Japan’s Emo problems and more

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Apologies for yesterday’s fucked up post, I was trying to post from an out of date computer and gave up eventually, so today I’ll make up for it. I ended up going shopping with my brother in some mall yesterday so whatever, it wasn’t terribly bad, we just ended up doing nothing for a whole day in a town by the beach. Anyway, let’s get moving.

Radioactive fallout from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns caused abnormalities in Japan’s butterflies


Radioactive fallout from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Prefecture created abnormalities among the nation’s butterflies, according to a team of researchers.

“We conclude that artificial radionuclides from the Fukushima (No. 1) nuclear power plant caused physiological and genetic damage” to pale grass blue butterflies, a common species in Japan, a recent article in Scientific Reports, one of on-line journals of the Nature Publishing Group, said.

Radiation exposure harmed butterflies’ genes, and the damage could well be passed on to future generations, the article stated.

“Sensitivity (to irradiation) varies between species, so research should be conducted on other animals,” said Joji Otaki, a team member and associate professor at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa.

“Humans are totally different from butterflies and they should be far more resistant” to the health effects of radiation, Otaki noted.

The researchers collected 121 adult pale grass blue butterflies in and outside Fukushima Prefecture in May 2011, two months after the nuclear crisis started.

Abnormalities such as unusually small wings were found in 12 percent of the total. But the rate rose to 18 percent in a second generation produced through mating among the butterflies collected and some even died before reaching adulthood.

When second generation butterflies with abnormal traits mated with healthy ones, the rate of abnormalities rose to 34 percent in the third generation, according to the article.

The team collected another 238 butterflies last September and determined that the abnormality rate stood at 28 percent. However, it nearly doubled to 52 percent among a second generation born to the original butterflies caught.

The researchers said the butterflies collected in May were heavily exposed to radiation as larvae. The impact was apparently more severe on the second generation, as well as on the butterflies collected in September, because they suffered heavy exposure at a far earlier stage while they were still fertilized eggs or just reproduction cells, according to the team.

The impact of artificial radiation exposure on the species was also investigated using larvae collected in Okinawa, one of the prefectures least affected by fallout from the nuclear disaster.

After the larvae were exposed to radiation and fed with leaves contaminated with radioactive materials, similar rates of abnormalities and premature deaths were observed, the article said.


So as the population returns to normalcy, the life on the island struggles to maintain itself. And then there’s this jimmy-rustler.

Korean soccer player kept off medal stand for political antics

Associated Press



I’m a massive faggot and don’t deserve to have my medal.


LONDON — A South Korean soccer player who held up a sign with a political message after the team’s victory over Japan did not get a bronze Sunday when the Olympic medals were handed out in a ceremony to the rest of his team.

Midfielder Park Jong Woo is under investigation by the IOC and soccer’s governing body, FIFA, for displaying the sign Friday with a slogan supporting South Korean sovereignty over Korean-controlled islets that are claimed by both his country and Japan. The largely uninhabited islets are called Dokdo by South Korea and Takeshima by the Japanese.

The IOC and FIFA have statutes that prohibit political statements by athletes and players. Olympic officials had asked the South Korean Olympic Committee to take action against Park and that he not be present at the ceremony.

When the men’s soccer medals were presented at Wembley Stadium following Mexico’s 2-1 win over Brazil in the gold-medal match, only 17 of the 18 South Korean players were on the field for the ceremony. Park was not among them.

The IOC has opened an investigation into Park’s actions, and FIFA said it has opened a separate investigation to discipline the athlete.

The Korean Olympic Committee said Park’s act was a mistake that occurred in the heat of the moment as players celebrated their victory over Japan in Cardiff.

“We understand this wasn’t an intentional act on the player’s part,” the committee said in a statement cited by Yonhap news agency. “We are trying the best we can to resolve this issue.”

Yonhap also quoted an unnamed official at the Korea Football Association as saying that Park picked up the sign, which was thrown from the stands, and officials immediately moved to stop him from holding it aloft.

Calls to the Korean Olympic Committee in Seoul and a Korean official in London were not returned.

South Korea beat Japan 2-0 Friday, hours after President Lee Myung Bak raised diplomatic tensions by traveling to the islets. The presidential visit prompted Japan to recall its ambassador from Seoul.

Photos of the player holding a sign were passed along to FIFA to determine if any further disciplinary action will be taken, the governing body said.

South Korea maintains a small contingent of police officers on the islets in a show of control, but Japan maintains the rocks are its territory. Tokyo renewed the claim last month in an annual defense report.

During his visit Friday, Lee reportedly told police officers there that the islets are “worth sacrificing lives for,” according to the presidential office.


That’s some hardcore trolling, man. Man’s got balls, serious balls.It’s like Japan’s already been fucked pretty badly and then Asian trolls come in and start screaming obscenities.

And finally…


DPJ vow for next poll: a nuclear phaseout

Role for Kan urged to draft pre-election energy goals



Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s party is arranging to make a nuclear phaseout a key policy pledge in the next general election, sources in the Democratic Party of Japan said.

The DPJ’s plan comes amid widespread opposition to the continued use of nuclear energy. Noda has drawn strong public protests over his recent decision to approve the restart of two reactors at the Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture, the first reactivations since all of the country’s reactors went offline amid the Fukushima nuclear disaster that started last year.

Many DPJ lawmakers fear the ruling party, via the restarts, signalled to the public that it is keen on using nuclear power when this is not the case, a senior party member said Sunday.

DPJ members said earlier this month that the DPJ will set up a panel to discuss the potential pledge for the House of Representatives election, which Noda said last week will take place “soon.”

The panel will probably be headed by DPJ policy chief Seiji Maehara. Some DPJ lawmakers say former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who has taken an increasingly antinuclear stance since the crisis started at the Fukushima No. 1 plant during his watch, should become an adviser to the new body.

To government is weighing three options for a new energy mix by 2030, including having nuclear power provide zero percent of Japan’s total energy, or 15 percent, or between 20 and 25 percent. The state has also held hearings to gauge public opinion, which has strongly come out in favor of the first option.

60% against nuke power


Over 60 percent of the Japanese public thinks the country should give up nuclear power, a recent Jiji Press survey said.

About half of the respondents opposed restarting the dozens of idled nuclear reactors.

The survey covered 1,211 men and women 20 or older across the country between July 6 and 16.

In face-to-face interviews, respondents rated their attitudes toward various issues related to nuclear energy on a scale of zero to 10, with 5 meaning “neither agree or disagree.”

Of the respondents, 62.6 percent opposed the use of nuclear energy, giving scores between zero and 4, with 17.8 percent saying they think Japan should idle all nuclear plants immediately.

By contrast, 9.7 percent assigned scores between 6 and 10 suggesting that Japan should continue using nuclear.

The results of the survey, the ninth by the news agency on national nuclear power use since May 2011, showed parallels with the previous surveys.

The poll was the fourth of its kind since March on sentiment toward restarting reactors halted chiefly for routine checks.

