoy it.
The banner will take you to the site, you guys can enjoy the stuff there. Mayhaps, I’ll start finding information from this site in the future.
Now, our usual bit from the boys at sank.

A female fashion expert has been sharing her sage insights into the “painful” fashion failings most likely to condemn any man to perpetual bachelorhood, and as is the way with such things, otaku fashion comes in for the obligatory drubbing.

The list, apparently written from the perspective of a desperate 30-something spinster prepared to marry a man on the basis of the quality of his suit:

1. Men who wear clothes which don’t fit their frame
“They don’t even try them on, they just decide they are an M or L and buy some clothes. And it’s bad to just plump for LL just because someone says you are fat.”

2. He is too concerned about looking cool and ends up wearing clothes which don’t suit him
“He has an image of guys he thinks are popular, so he just puts on all the stuff he sees in shops and magazines!”

3. He dresses in classic otaku style
“A rucksack and a pouch round his waist may be an unavoidable manifestation of his true self, but at least try to make a reasonable first impression. For marriage interviews or parties, proper attire is especially essential.”

4. His entire ensemble is Uniqlo
Uniqlo may be decent enough quality, and even trendy in some cases, but dressing head to foot in Uniqlo is no good at all.

The colossal opprobrium attached to rucksacks is of course nothing new and now seems to be part of the classic otaku stereotype.

However, it probably goes without saying that wearing a pink Precure T-shirt is the ultimate faux pas even for otaku, not that such cases are in much danger of meeting anyone in the first place.

Online there is a certain amount of predictable resentment from what is presumably the “fat wannabe Uniqlo otaku” demographic, who certainly seem defensive of their Uniqlo ensembles…


Just so you guys know, Japanese women are fucking shallow, much like American girls, so don’t get your hopes up in getting one. People are people no matter where you go, deal with it or stay in your country; That’s life.


And finally a figure gallery for you all to enjoy.


Ikkitousen Ryomou Shimei Bikini Ero-Figure

Author: Leon


Ikkitousen‘s Ryomou Shimei appears as yet another sexy figure, this time in an (optional) bikini, due for September 2012, all thanks to Griffon Enterprises.


And let’s not forget the anime….


Campione! Saucy Action Anime

Author: Leon

Action and sexy service in inequal measure have been ensuring Campione! a continuing following, with some hope held out for the disc release and whatever extras it deems fit to bring…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some leftovers to finish, that don’t involve women’s parts or panties. Good night, everyone and stay safe under the American bridge.

Shota Week Day 4: Catchy Title not included

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It’s been a while since I posted some figurines and frankly, if I wasn’t waking up so late every morning I could probably squeeze in more time to work on this blog more. I also wish I had the endurance I did back in 2011 to post every day during the workweek. But, sadly, one can only keep up that kind of enthusiasm for so long. Course, following up news for everyday, isn’t exactly easy per se. Don’t get used to this kind of treatment though. It’s summer and I’m lucky enough to have a computer to work on my stuff with, so I suppose it’s nice. Anyway, today is Thursday so we’ll need to be on our way so let’s get to it. First up, is a figurine  of someone from a game…I think.


7th Dragon 2020 Katanako Figure

Author: Leon



From Sega’s role-playing game 7th Dragon 2020, comes a figure of samurai class character Katanako, and thanks to Max Factory she is looks to be anything but Sega quality.

She will be released in October 2012


And next up we have another story about that idiot Sandusky.


For Penn State, Freeh report lands in minefield of legal threats


For lawyers planning to sue Penn State University over how it dealt with allegations that Jerry Sandusky sexually abused boys, Thursday’s report gives them the kind of investigation that they likely could not afford to do themselves.

The report, commissioned by the university and prepared by former FBI Director Louis B. Freeh, found that top university officials, “in order to avoid the consequences of bad publicity” for the university, “repeatedly concealed critical facts” from authorities.

The report also condemned former officials, including President Graham Spanier, Vice President Gary C. Schultz, Athletic Director Timothy M. Curley and football Coach Joe Paterno for the “total and consistent disregard by the most senior leaders at Penn State for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s victims.”

The report found that officials had two separate opportunities in 1998 and 2001 to take action against Sandusky, but chose to keep the matter an internal issue. In 2001, administrators were pushed by Paterno to reverse themselves and keep the matter in-house.

All of those could be factors in how the civil lawsuits play out, lawyers said.

“It is clear that Penn State officials engaged in magical thinking,” said Daniel Filler, a professor at the Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University in Philadelphia. “Given their passion to protect Penn State, they ignored all the evidence from both 1998 and 2001, concluding that continued ties to Sandusky wouldn’t expose Penn State to any risk.

“For lawyers and plaintiffs planning on suing Penn State, the Freeh report is literally a road map to the case,” said Filler, who has no client in the Penn State scandal.

Sandusky, 68, is in jail awaiting sentencing on 45 charges that he sexually abused 10 boys over 15 years. He could spend the rest of life in prison when sentenced in the fall.

At a minimum, all the victims are potential plaintiffs, and several indicated when they testified in June that they have sought legal representation.

“The Freeh report is absolutely devastating to Penn State,” lawyers Andrew Shubin and Justine Andronici, who along with the Philadelphia law firm of Ross Feller Casey represent men identified in court records as Victims 3, 7 and 10. The group also represents Matt Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son who has said he too was abused, as well as other Sandusky victims who were not part of the criminal charges.

The report “confirms that at the highest level, Penn State officials, including the university president and head football coach, knew that Sandusky was a child predator, but made the deliberate and reprehensible decision to conceal his abuse. They chose to protect themselves, Penn State’s brand and image, and their football program instead of children,” the attorneys said.


Right there we have the biggest idiot shotacon this side of the West Coast. I’m only saying, we can joke about MJ’s sexuality for so long before we start seeing these kinds of people pop up. Oh and Yahoo! took a leak.


Yahoo’s password leak: What you need to know (FAQ)


Yahoo has just become the latest big online service to suffer a major password breach. While the number of affected users is far smaller than in the last big exposure — that would be the password hack at LinkedIn last month, which exposed 6.5 million user passwords — the attack is a big black eye for Yahoo and a potential hazard to the 450,000 or so people whose login information is now flapping in the breeze.

So here is CNET’s quick guide to the Yahoo password fumble and what you need to do.

What, exactly, went wrong?
A hacker collective calling itself D33Ds Co. publicly posted more than 450,000 login credentials — i.e., paired usernames and passwords — obtained from Yahoo’s “Contributor Network” site. In that data dump, the hackers described their attack as a “union-based SQL injection,” which is effectively a way of tricking the database on a poorly secured site into divulging private information.

For what it’s worth, the D33Ds hackers claim they released the information to point up lax security at Yahoo, not for malicious purposes. That said, these possibly sensitive passwords are now available to the maliciously minded across the world. So it’s better-safe-than-sorry time.

I’ve never heard of the Yahoo Contributor Network. Am I really in any danger here?
Maybe, maybe not. The Yahoo Contributor Network is, to be honest, sort of obscure. It was originally an independent site called Associated Content — a content farm that paid users a pittance to publish their written submissions, plus a bonus for any traffic generated. (Such “low-cost content,” as it’s known in the biz, is basically a lure used to draw search traffic to ads displayed nearby.) Yahoo acquired Associated Content two years ago, reportedly for more than $100 million.

It’s not immediately clear whose login credentials have been exposed. Yahoo has formally confirmed the password breach, but the online media company didn’t elaborate on their origin. (See Yahoo’s official statement below.) It does, however, seem highly likely that the exposed passwords mostly belong to Yahoo’s contributors themselves — i.e., the individuals who wrote material for either Associated Content or Yahoo.

One big hint: Quite a few of the email addresses and passwords contain the word “writer.” I.e., usernames such as “” and “,” and occasionally aspirational passwords such as “paidwriter” and “richwriter.” Not to mention umpteen-jillion instances of “writer” as a password.

So if I’ve never contributed to the Yahoo Contributor Network, I’m safe, right?
Possibly — but you never know.

In its official statement, Yahoo insists that the “file” the hackers “compromised” was an “older” one. (This statement itself is kind of suspect, since the hackers probably didn’t just steal a particular file. More likely, they repeatedly poked a Yahoo database until it started spitting out login credentials. But set that aside for now.) The company claims that fewer than five percent of the Yahoo passwords disclosed are currently valid.

Which all sounds reassuring enough, except that no one with a Yahoo ID has any way to know whether it might have been compromised elsewhere within the site. And, of course, you won’t know until either a public-spirited group like D33Ds decides to publish your password — or you get hacked in a more malicious fashion. (You are free to believe that the hack of the Yahoo contributor network was an isolated incident, and maybe it was. But maybe it wasn’t.)

I get the sense you’re leading up to something. Go on.
Yahoo’s statement, however, is silent on the non-Yahoo ID credentials revealed in the D33Ds hack. The published file also contains a huge number what appear to be login credentials for many other email services, including Gmail (106,873 instances), Hotmail (55,148), AOL (25,521) and any number of ISPs (Comcast, Cox, Mindspring, etc.).

Presumably the pre-merger Associated Content allowed users to use email addresses as their usernames, and Yahoo never forced users to change their logins to Yahoo ID. These days, in fact, Yahoo still allows people to sign into the contributor network via Google or Facebook IDs in addition to their Yahoo accounts.

All of which suggests that close to 300,000 people could have just seen their personal, non-Yahoo email accounts compromised as well as their Yahoo accounts. They’ve effectively just dropped a trail of breadcrumbs to their personal email, since they’ve identified the service, their username and (assuming general laziness on the part of Internet users, which is usually a safe bet) their password.

OK, so how do I know if I’m at risk?
To be on the safe side, if you have a Yahoo ID, you should assume it’s no longer secure and change it. (I just did, and I’ve never visited the Yahoo Voices site until today.) You should also change other passwords if:

  • You’ve used the same password for any other major service — particularly for sensitive accounts such as banking, investing, or email.
  • You’ve ever signed into Yahoo or Associated Content with a non-Yahoo email address.

Yes, it’s a pain. But it only takes a few minutes, and the peace of mind is worth it. You really don’t want to find your email account hijacked or your bank account emptied, do you?

If you’re one of those folks who likes to live dangerously, you can always call up the file of cracked credentials (just Google “yahoo-disclosure.txt”) and see if your email or Yahoo ID is on there. This may or may not prove anything, and of course there’s no way to know if your password might have been cracked and displayed elsewhere — at least until it’s too late.

So do the smart thing. Change your Yahoo ID password and any other passwords associated with email addresses listed in this disclosure.

Where is Yahoo’s official statement on all this?
Glad you asked. It’s right here:

At Yahoo! we take security very seriously and invest heavily in protective measures to ensure the security of our users and their data across all our products. We confirm that an older file from Yahoo! Contributor Network (previously Associated Content) containing approximately 450,000 Yahoo! and other company users names and passwords was compromised yesterday, July 11. Of these, less than 5% of the Yahoo! accounts had valid passwords. We are taking immediate action by fixing the vulnerability that led to the disclosure of this data, changing the passwords of the affected Yahoo! users and notifying the companies whose users accounts may have been compromised. We apologize to all affected users. We encourage users to change their passwords on a regular basis and also familiarize themselves with our online safety tips at


“We take security very seriously.” I’m sure you do, that may explain why you and Sony both had leaks. Next up is an article about milk.