In the survey, 50.5 percent opposed resumption, with scores below 5. The figure dropped 8 percentage points from the March survey. About a fifth, or 21.4 percent, gave zero support for restarts.

Well that’s about all from the east coast, oh wait, there’s one more.


Total Eclipse Totally Sexy

Author: Leon



Fortunately alien invasions are no impediment to yet another gratuitous beach outing, as Muv-Luv Total Eclipse amply demonstrates in its latest and rather sexy service outing.


As usual the gallery is within your grasps. Also I wanted to bring about something to y’all’s attention. White people can’t be discriminated against. For more info, read this. I was a little surprised at first too, but whatever, this world is fucked up enough w/o saying that I can’t be racist against white people because they’ve never been oppressed. And next up…this is news?


A Nice Lady From Florida Got A Tattoo On Her Butthole Over The Weekend


Overheard in the dressing room of a sad Florida strip club last night…

“Hey Mercedes…what did you do over the weekend?”

“Oh nothing much, Lexus…got a tattoo on my butthole. That’s about it.”

“OMG what was that like?”


Butthole tattoos are the tramp stamps are the new anal bleaching, y’all. You heard it here first. Deuce-deuces. (This should go without saying but the video above is slightly NSFW.)

And last but not least.


The following article is adapted from David K. Randall’s Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, out now from W.W. Norton.

This is the tale of how an Australian man with a vacuum cleaner fixed a mistake in evolution.

It begins in the late 1970s. Colin Sullivan is a physician in the respiratory unit at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. There, he treats patients who have problems breathing. The most common complaint, by far, is snoring. Sullivan knows better than most doctors in his field that snoring is often a sign of a serious disorder known as sleep apnea. The disorder had been identified only about a decade earlier.

Patients with sleep apnea experience a strange nightly sensation that brings the body disturbingly close to death. First, the throat closes randomly throughout the night, choking off the body’s air supply. This puts in motion a cascade of increasingly bad side effects. As if on a seesaw, the lack of air causes the oxygen levels in the blood to plummet and the blood pressure to jump. The lips and skin start to turn blue. Air may not come into the lungs for up to a minute. And for some patients, the heart stops beating for almost 10 seconds at a time.

Eventually, the brain gets the urgent message that the body is choking. The brain jolts awake, and the body instinctively gasps for air. Yet as soon as the airway is clear, the brain immediately falls back to sleep. That’s when the cycle starts again. It is all so quick that it can happen more than 20 times an hour, all night long, without the sleeper remembering it the next day. Someone lying next to him or her, however, can hear this process at work: When the rhythmic sawing of a snorer’s breath pauses and then becomes a hard ghhack-ghhack-ghhack, it’s most likely the body frantically clearing its airway.

Sleep apnea was discovered when a group of American physicians noticed that some obese patients complained of overwhelming fatigue and would drift asleep unintentionally. With a literary flourish, they named the condition Pickwickian syndrome after a character who falls asleep standing up in Charles Dickens’s first novel, The Pickwick Papers. Doctors incorrectly attributed the sleepiness to a combination of excess weight and abnormally high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. It was only later that science understood sleep apnea to be a common breathing disorder caused by the position of the tongue and tissues of the throat. It was then given the name apnea, from the Greek word for breathless.

Sleep apnea was on the frontier of sleep medicine in the late 1970s. Sullivan had recently returned from a fellowship in Toronto, where he spent three years studying the breathing patterns of dogs while they slept. English bulldogs, pugs, and other breeds with pushed-in faces are the only animals besides humans that experience sleep apnea. The years spent working with dogs gave Sullivan an idea. Once back in Sydney, he devised a mask that fit over a dog’s snout. The mask continuously pumped in air from the surrounding room, increasing the air pressure in the throat and preventing it from closing up. Experiments with dogs suggested that the steady flow of air dramatically improved sleep. All Sullivan needed was a human to try it out on.

In June of 1980, he found one. A man walked into the hospital with such a severe case of sleep apnea that Sullivan recommended an immediate tracheotomy. This procedure, which consisted of making a hole in the throat to allow a person to breathe without using the nose or mouth, was one of the few approved treatments for sleep apnea at the time. It required a permanent, quarter-size opening in the neck, however, and was quite painful.

The patient refused the tracheotomy. But he was happy to volunteer as a test patient for Sullivan’s air-pressure machine. Sullivan built a test model that afternoon. He grabbed the engine out of a vacuum cleaner and attached it to a handful of plastic tubes. He then took a diving mask and coated the edges with a silicone sealant that prevented air from leaking out of it. Soon, he had a system that allowed him to pump air through the mask at a controlled pressure. Sullivan found an empty room in the hospital and set up equipment to monitor the patient’s breathing and brain waves, which would tell him what stage of sleep the man was in. The patient was hooked up to the monitors, put on the mask, and fell asleep almost instantly.

He began experiencing sleep apnea within a few minutes. Sullivan then slowly started to increase the pressure in the air flowing through the mask and into the patient’s airway. Suddenly, the apnea stopped. The patient began breathing normally. As Sullivan watched in amazement, the patient instantly went into deep REM sleep—a rare phenomenon suggesting that his brain had been starved of restorative sleep. Sullivan then slowly decreased the pressure of the air flowing through the mask. The apnea returned. Sullivan rapidly went through several cycles of increasing and decreasing the pressure. He found that with the machine’s controls alone, he could effectively turn the patient’s sleep apnea on and off.

The machine worked. The next question was whether its benefits would last all night. Sullivan left the settings on the machine at a level where the patient was free of sleep apnea. Then he waited. For about seven straight hours, the patient was in abnormally intense, deep sleep. When he woke up the next day, he told Sullivan that he felt awake and alert for the first time in years.

A study in 1994 found that about 10 percent of women and 25 percent of men have difficulties breathing in their sleep. These numbers climb as a person gets older, so that as many as 1 out of 3 elderly men have at least a mild case of sleep apnea. All told, about 20 million Americans have the disorder.

Its cause could simply be the trade-off that the human body makes for having the ability to speak in a complex language. A short tour of fossils illustrates this point. If you were to look at a Neanderthal’s mouth, you might think that its descendants would have been the ones to survive over the long run, considering their jawbones were larger and stronger than our own. Plus, with extra room in their mouths, Neanderthals never experienced the pain of impacted wisdom teeth. Homo sapiens differed from Neanderthals by developing a flatter face, a smaller jawbone, and a tongue that descends deeper into the throat than in any other mammal. With this new hardware, humans were able to move beyond making simple grunts. Those first, complicated sounds uttered by Homo sapiens soon developed into language.