Why milk has gone sour: Tasteless, stripped of nutrients and churned out by ‘battery cows’ who never see a blade of grass

By Graham Harvey

On the Reading estate where I grew up in the early 1950s, our milk was from a local dairy.

Our two pints of silver top would arrive daily on the doorstep, each with a thick band of yellow cream stretching one-third of the way down the bottle – a sure sign that the cows had been grazing up to their hocks in clover-rich grassland.

In those days, full-fat milk was considered a ‘protective food’, one that would keep you fit and free of disease.

All I know is that my brother and I invariably squabbled over who was to get ‘the top of the milk’ on our breakfast porridge.

The dairy had been set up by a local farmer in the 1920s.

Then, as now, milk producers were being crippled by rising costs and the meagre prices paid by powerful dairy companies.

Entrepreneurial farmers responded by setting up retail rounds in nearby towns and villages in a bid to make a better living for their families.

Though the pre-war economy was deep in recession, it was a period of expansion in the British dairy industry.

By the time my brother and I were racing each other to the morning pintas, our Berkshire dairy was supplying half the town.

Everywhere in Britain — outside the biggest cities — milk was mostly local and from cows spending most of the year grazing fresh green grass.

Since then, dairy farming has changed beyond recognition. During my 40 years as a farming journalist, nine out of ten dairy farms have gone out of business.

I’ve known dozens of farming families who’ve been forced to put their beloved herds under the auctioneer’s hammer — families who loved their animals, cared for the countryside and took pride in the fine food they produced.

Today’s milk business is dominated by a handful of large supermarkets and processing dairies, all slugging it out for a share of the action.

The farmers who survive the inevitable war of attrition are forced to squeeze more and more milk from their over-worked cows.

Even then they struggle to earn a living from the job, as yesterday’s gathering in Westminster of militant dairy farmers — who forced farming minister Jim Paice to admit he did not know the cost of a pinta, and are now threatening to disrupt the Olympics — testifies.

No doubt classical economists view all this as a triumph of efficient food production.

Milk is plentiful and cheap, with supermarkets frequently using it as a loss-leader in their battle for market share. Low-fat milk was on offer at just 32p a pint in Tesco this week.

Whether we consumers truly benefit from the dairy revolution is open to question. The nutritional quality of most supermarket milk wouldn’t hold a candle to the pinta delivered to our doorstep all those years ago.

Many dairy farmers, in their bid to drive down costs, now keep their cows off pasture, feeding them instead on high-energy cereals and maize, and on high-protein crops like soya.

Herds are getting bigger, and some farmers are choosing to keep them inside for much of the year or even all of it. US-style mega-dairies — in effect, battery-farmed cows — are now threatened for the British countryside.

Professor Ton Baars, a global expert on the health qualities of dairy foods, says milk produced this way contains lower levels of key disease-fighting nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and the anti-cancer substance CLA.

From a health point of view, the best milk comes from cows grazing fresh pasture in which there are plenty of clover plants and deep-rooting herbs such as plantain, dandelion and chicory.

In fact, the very milk enjoyed by earlier generations before the arrival of supermarkets and the EU common agricultural policy.

Even the supposed benefits of low-fat milk are now being challenged.

A number of scientists claim it’s sugar and refined carbohydrates that are to blame for modern diseases like diabetes and heart disease, not saturated fat — especially when the fat is from natural sources such as cattle grazing clover-rich pasture.

They point out that even whole milk contains only four per cent fat, hardly making it a fatty food.

And apart from calcium, many of the most valuable nutrients such as omega-3s, CLA and vitamin D are in the fat fraction most of us throw away.

It’s not just consumers who are worse off.

Farmers’ relentless drive for cost savings has put increasing pressure on the long-suffering dairy cow.

She’s now forced to produce twice the volume of milk provided by her 1960s forbears, and it’s taking a heavy toll on her health, fertility and lifespan.

No wonder actress Joanna Lumley has taken up the cudgels on behalf of dairy cows.

She’s heading an animal rights’ campaign aimed at giving them the sort of protection in European law that’s provided for battery hens.

One of the key guarantees she’s seeking is the animals’ freedom to graze fresh pasture, at least in summer.

With Britain’s hard-pressed dairy farmers on the streets demanding a better deal, there’s a clear need for a new vision for dairy farming.

Fortunately we have a perfect model from history — the epic story of a forgotten food hero of 90 years ago.

In the early 1920s, farm prices crashed following the mini-boom in agriculture that accompanied the First World War.

Dairy farms were particularly hard hit, with many going to the wall.

But an innovative farmer-inventor called Arthur Hosier came up with a revolutionary idea.

He would keep his cows out in the fields permanently, so saving the heavy labour costs and disease risks associated with putting them in sheds for part of the year.

To make the system work, he designed a mobile milking platform through which cows could be milked in the field.

It was equipped with generator, refrigeration plant and vacuum pipeline to take the milk direct from cow to churn without coming into contact with the air.

Hosier’s friends thought he’d gone off his head when he bought a big stretch of Wiltshire downland and covered it with cows at a time when many dairy farmers were going bust.

But the intrepid pioneer went on to make his fortune by selling quality milk direct to the public. Because his costs were low — and there was no middleman — it remained affordable to most people, even in hard times.

Out in the open air, his cows stayed remarkably free of disease, including TB which was rife among dairy herds of the time.

His milk was certified so pure by the county medical authority that a lot was sent direct to London hospitals for patients too sick to tolerate everyday milk.

So successful was the system that by the early 1930s several hundred farmers had adopted ‘open-air dairying’.

But with the coming of the Milk Marketing Board in 1933 — which guaranteed a market for milk — farmers lost their entrepreneurial edge. Hosier was bought out by one of the big dairies, and his revolutionary system forgotten.

Today a handful of new pioneers are rediscovering its benefits for consumers and their own profits.

In Dorset two young farmer-entrepreneurs — Tom Foot and Neil Griggs — have established a new outdoor herd producing pasture-fed milk. They’ve designed mobile milking units based on the principles of Hosier’s model.

In Somerset new farmer Nick Snelgar is developing a mobile milking-and-processing plant for use by small herds.

His aim is to bring back local, grass-fed milk across Britain. He hopes it’ll also create new business opportunities for young people in rural areas.

Between the wars, hard times for milk producers heralded a new golden age for dairy farming.

At the same time it put a wonderful, nutritious food on the doorsteps of austerity Britain.

If the tough times that brought protesting farmers to London have the same impact today, we’ll all be winners.

I, for one, can’t wait to experience once more the rich, creamy taste of real milk.


Nothing terribly interesting, this is once again what we in the journalism industry call a slow news day.


Driver crashes, starts wildfire in Idaho — after escaping Colorado wildfire

by Stephanie Zepelin


ONTARIO, Ore. – Idaho State Police say a Subaru was passing a Jeep when the Subaru’s driver had a mechanical problem, lost control, clipped the Jeep and went off the interstate.

Bureau of Land Mangement says the accident sparked a wildfire which would burn a total of about 2,000 acres. They declared that fire controlled Wednesday night.

But the chain reaction of events didn’t end there. The driver of the Subaru that started a wildfire on Interstate 84 tells KTVB how it all happened.

Krista McCann was living in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area when she evacuated due to the Waldo Canyon Fire.

On her drive to Ontario to surprise her dad, she didn’t make it past milemarker 66 on I-84 when her car started a wildfire.

“This is everything I own now,” said McCann as she showed us the few possessions from inside her purse.

At the age of 19, she’s escaped two fires.

McCann lived in the same house in Colorado Springs since she was nine. When the Waldo Canyon fire neared her neighborhood, she decided to leave.

“I was afraid that something might happen, or the wind might change in Colorado and my house would be in danger again.”

She loaded up her car with all the things she hoped to save from the Colorado wildfires, like her mom’s wedding dress.

“I just couldn’t go straight anymore and I ended up clipping the car next to me.”

McCann said she lost control of her car, and drove off the road. She grabbed her purse as her car burned. Everything she owned went up in flames.

“The adrenaline was going through me for a while, but after that started to fade it hit me pretty hard,” said McCann.

After running from the wildfire in Colorado Springs, she watched her car start a wildfire off the interstate.

“I know I got out and i saw that the field was on fire and at that point I was just…I was pretty devastated. I didn’t want to do anything like that,” she said.

McCann said she is glad no one was hurt. Now she is looking to the future.

“This is a chance to start completely over. I have nothing. So I’ll start with a new wardrobe and a new car, and a new state of mind. And I’ll just move forward.”

McCann wants to move to a new city and create something beautiful. She says has auto insurance, and is working things out with the driver of the other car.


That’s our show for today, this is Grass signing off.

Shota Week Day 2: Ponies and Kids who want to bomb the white house

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They never seem to get enough sugar in Japan. I mean if you gave Japan a boat load of sugar and fed it to the girls there I’m sure you’d have a ton of girls on sugar highs for half the day. But sugar is good, just not in large quantities since the more sugar you consume the likelier you are to get diabeetus. But, let me give you a bit of eye-candy for a bit…


Having a Naked Girl in a Hot Tub iPhone Case Is Actually Very Practical

Casey Chan


If you saw a guy totin’ around this iPhone case that has a 3D naked girl taking a bath in a hot tub, you might assume he was a pervert. You’d be wrong. He’s actually a very practical iPhone user that values function over form.

You see, this naked hot tub girl iPhone case is really, really useful—and certainly way more useful than the oh my god so ironic Gameboy iPhone case you were thinking about buying. Her head works as both a landscape iPhone stand and a portrait iPhone stand. Her cleavage could be grip when you’re actually chatting on your phone. Her exposed knee and foot offer balance when you’re using your phone to take a picture. To be completely honest here, this might very well be the perfect iPhone case.

The only problem, of course, is that it adds thickness and protruding parts to the iPhone. Deal with it. You have a naked lady in a hot tub in your pants.


But we’re not done folks, this is still the intro. So let’s talk about those kids who want to bomb the white house.


These Kids Want To Blow Up the White House

Casey Chan


F-22 Cockpit Demonstrator

Hordes of children ran around as wild as a locust swarm at the recent USA Science & Engineering Festival. The main attraction: the Lockheed Martin booth, with its faux F-22 cockpit and Orion spacecraft simulator. There, the virtual big guns provoked a surprising mix of reactions from the 7-year-olds. Some apathy. Some shouts of: “Shoot him! You had him!” And some surprising willingness to destroy the nation’s capital.

The main draw to the Washington, DC festival was the promise of jumping inside a F-22 cockpit. Or at least, jumping into something that slightly resembles a F-22 cockpit. You’d think everyone would want to. But at the F-22 Cockpit exhibit, there were only 4 or 5 kids in line. That was weird. Everywhere else, kids were kicking and screaming and darting around to see stuff like magnets and water guns. Silly kids.

But to watch the kids actually in the F-22 cockpit, it was clear most of them were acing the simulation. No ADHD here. They just jumped in, grabbed the throttle and focused their attention on the screen.

As the Lockheed Martin pilot explained what each button did, the kids quietly nodded, waiting to get on with it. The pilot obliged, putting each kid through the same scenario: one enemy plane, two enemy planes and four enemy planes. It was a little like a fancy video game. To win, you need to shoot. These kids lived to shoot. And they were good at it. One 8-year-old kid shocked all the pilots by destroying all four enemy planes in 8 seconds. The pilots had never even done that. Oh, and of course, all the kids shot at the enemy pilot who parachuted out of the plane.