But the positioning of the tongue in the Homo sapiens mouth complicates the acts of eating, drinking, and breathing. Food could literally go down the wrong pipe, a biological problem unique to modern humans. Darwin noted “the strange fact that every particle of food and drink we swallow has to pass over the orifice of the trachea with some risk of falling into the lungs.” The longer tissues of the soft palate at the back of the throat made it possible for the airway to become blocked after a routine exhalation, which could start the cycle of sleep apnea. In the mid-1990s, researchers in Japan found that slight changes in the size and position of the pharynx at the back of the throat drastically increased the likelihood that someone would develop a breathing disorder during sleep. The shape of a person’s neck and jaw can also be a factor. A large neck, tongue, or tonsils, or a narrow airway often signal that a person will develop sleep apnea because of the increased chance that breathing will become blocked during the night.

And yet the physicians who first recognized sleep apnea were half right when they assumed that the disorder was a side effect of obesity. Sleep apnea is a flaw that is part of the blueprint of the human body, and excess fat often teases it out. The chances of developing sleep apnea go up with weight because the tissues in the throat become enlarged, making it more likely that they will obstruct the airway during sleep. For some patients, losing weight alone can solve the problem. Other changes in behavior—like drinking less alcohol, cutting back on smoking, sleeping on one’s side instead of on the back, or doing exercises or playing musical instruments that build up the muscles in the throat—can also help.

Breathing masks like those manufactured by ResMed, the company Sullivan co-founded in 1989 after developing simpler prototypes of his machine, are the most common medical treatment for sleep apnea, but they aren’t for everyone. Some patients never get used to the awkward sensation of sleeping with a mask on their face or never become comfortable with breathing in the cold air that is continuously pumped into their mouth throughout the night. In the long term, patients with mild sleep apnea wear the masks between 40 and 80 percent of the time, according to various studies. There is also a social stigma that complicates treatment. Some patients with sleep apnea decide not to use a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine because they are worried that it will make them less attractive to the person they are sharing a bed with. In an online support group for patients with sleep apnea, a man wrote that he was “feeling like I am going to be Darth Vader if I have to wear one.” A woman wrote that her husband “fought it, cried, said he is defective, said he would prefer to put a gun to his head then wear one of those things.” Another wrote that “I’ve yelled that I feel like a freak to my husband way too many times this fall.”

Dental devices are typically the next choice. These aren’t as effective as CPAP machines for severe sleep apnea, but they may be easier for some patients to use, especially those who have to travel frequently. One of the most popular looks like a sports mouthguard. It forces the lower jaw forward and slightly down to keep the airway open. Another device holds the tongue in place to prevent it from getting in the way. Surgery is the last option. One procedure, called an uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, consists of removing excess soft tissue from the back of the throat. Its long-term success rate is only about 50 percent, and it can lead to side effects such as difficulties swallowing, an impaired sense of smell, and infection. It is also extremely painful. Few medications have been shown to help sleep apnea and may in fact make the problem worse. Sleeping pills and tranquilizers, for instance, can make the soft tissues in the throat sag and obstruct the airway more than they would otherwise.

In 2000, four separate studies found conclusive evidence that sleep apnea was associated with increased rates of hypertension. Left untreated, patients with sleep apnea are at a greater risk of developing kidney disease or vision problems, or having a heart attack or stroke. Those studies helped convince government insurance programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the British National Health Service to pay for a portion of the cost of each ResMed device, which can be several-thousand dollars if a patient were to buy it out of pocket. Sleep labs across the country now conduct overnight tests in which patients who are suspected to have sleep apnea are hooked up to equipment that monitors their hearts, breathing patterns, and brain activity, as well as the number of times they wake up throughout the night and how often they move their limbs.

As scientists began to understand sleep apnea in more depth, they started to see it as the foundation for serious illnesses affecting the mind. In one study, researchers at UCLA conducted brain scans of patients with long histories of sleep apnea and compared them with the scans of control subjects who had normal sleep patterns. The investigations focused their inquiry on the mammillary bodies, two structures on the underside of the brain so named because they resemble small breasts. Mammillary bodies are thought to be an important part of the memory and have long been associated with cases of amnesia. This memory center of the brain was 20 percent smaller in patients with sleep apnea. Had a doctor looked at a patient’s brain scan alone, it would have suggested severe cognitive impairment: A similar shrinkage in the size of the mammillary bodies is found in patients with Alzheimer’s disease or those who experienced memory loss as a result of alcoholism. It was the first indication that sleep apnea leaves a permanent scar beyond the daily difficulties of focus and attention that come with sleepiness.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association supported this conclusion. Kristine Yaffe, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California-San Francisco, led a study that recruited nearly 300 elderly women who were mentally and physically fit. The average age of the subjects in the study was 82. Each woman spent a night in a sleep lab, and Yaffe found that about 1 in every 3 met the standard for sleep apnea. Yaffe re-examined each woman five years later. The effects of age on the mind seemed to depend on the quality of sleep. Nearly half of the women with sleep apnea showed signs of mild cognitive impairment or dementia, compared with only a third of the women who slept normally. After controlling for factors such as age, race, and the use of medicines, Yaffe found that the women with sleep apnea were 85 percent more likely to show the first signs of memory loss. The frequent interruptions in sleep and the reduced oxygen in the brain may reduce the brain’s ability to form and protect long-term memories.

Sleep apnea and weight are not problems limited to the United States, a fact that hasn’t been lost on companies like ResMed. The spread of Western fast-food companies like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut to emerging countries such as China and India may be the greatest growth engine for ResMed. Simply put, more fat in the bodies of the world’s population equals a larger number of sleep apnea cases, creating a larger customer base for ResMed’s products. “Genetically you’re still engineered for a low-calorie, low-fat diet,” Kieran Gallahue, CEO of ResMed at the time I visited the company’s headquarters in 2010, told me. “That’s what your body has been optimized for over centuries. Boom, you introduce burgers, and your body is not going to handle it. One of the outcomes is going to be a skyrocketing in the prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing.”


And that’s our show for tonight, tune in next time as something else happens in the world and I have to be a dick about it, Goodnight Everybody.

Would the real Mitt Romney please stop masturbating

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Click the picture for a nice video.

If you’re confused about the title click on the picture; You’ll see what I mean. Now let’s get our weekend head out of the gutter of the last woman’s crotch you licked. I’m obviously fucking with you when it comes down to it. So what’s special about this Monday? It’s the week after Spring Break so it’s time to get back to school. <heavy sigh> Well, back to material desires and stupid shit at school. So why are we posting Romney BS today you ask? Well….read on, you’ll see.

Santorum: Romney ‘worst Republican’ to run against Obama

Posted by

Franksville, Wisconsin (CNN) – Rick Santorum on Sunday said Mitt Romney’s ties to universal health care would make him the “worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama” in the general election.

Despite calls from his party to focus on Obama, Santorum has intensified his critique of Romney in recent days.

Last week, he was widely criticized for suggesting there are so few differences between his presidential rival and the democratic president that “we may as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk” with Romney.

As he campaigned in Wisconsin over the weekend, the former Pennsylvania senator continued to cast aspersions on Romney’s ability to defeat an incumbent president if he were to become the Republican nominee.

According to Santorum, the biggest risk with Romney is the Massachusetts health care reform law, implemented when he was governor and which became the “blueprint” for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare – the mandate that every American buy health insurance.

“Seventy-five percent of Americans disagree with Obamacare’s mandate. Why would the Republican Party nominate someone who agrees with that mandate, on the most important issue of the election? That’s why it’s become so important because it’s the establishment types who don’t mind Obamacare,” Santorum told a crowd at a bowling alley in Fond du Lac on Sunday. “They’re okay with someone who will be just a little different from Obama. Bottom line is, we’re not going to win with someone who is just a little different.”

Later, at a rally held at South Hills Country Club south of Milwaukee, Santorum assailed his Republican opponent, even though he endorsed Romney during the latter’s presidential run in 2008.

“Why would we put someone up who is uniquely – pick any other Republican in the country – he is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama. Why would Wisconsin want to vote for someone like that?”

Santorum delivered those sharp words in a passionate but measured tone in which he delivers most of his stump speeches.

But a spokesman for Romney, who was watching from the back of the room, characterized the delivery differently.

On Twitter, Ryan Williams described it as an “epic temper tantrum” and called the former senator a “desperate, angry, flailing candidate going off the rails.”

In an e-mail statement, Williams added, “He realizes conservatives are rallying around Mitt Romney as his path to the nomination evaporates. And now he is in full panic mode. His behavior is sad to watch.”

Santorum did however lose his cool later when a reporter approached him along the rope line after his speech.

Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times was on the receiving end of Santorum’s testy response. Immediately after the exchange Zeleny recounted what happened to CNN.

“I said, ‘Do you think that Mitt Romney is really the worst Republican in the country to run against Obama?’ – which is what he said. And he said, ‘I didn’t say that. You guys are distorting what I’m saying,’” said Zeleny.

Then, Zeleny said, Santorum asked him to “quit distorting my words. It’s bulls-.”

“You don’t care about the truth at all do you? You really don’t. Asking that question tells me you don’t care at all about the truth,” Santorum added.

The White House hopeful may have accused the reporter of distorting his words, but hours later his campaign released a long statement relishing in Santorum’s labeling of Romney, claiming he went on the “offensive” in Franksville and “exposed exactly how Mitt Romney is uniquely disqualified to contrast President Obama on the most important issue of the day, healthcare.”

The statement also said, “In fact, Rick Santorum spoke plainly and clearly that of all the Republicans in the field, Mitt Romney is the worst possible candidate to take on Barack Obama, because Mitt Romney authored the blueprint for Obamacare and the issue of healthcare would be off the table.”


I’m sorry but Santorum’s campaign ad is like this: “Hi, I’m Rick Santorum, and I love men and I’m proud of it.” Santorum’s words mean jack-shit compared to what something like Romney is saying. I’m not saying Romney > Perry but Romney isn’t a racist and to my knowledge, Romney isn’t gay either; So butt-hurt on Santorum’s end is his problem. Anyway, since it is still a Monday post, let’s get over to Sankaku and sum up another post.


So here’s something for you animefags out there. A Little Busters anime release…I know, I know, this wasn’t my idea, don’t shoot me for me, please.



Little Busters Anime Announced – “Finally!”

Author: Artefact





Long-suffering Little Busters! fans are rejoicing with the news that the game is apparently finally due its long-awaited TV anime adaptation.

The announcement itself comes from an advert in a Dengeki web radio broadcast, and so whilst having good provenance has very little in the way of details; further information is expected in April.

Little Busters!, aside from being a very popular eroge/visual novel, has long been notorious simply due to the fact it has not yet been turned into an anime (the first game dates from 2007), something which has long aggrieved its fans.

Fans themselves appear to be delighted, with some predicting Clannad-level success should the adaptation fall into the hands of Kyoto Animation again.

So ya, enjoy. Next up, HOLLYWOOD SANDWICH!

Ga. restaurant comes under fire after joking that Chris Brown, Rihanna inspired new ‘black and bleu’ sandwich: report


A Georgia steakhouse is getting grilled by local residents for promoting a new “black and bleu” sandwich it said was inspired by singer Chris Brown‘s vicious assault on former girlfriend Rihanna.

Someone from the Chops & Hops restaurant in Watkinsville posted a photo Friday of the blue cheese-smothered steak sandwich on Facebook, along with a caption that said, “@chrisbrown, @rihanna and us teamed up for a (sic) award winning celebrity sandwich. Put your hands on this caribbean black and bleu sandwich.”

“Chris Brown won’t beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and ends with A,” the post said.

The restaurant’s post was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Saturday.

Locals quickly pounced on the promotion, saying the chophouse showed bad taste in joking about Brown’s 2009 Grammy evening attack.

“Never, never will we cross the threshhold of your restaurant,” one woman wrote. “You’ve really blown it with this ad. Domestic violence is not a joking matter and never should be made to appear so. Mark us down as 2 lost customers.”

“What a thoughtless thing to write,” another poster wrote. “Think about all of the battered women trapped in abusive relationships.”

The restaurant, which is located some 10 miles south of Athens and has a history of naming menu items for celebs, quickly apologized and yanked the sandwich from its menu.

“The owners of C&H would like to make sure everyone knows that we and our staff DO NOT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE,” the restaurant said in a statement on Facebook. “Many of us have been affected by domestic violence in some manner and realize that this is no joke.”

The managers also said it would donate six times the amount of money it made on sales of the burger to Project Safe Team 6, a non-profit that fights domestic violence.

Several customers on the eatery’s Facebook page said it was the right move.

“Honestly the sandwich looks good and ‘Black and Blue’ is a great name for it,’ one woman wrote on Saturday. “However if you plan on bringing it back I might suggest you name it after an MMA fighter, or hockey player… anything except a woman who was beaten.”


Oh, America, you so silly. Faith: Restored to Max.

Is this a video of Bigfoot in Idaho earlier this year?



The folks who took this footage say they saw something they thought was just a person walking through trees, but the more they looked, the less human it seemed. That’s when they whipped out the camera and grabbed some footage. Could it be Bigfoot? Or, as one discerning reader on Cryptomundo asked, “Could it be just about anything else?”


Bigfoot? Nope.avi.

Jose Hernandez’s ‘Astronaut’ Title Challenged By Lawyers In California House Race


A Sacramento law firm has filed a lawsuit challenging Democratic congressional candidate Jose Hernandez’s use of the title “astronaut” on the ballot for his House race.

Hernandez, who is challenging freshman Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) to represent California’s newly-drawn 10th district, is listed as an “astronaut/scientist/engineer” on the June primary ballot. He traveled as a crew member on the Discovery space shuttle in 2009 before leaving NASA in 2011.

The Fresno Bee reported that the law firm Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk filed the suit on Wednesday, asking a judge in the Sacramento County Superior Court to block Hernandez from using the astronaut title on the ballot on the grounds that “astronaut is not a title one carries for life.”