F-16 Takeoff and Landing

Right next to the F-22 Cockpit Demonstrator was the virtual F-16. Instead of shooting planes and/or people, the task for this simulation was to take off from a runway, circle the sky and then land. Easy enough, right? Wrong. This was much more difficult. Especially for these precocious kids.

The F-16 cockpit looked more sophisticated than the F-22, but kind of in the way that an old VCR looks more complicated than an Apple TV. The simulator’s attendant was trying to make the challenge just as fun as the knock ’em down shooter of the F-22, but without the option to destroy things, it was like trying to feed the kids broccoli.

The simulation starts by making the plane take off from the runaway. What loses the kids is the monotony of being in the air. Staring at the blue screen while circling the sky with no target to hunt is boring. Their attention span just doesn’t last. Six different kids played with the F-16 and only one of them successfully landed the plane. The rest were itching to get out of the cockpit before it was even over, crashing be damned.


Helicopter Experience around Washington, DC

“You’re not going to bomb the White House”, a volunteer explains.

An indignant kid asks: “Why not?”

“Because, well, because.” She sighs.

The kid tries to fire a missile anyway. The volunteer shakes her head. The kid bounces away to the next exhibit, just as the helicopter crashes into the home of the leader of the free world.

Human Immersive Lab

The Orion Spacecraft Simulator was a hand-eye coordination task. No shooting, no taking off, just a simulation of docking the Orion to the ISS. It’s an exercise in following directions. Move a joystick to line up the Orion’s crosshairs with visual cues on the screen. It wasn’t hard at all.

The kids, however, became weirdly passive in this exhibit. Tell them to push the joystick left, they pushed it once and waited. And waited. Even when it was obvious they were going to miss the target, they kept waiting. After firing machine guns with the F-22 or crashlanding the F-16, they became silent, almost fearful of deviating from the instructions. Maybe they just didn’t like the Orion simulator all that much.

At the Human Immersive Lab, participants donned virtual reality goggles and pretended that they were in space completing a task. The idea is to work with a partner (also blind with the goggles) to get a job done. Everyone was lost. At least the kids looked endearing.

The Future

What stood out most at the fair was that the kids seemed a little desensitized to the magic of technology. Growing up with iPhones and iPads, Xboxes and PS3s, Kinects and Wiis, a virtual spaceship doesn’t seem all that impressive. How surprising is a touchscreen if it just makes you look for Fruit Ninja? Or how wide could a kid’s eyes get when a virtual plane if they’ve already done it in Battlefield 3?

It just seems that by missing the sense of wonder in the technology itself, the kids create it themselves by blowing things up. It seems like it would be tough to grow up today. Or maybe it’s just jealousy—from a dinosaur’s perspective, the kids seem to have access to so much technology already.


Shoot the White House? Oh no, we got a bad ass over here. But in all seriousness it does look nice to be able to sit in the cockpit of a sophisticated piece of engineering and fly around in it. Like Pilot Rainbow Dash…



Moving on, we have an idiot who tried to use a lawn mower as a get-away vehicle.


Burglar uses lawn mower as getaway vehicle


There are two things we learned from The Italian Job. 1. Only blow the doors off. 2. A good getaway car is vital.

Alas, Spokane, Washington resident Robert Morey, 22, can’t have had the pleasure of Charlie Croker’s company as his choice of getaway vehicle was a lawn mower.

Having burgled a home Morey made off with guns and money on a riding mower, chugging 7 miles before ditching his ride when it was out of gas. Police found the ‘vehicle’ after receiving a call about a suspicious person riding a lawn mower and carrying a shotgun.

Once they found the crim, Morey told cops he had been arguing with his girlfriend and she insisted he get out of the car on “some road.” He said he saw an open garage door and took the lawn mower, the firearms and the cash in blind fury.

Morey is being held on multiple charges, including unlawful possession of a firearm, first-degree burglary and theft of a firearm. He admitted stealing the guns because he was prohibited from owning a firearm legally, and he really, really wanted one.


Wow he must’ve REALLY REALLY wanted that shotgun. Must be prepping for a zombie invasion, must be. No other reason a man would steal a shotgun. Next up is a car crash of..immeasurable loss.


Out Of Control Lamborghini Destroys BMW Motorcycle Dealership

The driver of a Black Lamborghini Murcielago lost control and crashed into an Italian motorcycle dealership outside of Como this past week.

Two men were in the Lambo when the car suddenly lurched, crossed the opposite lane and crashed into “Valli Motorrad” which specializes in BMW motorcycles.

Although neither of the two occupants of the car were injured in the crash according to La Provincia, the Lamborghini did quite a bit of damage to itself and a line of motorcycles parked outside the dealership when it collided with the building.

Considering the insurance nightmare this crash surely created, we’d guess the cracked up supercar is just the beginning of the crash related expenses for this Lamborghini owner.


Next up, a bunch of sailors rob massage therapists.


Women identify Norfolk Sailors as suspects in armed robbery



A woman who said she was robbed at gunpoint told NewsChannel 3 she had no idea many of the suspects would be Norfolk based Sailors.

“You signed up to the Navy to protect our country, not hurt our country,” the woman told NewsChannel 3 exclusively after a preliminary hearing for USS Stout Sailors Duane Milner and Tracy Greem along with USS Ramage Sailor Yakeem Piggot and Virginia Beach cashier Quasheta Gordy.  The four are charged with robbing two women in a matter of hours at two different Norfolk motels in May.

The victim testified that one of the men contacted her after seeing her ad for massages on the website

“So you weren’t advertising for sex?” asked NewsChannel 3 Investigator Jessica Larche.

“I’m a nurse by trade, so I was advertising basically massages,” she said.  “That’s it!  That’s it.”

The woman said the man agreed to meet her at her motel room at the Motel 6 on Military Highway.  She testified that Milner knocked at her door, came inside, and asked if she had a pimp.  Then, she said, Milner showed her a gun and let several more people in the room.  Soon after, she said the group stole her money, radio and Jordan sneakers.

“They shouldn’t have took my shoes!” she said.  “They could have took anything else in the room, but don’t take my shoes!”

The woman said the group made her take off all her clothes before locking her in the bathroom.  Another woman, who testified that she also advertises massages on, said the same thing happened to her at the Days Inn down the street.

“Regardless of what someone is doing up there, nobody deserves to be robbed, nobody deserves to be tormented, nobody deserves to be locked in a bathroom, nobody deserves to be scared for their life,” said the first victim.

The Sailors’ attorneys told NewsChannel 3 their clients are innocent.

The case has been certified to a grand jury.  Gordy and Green remain in jail without bond.  Milner and Piggot are free on bond and are still active duty military.


And finally our last story of the day.


Romney Courts Black Vote, an Obama Strength in ’08


Four years ago, Barack Obama captured 96 percent of the black vote. But this year, in an election in which every vote may matter, Mitt Romney is not giving up on that front.

On Wednesday, Mr. Romney will make a pitch to the nation’s premier civil rights group, testing President Obama’s overwhelming support among black voters by trying to pry away defectors with his pro-jobs message at a time of 14.4 percent unemployment among African-Americans.

Mr. Obama is passing up the chance to address the group, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and sending Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. instead.

While blacks are expected to solidly back Mr. Obama again this year, he faces challenges in generating the same enthusiasm as in 2008. The level of black turnout could be especially crucial in states like North Carolina and Virginia, where black voters had an outsize influence in the president’s relatively narrow victories four years ago.

“In 2008, he won North Carolina by about 14,000 votes,” said Bill Randall, a black Republican who lost a recent primary for a Congressional seat in the state. But “support is waning” he said, adding that the president’s “policies are not doing things that are going to spur economic growth.”

Other black leaders said Mr. Romney would need more than an economic message to improve on Senator John McCain’s dismal level of black support in 2008 and return to the 11 percent that George W. Bush won in 2004.

“Romney could do much better than John McCain,” said Benjamin Todd Jealous, the president of the N.A.A.C.P., the 103-year-old group Mr. Romney plans to address Wednesday at its annual convention in Houston.

Mr. Jealous said people had heard Mr. Romney’s message on jobs and the economy and “it is not resonating with our base,” in part because talk of deregulation brings to mind Wall Street bailouts and how General Motors might have gone bankrupt if Mr. Romney had been in the White House.

“If he’s going to pick up more support in the black community,” Mr. Jealous said, “he has to send a message that he’s prepared to lead on issues that we care about.”

Topping the list is a wave of voter identification laws that Democrats say will suppress minority participation in November. “We are living through the greatest wave of legislative assaults on voting rights in more than a century,” Mr. Jealous said Monday in his opening speech at the convention. “In the past year, more states have passed more laws pushing more voters out of the ballot box than at any time since the rise of Jim Crow.”

Nearly a dozen states have passed strict voter ID laws in the last two years largely with the support of Republican lawmakers, who say that they are needed to prevent fraud. Democrats argue that the laws are really meant to suppress turnout by poor and minority voters, who tend to vote Democratic and who disproportionately lack government-issued identification.

The issue caused a stir recently when a top Republican official in Pennsylvania said the state’s new voter ID law would allow Mr. Romney to carry the state.

Texas, as it happens, is one of the states with a tough new law, which is the subject of a federal court hearing in Washington this week as the N.A.A.C.P. meets in Houston. The Justice Department has found that the law will “disenfranchise at least 600,000 voters,” many of them members of minority groups. The state is challenging the ruling and a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Mr. Romney has rarely weighed in on voter ID laws during the campaign. A spokeswoman for the campaign, Andrea Saul, summarized his position in an e-mail: “Governor Romney believes that every legal vote should count.”

Although the Romney campaign recently named an adviser to help frame its message to black voters and in May the candidate visited a charter school in a poor black neighborhood of West Philadelphia, most of his courtship of minorities has been focused on Hispanics, who could play a crucial role in swing states like Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

Surveys show that blacks still overwhelmingly support the president. In the latest Gallup weekly tracking poll, 87 percent approved of the job Mr. Obama is doing. But Mr. Jealous said that it would be difficult for the president to inspire the same turnout among blacks as in 2008: the historic import of his candidacy for blacks has passed, and people are still struggling in a stalled economy.

It might appear that Mr. Obama is taking black voters for granted by skipping the N.A.A.C.P. event, which he attended four years ago. Mr. Jealous said the president had signaled as recently as a week ago that he would speak to the group, but his office said he had a scheduling conflict. Mr. Biden, who also enjoys strong support among blacks, will speak on Thursday.

Mr. Obama is focused this week on countering a disappointing jobs report released last Friday — proposing on Monday to extend a middle-class tax cut, a message he planned to repeat Tuesday at grass-roots events in Iowa.

Although a battleground state for November, Iowa has few black voters compared with other swing states where African-Americans turned out in large numbers for Mr. Obama in 2008, including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

One factor in the president’s favor may be that as a result of his success and that of other black politician, the size of the minority electorate has grown, said Katherine Tate, a political scientist at the University of California, Irvine.

“Black voters are regularly participating in politics nowadays because of their elected numbers in government,” she said. “An African-American member of Congress once said that because of Obama his mother now watches cable news regularly and talks to him regularly and heatedly about policy matters.”


That’s our show for today folks, have a nice gallery post before I go.