Although Denham’s campaign is not affiliated with the suit, the case is undeniably tied to the California GOP. Two of the firm’s lawyers named on the suit are Charles Bell Jr., who served as general counsel to the state’s Republican party, and Brian Hildreth, who worked for former Gov. Pete Wilson (R), according to the Bee. The firm has also previously done work for Denham’s campaign committee, the paper reported.

Hernandez criticized the suit on Friday, stating that it was a distraction from the campaign’s more pressing issues.

“The challenges our country is facing are far too important to waste any more time on petty partisan political games,” he said.

The son of Mexican immigrants, Hernandez has made an impression on progressive Democrats for his strong support of the DREAM Act and advocacy for middle class families. His work with NASA is a central narrative in his campaign.

“I went from plowshares to the stars,” Hernandez said in October upon announcing his campaign.

Independent Chad Condit, son of former Rep. Gary Condit (D-Calif.), has also announced plans to challenge Denham in the new district.


And our last story.

Harris-Perry: For black men’s safety, dress like Urkel or Skip Gates

By Andrew Jones

Not pleased over Geraldo Rivera citing Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie as a reason for his death, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry sarcastically came up with her own clothes restrictions for the safety of minority kids and young adults.

The Tulane professor suggested that attire resembling beloved TV sitcom character Steve Urkel was the best way to prevent any problems. With her snark apparent, Harris-Perry mentioned a certain black Harvard professor, who despite his clean cut attire and esteemed platform, was arrested in his own home.

“Hoodies are an absolute no, they are not acceptable on the MHP dress code for black safety,” she said. “So listen up young men: No red or blue, no sagging pants and certainly no hoodies. If you want to play it safe, dress like, you know, Skip Gates.”

Rivera received much criticism from his comments, including his son Gabriel declaring he was “ashamed” of his father’s reaction to Martin’s death.



Well, g’nite everybody, I’ll see you guys all next time; This is Grass signing out.

What do stress and politicians have in common? Eggs

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Wednesday marks the day of my radio program tonight at 8 PM PST, but it also means that it’s the middle of the week, but that’s not the news  I wanted to discuss. The biggest news is that I will have hit over 1000 views by the end of the day and this isn’t even my 100th post. *applause*

Anyway,  before we begin today’s session, I want to run this by you guys. Nintendo has someone scheming in their ranks cause until recently Nintendo had nothing to output now suddenly we’re getting games like Mario 3D Land, Return to Dreamland and Skyward Sword. 😐 I hate schemers, they’re always up to no good. 10 months Nintendo has had to produce something. I was told that MKDS, a 2005 game, sold 10 million copies this year alone, and the biggest thing the 3DS could do was give us Luigi’s F-ed up mansion. This means that following said logic, Nintendo is only able to profit from old stale franchises from several years ago and nothing current. 10 million copies this year for Mario Kart DS which was made by Nintendo FIVE years ago. Nintendo is the new Sega, profiting off whatever ounce of respect they used to have, proof is in the air folks. Mario has become the new Sonic, old but lovable, PS3 has given me new reason to love the franchise with Uncharted 3. We have spent for the past 10 years in gaming from 1990s to 2000s and the best we could do is 3D? Sony doesn’t do 3D, it can but it doesn’t have to.

First off, let me give you something to fill your stockings.

3 games worth buying this holiday season for your friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

Number 1

Skyward Sword

Number 2

Super Mario 3D Land

Number 3

Return to Dreamland

Alternatively you can also choose DKC Returns and Colors if you want.

Now that your holiday shopping list choices for Nintendo are done and over with, I suggest you buy your brother or sister Uncharted 3 and have them play the  game; If you’re a cool sibling you will also get them the Uncharted 1 and 2 pack. Now let’s put this aside and look at today’s news.

First off is Hanamura doing…Reimu? O_o She does a better Marisa to be honest.

Hanamura Misaki Hakurei Reimu Cosplay

Author: Leon

A LenfriedMisakiTouhou duo may still only be the staff of fantasy, but Misaki can at least manage a sexy Reimu cosplay of her own, albeit with rather less missing apparel.

Huge gallery is huge, most of it is worksafe, I guess, so enjoy.

Next up is the top 25 animes from 2000 to 2005.

Top 25 Classic Anime of 2000-2005

Author: Artefact

Anime fans with what pass for exceptionally long memories amongst otaku and their ilk supply a very passable ranking of the best anime of the early 2000s – providing a rare glimpse into the brief pre-moe era between the end of the nineties and the advent of Haruhi.

The ranking:

1. Gundam Seed

2. Full Metal Alchemist

3. Scryed

4. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

5. Full Metal Panic

6. Eureka Seven

7. Aria the Animation

8. Kaleidostar

9. Rozen Maiden

10. Ghost in the Shell

11. Air

12. Planetes

13. Genesis of Aquarion

14. Fruits Basket

15. Elfen Lied

16. Shaman King

17. The Twelve Kingdoms

18. Jigoku Shoujo

19. Mushishi

20. Fafner in the Azure

21. Genshiken

22. RahXephon

23. Zatch Bell!!

24. Kamichu!

25. Hare+Guu / Last Exile

I noticed Zatch Bell and Fruits Basket, 2 series I didn’t watch much of till much later. Good times, very good times. It was around that time I got into Chobits.

Anyway the next story comes from China. Apparently a train was barreling down the tracks 195 km/hr (121 mi/h) while  the driver was asleep.

Brave Train Driver Proves China’s Trains “Best in the World”

Author: Artefact

China’s high speed rail network is the best in the world, with trains capable of safely driving themselves – or so it is hoped, after one shocked Chinese passenger discovered the driver was asleep at the wheel, whilst the train hurtled through the night at 195kph.

The train was en route to Fujian province when a 25-year-old female passenger noticed the driver had left the door to his cabin open as his air conditioning was broken.

To her horror she realised he was sound asleep, and so she naturally took photos of him and uploaded them to a Chinese not-Twitter service.

Coming only a few months after 240 people were killed in a high speed rail accident the government literally attempted to bury, an uproar soon ensued – although not without some wag observing that “this brave driver has proven beyond doubt that China’s high speed rail technology is the best in the world!”

Puts a new spin on the saying ‘asleep on the job’.

One more figure post for today.

Planet of The Cats Shiroi Neko Micro-Bikini Ero-Figure

Author: Leon

Coming straight from Neko no Wakusei / Planet of the Cats, “Shiroi Neko” appears in a nice skimpy dress, which happily can be removed for an even nicer view at her tight little bikini and more.

Set to be released in March 2012, by Embrace Japan.

Once again March 2012 is the time to be. It’s my birth month, maybe one of  you guys will be kind enough to order a random figure for me. [laughs.gif] I doubt it, but it’d be nice.

Before I move onto discuss today’s headlines, let me drop this (nsfw) off. This image has apparently made it to Sankaku’s minibox 2 days in row now. Let’s move on, shall we?

Life Hacker has some tips on dealing with stress as voted by the public.


The Best Ways to Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay

By Melanie Pinola

It’s National Stress Out Week, which, contrary to what the name implies, means it’s time to try to combat poisonous stress. In honor of the occasion, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to tackle stress of all kinds.

  1. First, understand what stress actually does to you and identify whether you have acute stress (temporary and immediate) or chronic (constant) stress. For acute stress, deep breathing can help calm your mind. Chronic stress requires more practice in stopping the stress reflex as soon as it starts.
  2. Meditation has been proven to relieve chronic pain and stress, actually helping people control their brains’ alpha waves better. And it’s not hard to get started with meditation.
  3. Another reason to exercise regularly: doing so actually prepares our bodies to deal with stress, making us more stress-resistant. Because of its emphasis on breathing and being in the “now,” yoga is one of the best practices for alleviating stress.
  4. Got a crazy person causing your stress (like your boss, perhaps)? Put as many people between you and crazy as possible, and disengage.
  5. Developing a personal renewal program that includes exercise, spending time with your friends, and/or enjoying hobbies may protect you from a toxic work environment. You’ll need to find time for your personal life to do this.
  6. If money problems are at the root of your stress, try donating to charity to relieve your anxiety.
  7. Scheduling your worry time is another unusual, but possibly effective strategy.

We’ve discussed before how you relax and compose yourself on the job, but we’re all ears again for your input on how you handle stress.

Next up is a story about Syrian protestors throwing eggs.


Syrian Protesters Pelt Opposition with Eggs

VOA News

Syrian protesters throw eggs toward Abdul-Aziz al-Khair, a member of the Syrian National Coordination Committee, center, and other opposition leaders as they try to enter the Arab League headquarters where they were to hold talks with the organization's c

Demonstrators confronted a Syrian opposition delegation outside Arab League headquarters in Cairo on Wednesday. Some protesters called the opposition  figures “traitors” and pelted them with eggs.

Reporters say the protesters were apparently concerned the opposition figures would agree to a dialogue with Syrian authorities.

The confrontation forced the four-member delegation to postpone its meeting with league officials until later in the day. They were to discuss Syria’s continuing crackdown on anti-government dissent.

The Arab League plans to hold an emergency session on Saturday to discuss the apparent breakdown of an agreement under which Syrian authorities would halt violence against anti-government demonstrators.

Activists say more than 110 people have been killed in the week since Syria announced it had agreed to the plan.

Syrian opposition activists say security forces killed six more people on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, the U.N. human rights office said at least 3,500 people have been killed during the Syrian government’s eight-month crackdown on dissent.

There’s egg on yo’ face gov’nah. This aught to be jolly good time to remembah, eh? Silly British accent aside, I always found  it funny that Syria is so SYRIUS. Ok, I’ll stop cracking corny ass jokes now.

So, the other day, Iran said they wanted ‘Peaceful Negotiations’. The U.N.’s like, nah fuck that, we’re in your base lookin’ at your nukes.


Iran says it wants ‘respectful’ negotiations


Foreign Ministry spokesperson says Iran prepared to negotiate; Ahmadinejad says he won’t retreat “a needle’s width.”

Iran remains ready to engage in negotiations with world powers concerned about its nuclear program, its Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

“We have always announced that we are ready for positive and useful negotiations but, as we have mentioned repeatedly, the condition for those talks to be successful is that we enter those negotiations in a stance of equality and respect for nations’ rights,” Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying by the website of Iran’s Arabic language al-Alam television.

Mehmanparast said the resumption of talks – which, if successful could lead to an easing of sanctions on Iran – depended on the actions of the other countries

“We will observe all the behavior and moves of the 5+1 completely and we will make our final decision by studying the situation and their moves,” he said.

“If we feel the situation is ready for constructive talks with cooperation then we will announce our response.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday declared that Tehran will not pull back “even a needle’s width” from its nuclear path, even after an incriminating UN report on its nuclear program.

Decrying the UN nuclear watchdog’s report, which was released Tuesday night, Ahmadinejad said it damaged the International Atomic Energy Agency’s dignity and was based on “invalid” US claims.

“You should know that this nation will not pull back even a needle’s width from the path it is on,” he said in a speech carried live on Iranian state television. “Why do you damage the agency’s dignity because of America’s invalid claims?” he asked.

Ahmadinejad’s comments echoed those of Iran’s IAEA envoy on Tuesday, who spoke shortly after the report’s release.

“The IAEA report is unbalanced, unprofessional and politically motivated,” said Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s envoy to the IAEA.

The Iranian ambassador said the IAEA report “did not contain any new issue.”

“Despite Iran’s readiness for negotiations, the IAEA published the report … which will harm its reputation,” Soltanieh said.

On Wednesday, hours before the report was released, Ahmadinejad criticized IAEA chair Yukiyo Amano, calling him a pawn for US interests.

Ahmadinejad said that IAEA was a tool for a few countries bent on world domination, and stated that Iran would continue to pursue nuclear development despite international pressure.

“They have empowered a person in the IAEA that has no authority and violates the agency’s rules by repeating the words of the US,” the Iranian president said according to Iranian semi-official FARS News Agency.

Ahamdinejad made the comments just as the IAEA was expected to release a report detailing intelligence about Tehran’s nuclear capabilities.

The Iranian president also lashed out at the United States, saying Iran does not need an atomic bomb to “cut off [the] US’s hands,” official Iranian PressTV reported.

Noting that the United States possesses over 5,000 nuclear warheads,  Ahmadinejad accused Washington of arrogance in its campaign against Tehran.

The US, he said, has allocated “$81 billion to upgrade its atomic bombs, while the entire annual budget of Iran’s nuclear research is merely $250 million,” according to the report.

The UN nuclear watchdog report is expected to show recent activity in Iran that could help in developing nuclear warheads, including computer models of such weapons.

Next up, how to be a Sara Palin Republican. We turn to Jon Huntsman.

NBC’s David Gregory To Jon Huntsman: ‘Are You A Sarah Palin Republican?’

Jon Huntsman has been on a quest to reach out to Republican voters who would prefer to see a moderate candidate run against President Obama as opposed to an ideologically pure one with little chance of winning a general election, but he was put on the hot seat about this very issue on Meet the Press today, when David Gregory brought up Huntsman’s glowing speech about 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention three years ago.

In the speech, Huntsman declared to the audience, “We are looking for Sarah!” and praised her for having an “independent spirit.” Gregory took the opportunity to ask Huntsman if he was a “Sarah Palin Republican.” Huntsman then began a series of careful explanations as to why he gave such words of praise to a candidate who many would consider part of the Republican extreme Huntsman is now so viciously decrying.

“I was asked to introduce her and nominate her because I think I was about the only person who actually knew her after John McCain had picked her as a running mate. I was chair of the Western Governor’s Association, I’d worked to a limited extent with Sarah Palin, so when you’re looking for somebody who can actually go up and nominate her, I was asked to do it and I did as told.”