Shining Hearts Rouna Figure

Author: Leon
And as they say in Animaniacs, “Good night, everybody.”

Ponies and Parties galore

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I just got back to the condo and my head is swimming and about to explode. I feel like my head is a coconut bomb loaded with gunpowder and ready to give me headaches throughout the day. So while I’m chugging down my morning green tea with a side of buttered bagels, I began to think. How far will you go to achieve something that isn’t expected of you in this world. How far is it worth going to realize your dreams. Well, I’m sure this is all very cliché, so here’s some wisdom from people of the west: When big man swing big stick at you, you should run or get another big stick to fight big man.


So without further ado, let’s move onto the regulars of the day.


Lisa Brown: Silenced for saying (shock!) ‘vagina’

By Lisa Brown


(CNN) — One week ago, the Michigan House of Representatives was taking up some of the most restrictive anti-choice legislation in the country. It was in the context of this bill that I said, “Finally Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.'”

You can watch me say that here. My comment is made around the 1:50 mark, and you can see exactly how the legislators seated behind me reacted. While there was a scatter of applause from my colleagues, there were no dropped jaws, bulging eyes or fainting. In fact, the only remarkable thing about their response is that there was virtually no response at all.

Not until the next day. That’s when I got word that Republican House leaders had banned me and my colleague Rep. Barb Byrum from speaking on the House floor. I was shocked.

Given my speech, I could only assume it was because I spoke to my Jewish values or because I had said vagina. But later that day, Rep. Mike Callton told the press that what I had said was so vile, so disgusting, that he could never bear to mention it in front of women or “mixed company.”

Since we share the same religion, I’m guessing he wasn’t referring to my kosher sets of dishes. Even though Callton has a bachelor’s degree in biology and worked as a chiropractor, it was the word “vagina” that did him in.

As a storm of protest grew against our silencing and women across the state started to rally around my use of the word vagina, Republicans changed course. They insisted they had no problem with vaginas. Byrum and I were being punished for our lack of decorum. We were accused of throwing a “temper tantrum.”

Take another look at the video. Do you see a temper tantrum? Does that look like a group of people shocked by what we said or how we behaved?

Vagina enters stage left — or is it right?

When complaints about our banning picked up pace, Republicans tried again. This time, their story was that I was kept from speaking because I said “no means no.”

As Republicans continued to throw mud against the wall to see what stuck, they only made it worse for themselves. Thousands of women, not only in Michigan but across the country and even around the globe, saw exactly what was going on. What they saw was a male-dominated legislative body going to great lengths to silence two women who dared speak in opposition to a measure that would limit access to our health care. They saw it, and they didn’t like it.

Among the people watching this unfold was Eve Ensler, who wrote the award-winning play, “The Vagina Monologues.” Ensler, who has worked for nearly 20 years to empower women and undo the shame many of us are taught to feel toward our bodies, didn’t just see a group of mostly male legislators freaking out about “vagina.” She saw them trying to shut women up at the same time they were trying to pass laws about our health.

She wouldn’t stand for it. That’s why she came to Lansing this week to lead a performance of “The Vagina Monologues.” Thousands of men, women and children showed up to see it and show their support for Byrum and me.

In the aftermath of this, Rep. Jim Stamas, whose job it was to issue the edict against me, said he “honestly had no idea it would become such an issue.” I find it amazing that a fellow legislator wouldn’t understand why it’s outrageous not to just silence me, but my 90,000 constituents.

I hope he and his fellow Republicans get it now. If not, the election this November will surprise them even more.


I believe congress is racist…against people in general, not black or whites, just people. We are racist against humanity, not words like ‘Vagina’ or ‘Penis’ or god knows what else we could blurt out while we’re talking in “professional” cases. I mean, one can only give a damn about so much. It’s why we invented this word called, Taboo. It only creates fear of a word so the curious can learn it and taboo other people who say it. This is ludicrous, but it’s how society operates, I’ve been against the way America has been running the government for so long. Ironic we choose to employ democracy in our country, but only REPRESENTATIVE democracy. True democracy from ancient Rome was quite possibly the best thing that happened to this world. I loved Rome back in the day, when people could be heard and the government didn’t dabble so much in the affairs of the average citizen.



Wife Attacks Husband After Finding Copies of The Onion in Car

Victim tells police his wife considers the papers “pornography” and it has caused issues in their marriage.

By Joe Petrie


The Shepherd Express and The Onion are iconic Wisconsin publications well known for their alternative views and humor.

However, when one man’s wife found issues of those two papers in his trunk, it incited an incident that could very well be mistaken for a headline in The Onion.

A 56-year-old Menomonee Falls woman is facing charges after she allegedly attacked her husband for having copies of the Shepherd Express and The Onion in the trunk of his car.

Lynne M. Rasbornik was charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court Monday with one count of disorderly conduct domestic abuse. If convicted, she faces up to 90 days in jail and $1,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On May 19, the victim’s car was parked in their driveway in the N5100 block of Dolphin Drive and Rasbornik was going through the trunk when she found copies of the newspapers. She came into the house and confronted her husband about the papers then attacking him.


The man said his wife considers the publications “pornography” and the issue has been around in their marriage before.

The victim was able to get Rasbornik to the ground, then he wanted to leave, so he let her go and went to get his son’s guitar that he was going to borrow. Rasbornik then grabbed a vase and tried to throw it at her husband, but he was able to grab her arms and stop her.

Rasbornik began to flail her arms and scream before running out of the house to the victim’s car and take his cell phone, a notebook with his driver’s license and credit card inside, a Starbucks gift card and his handicapped placard.

While talking with a police officer, Rasbornik said her husband had attacked her, but she kept scratching and poking herself to make injuries more apparent. The officer told her to stop, but once taken in for booking she continued to scratch and twist her arms to make it appear that she was injured.