Gregory asked if this meant Huntsman didn’t actually believe the United States was ready for Palin at the time, and Huntsman further explained that he felt indebted to McCain, a “good friend,” and did in fact believe Palin could have made a suitable vice president. Gregory pressed further, asking if Huntsman shared some of her views, and Huntsman admitted he’s not quite sure how much he has in common politically with Palin, but said he would assume they were in line with “principles of conservative governance.”

RELATED: Jon Huntsman Hits Sarah Palin For Stringing People Along: ‘Too Much Drama’

Gregory took one brief moment to show Huntsman a recent article from The Onion claiming that Huntsman is “quietly relieved” to be polling poorly among GOP voters. The satirical publication “quotes” Huntsman as saying, “These people scare the bejeezus out of me.” Gregory asked Huntsman if there was any truth to the Onion‘s satirical tone. Huntsman explained that just because he sounds like a moderate, having a moderate tone does not necessarily beget a moderate record.

I have no idea why the bolded those words; It makes no sense what so ever to bold arbitrary words.

Our last story tonight is Hermain ‘Sugah’ Cain.


Cain accuser filed complaint in another job

By Catalina Camia

One of the women who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment filed a workplace complaint against another employer and dropped it, calling the matter “relatively minor.”

The Associated Press reports Karen Kraushaar complained to the Immigration and Naturalization Service that she should be allowed to work from home after a car accident. A former supervisor, who was not named, told AP that Kraushaar accused a manager of circulating what the wire service described as a “sexually charged e-mail.”

STORY: Cain denies harassment

By Nick Oza, The Arizona Republic

The INS incidents occurred three years after Kraushaar complained about Cain’s treatment while they worked at the National Restaurant Association, the AP says. She told the AP she considered the INS complaint “relatively minor” and dropped the matter.”I filed a little complaint,” Kraushaar told CNN Tuesday night. “I am not a troublemaker at all.”

Kraushaar’s attorney, Joel Bennett, told USA TODAY that his client’s proposed joint news conference with other Cain accusers is coming together, but the date and place haven’t been scheduled. Two to five women could participate, he said.

Gloria Allred said she would recommend that her client, Sharon Bialek, take part.

Cain has denied he sexually harassed anyone, charging that the accusations are coming to derail his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. He said Tuesday that “there will probably be others” who come forward because “the Democrat machine” is trying to take him down.

We all know Herman Cain is being targeted because of Racist America, what we don’t know is why Jon Stewart hasn’t made a joke about this yet.

That’s our show for tonight. Be sure to tune in tonight at 8 PM PST for our show on blog talk radio. Goodnight everybody.



  Iran remains ready to engage in negotiations with world powers concerned about its nuclear program, its Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

“We have always announced that we are ready for positive and useful negotiations but, as we have mentioned repeatedly, the condition for those talks to be successful is that we enter those negotiations in a stance of equality and respect for nations’ rights,” Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying by the website of Iran’s Arabic language al-Alam television.

Pony Plugs and Japanese Robots Both Need Outlets


Today’s music is brought to you by DJ Pon-3 who apparently now has youtube account.

So I decided to youtube search some DJ-Pon3 and I found out someone made a Vinyl Scratch account, but what I found was interesting was that there was shirts which can be purchased here. What I love about that shop is that it’s not pure black shirts that burn your chest while you’re outside. There’s quite the selection of colors even if the designs are  somewhat limited; For 20 bucks, I’m willing to pay for some white shirts.

Anyway, ponies aside it’s time to see what Japan’s been up to.
First off, Madoka-fags can rejoice cause shit just got real and 3 flicks have been announced.

3 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies Announced

Author: Artefact

Top magical puella anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica is apparently to receive a brand new movie edition, much to the delight of fans and, doubtless, QB.

The sole basis for the announcement is a leaked image of what is purported to be the cover of the December edition of Newtype. The general consensus is that it appears to be genuine.

Details are as yet lacking, but utterly groundless speculation as to its content ranges from it being a mere recap of the TV series to it being a tale of mahou shoujo from another age.

The online reaction has been quite enthusiastic – although not always in the conventional sense, as frightening amounts of effort have been expended in trying to prove the cover is a fake (if so, it is at least a very good one), that it was leaked by Aniplex (based largely on a piece of paper visible under the cover), and (most plausibly) that Shaft is likely to be in trouble producing both Madoka and Kizumonogatari movies at the same time.


As expected, the announcement is genuine

According to these reports, there will be three movies, 2 of which will rehash the TV series and with one being a completely new production.

Eh, I’ve never been a Madoka fan cause I’m not some pussy-ass, mahou-shoujo loving faggot like some people I know. Admit it, mahou-shoujo died out after Sailor Moon and CCS; All those who don’t believe this are obvious fags in denial.

Next up, Tony Taka‘s 2012 calender.

Tony Taka’s 2012 Calendar Rather Sexy

Author: Leon

2012 nears, and obligingly enough Tony is ready to help otaku to keep up to date come the new year – thanks to his 2012 calendar, featuring one of his classic sexy illustrations for each month.

I remember when I tried doing a calender for my brother; The art was terrible, but I tried my best. Shame the calender was later torn up. Oh well, enough reminiscing, the calender can be purchased on J-list for $28.00…Expensive shit.

Next up, Japan makes it’s first military robot, PETMAN.

ASIMO vs PETMAN: “Japanese Robots Are A Joke!”

Author: Artefact

Japanese are aghast at how pathetic their nation’s robotic poster-child ASIMO is compared to America’s new bipedal military prototype PETMAN.

For those not yet familiar with PETMAN, Boston Dynamics’ famed bipedal testbot, the video below shows how far science can progress if only a nation has the foresight to run the world’s largest weapons development program:

ASIMO vs PETMAN: “Japanese Robots Are A Joke!”

    • Author: Artefact
    • Categories: Japan, News
    • Date: Nov 8, 2011 18:49 JST



Japanese are aghast at how pathetic their nation’s robotic poster-child ASIMO is compared to America’s new bipedal military prototype PETMAN.

For those not yet familiar with PETMAN, Boston Dynamics’ famed bipedal testbot, the video below shows how far science can progress if only a nation has the foresight to run the world’s largest weapons development programme:

The video caused quite a stir the world over, and in Japan a variety of unfavourable comparisons to Honda’s apparently pointless eternal prototype android Asimo were made, although the fact most of the videos were 10 years old spared it too much criticism.

“This thing makes Asimo look like a toy.”

“Compare to Asimo. This is real bipedal locomotion. Over 5 times faster, capable of running. In ten years it will be complete. The country they send this machine into will be doomed.”

“It still has wires on it!”

“Those are just to prevent damage if it falls over in a test?”

“It can do push-ups! It’s hardening its body!”

“It is a lot less creepy than I thought it would be.”

“Asimo is just a bunch of programmed tricks for entertainment. The possibilities of something like this, based on actual reflexes, are so much greater.”