She will make her initial appearance in court Aug. 7.


Lake Worth woman sues Walmart, citing secret insurance policy on her husband

By: By Jane Musgrave

When Linda Gaub’s 51-year-old husband died of a heart attack in 1994 she said his employer, Walmart, couldn’t have been more supportive.

They took up a collection. They brought Christmas presents for the couple’s three young children. They donated plants for a garden at Liberty Park Elementary School, a project that had been her husband’s passion — a way of using his skills as a farmer to help out one of his kid’s school.

Then, last year, the Lake Worth woman got a letter, alerting her that Walmart benefited richly from her husband’s death. Like hundreds of thousands of its other employees, the Arkansas-based discount giant had secretly taken out a life insurance policy on her husband when he worked as a department head in the garden center of its store on Forest Hill Boulevard, her attorneys said. Ronald Gaub’s death, they said, put between $75,000 and $150,000 in its pockets.

“I was floored,” she said of the news. “Myself and my children were extremely upset that they had profited from his death. It’s deplorable.”

As if that wasn’t enough, she learned she couldn’t share in the $2 million the company last year agreed to pay to settle claims filed by other Florida residents who were equally shocked to learn that the death of loved ones had lined Walmart’s pockets.

According to the settlement reached in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Tampa, only court-appointed administrators of estates could share in the settlement. Because her husband, a healthy jogger, had no reason to believe death was imminent, he died without a will.

In a lawsuit filed on Gaub’s behalf this week in U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach, her attorneys claim the restriction was no accident. Based on its experiences in similar lawsuits in other states, Walmart knew a large percentage of its employees died without wills so there were no court-appointed administrators to collect money from the settlement, said Scott Clearman, a Houston, Tx. attorney who is representing Gaud in the lawsuit he hopes will benefit others in similar straits.

While the families of 223 Walmart employees who died in Florida were supposed to get money from the $2 million settlement, he estimates only about half of them qualified. According to the agreement, after paying about $675,000 to plaintiffs’ attorneys, Walmart was allowed to keep any money that wasn’t handed out. Clearman estimates that Walmart paid out about $660,000 to families of dead employees and got to keep roughly the same amount.

“Walmart used slight-of-hand to conceal the lack of a settlement with Gaub and the people in her category,” he said in the lawsuit. Estimating more than 100 people were also denied their rightful shares, he is asking U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp to certify the case as a class-action lawsuit.

Randy Hargrove, a Walmart spokesman, said the company will investigate Gaub’s claims. “We acted in good faith through the settlement and believed we settled with all of the estates of individuals whose lives were insured,” he said.

A brief investigation on Wednesday revealed that it had paid out at least one claim to the spouse of an employee who had died without a will, he said. The spouse received a court appointment to share in the settlement, he said.

After taking out life insurance policies on an estimated 350,000 employees, Walmart stopped doing so in 2000 when the tax implications outweighed the benefits, Clearman said. But, he said, Walmart isn’t alone. Other companies secretly take out life insurance policies on employees. He is convinced it violates state laws, including those in Florida, which require people to have an insurable interest in the life of someone before they can take out a life insurance policy in that person’s name.

Walmart didn’t admit wrongdoing when it settled the lawsuit in Tampa or similar ones in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Hargrove said employees were aware of the practice the company initiated in the 1990s to defray rising health care costs.

I suppose, Japan needs a word from us too…


Powerful typhoon hits Japan, 150,000 ordered to evacuate



A powerful typhoon made landfall Tuesday for the first time this year in southern Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, with evacuation orders issued for more than 150,000 people in central, eastern and northeastern Japan.

The typhoon made landfall just after 5 p.m. in southern Wakayama, moved offshore and then made landfall again in eastern Aichi Prefecture. It is expected to head northeast across eastern and northern Japan, the agency said, warning of heavy rain and strong winds across a wide area through Wednesday.

The typhoon brought torrential rainfall of over 100 millimeters per hour to central Japan and around Tokyo.

A total of 49,594 households comprising 123,085 people in Toyohashi, Aichi, were requested to evacuate as the water levels of the city’s Umeda, Sana and Yagyu rivers rose.

In Miyagi Prefecture in the northeast, hit by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the city of Ishinomaki issued an evacuation order for 4,309 households comprising 10,359 people and the city of Kesennuma issued an order for 2,202 households comprising 5,258.

Evacuation orders were also issued in Odawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, for around 4,700 households comprising 11,800 people.

As of 10 p.m. Tuesday, Typhoon Guchol, with an atmospheric pressure of 970 hectopascals at its center, was located around 30 kilometers south of Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, traveling northeast at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour with a maximum wind velocity of 162 kph around its center, the agency said.

Thirteen people sustained injuries due to the typhoon in the Kinki region in western Japan, over 70 houses in Himeji in Hyogo Prefecture were flooded, while blackouts affected over 10,000 homes in Mie, Nara, Wakayama, Osaka, Hyogo, Okayama and Shimane prefectures.

Transportation was disrupted, with over 450 domestic flights canceled and some bullet train services on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line suspended. West Japan Railway Co. and Shikoku Railway Co. also suspended 184 limited express train services.

At the just-opened Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest broadcast tower at 634 meters, in the capital, the operator suspended elevators linking the 350-meter-high observation deck with the 450-meter-high deck due to gusts. Opening hours were also shortened for the two decks.

Rainfall over the 24-hour period through Wednesday evening is expected to reach 400 mm in the Tokai region, 250 mm around Tokyo and in the Tohoku region, and 180 mm in the Kinki region.

It is the first time since 2004 that a typhoon has made landfall in June in Japan.

Typhoon Talim, the fifth typhoon of the season located in the South China Sea, is also expected to approach the Japanese archipelago, following Guchol.


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