“Japan is only developing them for industrial or welfare use. This is clearly military. And their government is clearly pouring huge amounts of money into it, so it’s no surprise development proceeded so quickly.”

“I thought they stopped working on Asimo in 2007 in any case.”

“Machines built for war really exude bloodlust don’t they?”

“I’m a little sad that Japan has been so badly beaten in a field it is supposedly dominant.”

“Meanwhile, Japan is busily making fembots.”

“In 10 years these will be maidbots and osanajimibots. You’ve won!”

There is probably something to the realisation that human expenditure on sex dwarfs expenditure on military activity (and, indeed, just about everything else), and that most men could probably be persuaded to take out a mortgage several times that on their house in order to own a robotic sex slave.

However, with impeccably poor timing, Honda has decided to unveil a demo of the latest version of Asimo – perhaps in a futile effort to upstage PETMAN

The rest  are vids and I don’t want to fry anyone’s DSL (lolDSL) so you guys can check the article for the rest of the vids.

This is apparently the first publicised update in 4 years, so the timing is certainly suspicious.

In an effort to produce something useful, Honda has also been flaunting a boring robotic arm it says it developed for use cleaning up the nation’s stricken reactors (embarrassingly, Japan had no robots capable of such work and at one point ended up using American packbots).

However, given that Tepco has been able to freely and cheaply sub-sub-sub-contract the poor and destitute to work amidst the radioactive remains of the prefecture it ruined by the simple expedient of sacking them after a day’s rad exposure, it seems this may be a hard sell.

Unfortunately for Honda, few discussions of Asimo manage to get far without the embarrassing Asimo tumble video being trotted out.

Compare to the famous videos of Boston Dynamics’ military robo-packdog BigDog smugly prancing around in the mud and being mercilessly kicked, abuse it is hard to imagine Asimo surviving intact

Even Asimo’s latest iteration is proving embarrassing to the Japanese, supposedly the world-leaders in robotics:

“Maybe now it can manage a flight of stairs.”

“It’s good, but if they don’t actually work out a way of selling this they are going to be overtake.”

“Stop messing around and make a useful robot already!”

“It can probably play DDR, but without mobility and judgement it’s useless.”

“After the quake, the illusion that Japan is some kind of robot heaven was totally shattered.”

“What ever happened to Aibo?”

“It’s a waste of time if they can’t put this to military use. Just a hobby, not something a corporation should wasting its time on. They should hurry up and sell it to the Yanks whilst it’s still worth something.”

“I feel sorry for the person inside.”

“They’ve been blown away by Boston Dynamics so now they are trying to save face by loading it with junk features like sign language, aren’t they?”

“Are you PETMAN lovers trolling? The technology is on totally different levels, Asimo’s is 20 years old.”

“It would be perfect if they could actually load an AI onto it.”

“Hurry up with the sex robot.”

“These two robots have totally different development objectives.

People say Asimo is nothing like a human, but it’s actually really close. Its way of walking is said to be close to how a person walks when they are trying to avoid spilling an unsteady cup of water.

If you were serving a table, pushing a wagon or leading a child or old person by the hand, that’s how you’d need to make a robot walk.

PETMAN isn’t designed with that in mind at all at the moment. Its designed to make fast and forceful progress through the rough outdoors.

That’s why it’s meaningless to compare the two.”

“Honestly, I think Honda has got carried away with the romance of the thing.”

“So America makes military robots. Japan’s making them for… why? Communication? Nursing? To be friends? I’m not sure if this is more like Honda or Japan.”

“Its movements are quite intricate though. It’s impressive.”

“It’s getting worse and worse. It’s just repeating preprogrammed motions like some stupid Aibo.”

“Asimo is really depressing. You can see it is at its limits, whereas PETMAN is just getting started.”

“You wouldn’t send something like this to a war or disaster zone. But then, you wouldn’t use a bipedal design in those environments in the first place.”

“It is just an advertising billboard for Honda. Of course it’s useless.”

Huge article is huge. *Phew*

Seems Japan will be outputting Gundams soon, then Japan will take over the US and we’ll all party like it’s 1699. [devilhorns.jpg]

Well, let’s see how the rest of the world is holding up.

Latest accusations hurt Cain with Republicans: Reuters/Ipsos

WASHINGTON | Tue Nov 8, 2011 4:10pm EST

(Reuters) – Forty percent of Republicans view presidential candidate Herman Cain less favorably after watching a video in which a woman accuses him of groping her in a car, according to Reuters/Ipsos poll results released on Tuesday.

Thirty-nine percent said they believe that the assertions by Sharon Bialek, which Cain has flatly denied, are true.

Bialek said on Monday that Cain made a crude sexual advance toward her in 1997 when he headed the National Restaurant Association.

The findings are from an online survey of 462 Republican registered voters on November 7 and 8. Survey respondents were shown a video of Bialek making her allegations.

Cain, a former pizza company executive, has led many opinion polls in the race to become the Republican nominee to face President Barack Obama, a Democrat, in next year’s election.

So Herman “Pizza Boy” Cain has 39% of voters against him. Racist America doesn’t sleep, Racist America doesn’t eat, Racist America is the politiKal machine that is fueled by white Rednecks who don’t understand English. Racist America is no better than Putin and his fueled hatred for Americans. It’s always been in my book that Racist America is the Western Russia; has been and continues to be New Russia.

It’s been a while since I gave you some tech news so here’s some news about Firefox.

Firefox 8 released with integrated Twitter search, other improvements


Mozilla announced today the official release of Firefox 8, a new version of the popular open source Web browser. The modest update introduces a few new features and brings a number of minor improvements to the browser’s underlying HTML renderer.

The built-in search box in Firefox’s navigation toolbar has been extended to support Twitter searches. Users can now select Twitter from the drop-down list of available search engines. Mozilla partnered with Twitter earlier this year to release a special build of Firefox that ties into the social network. The search box integration from that custom build is now part of the official Firefox release.

Another noteworthy user-facing feature in Firefox 8 is stricter control over side-loaded add-ons. Mozilla is cracking down on third-party applications that install add-ons in Firefox without the user’s knowledge or permission. Such add-ons have caused serious problems for users in the past—like the notoriously buggy Skype toolbar which Mozilla had to remotely disable earlier this year when it caused 33,000 Firefox crashes in one week.

If Firefox 8 detects side-loaded add-ons when it starts, it will disable them by default and display a prompt asking the user if they want the add-on to be enabled. This will help protect users from invasive toolbars and other unwanted cruft.

In addition to these new browser features, Firefox 8 also has some improvements under the hood. The browser’s HTML rendering engine has gained support for cross-origin resource sharing, a feature that will allow a website to load WebGL textures from other sites. WebSockets also got a boost in this release with an updated implementation that conforms with the latest draft specifications.

Users can download Firefox 8 from Mozilla’s website. The new version will also be rolled out to users through the stable update channel.

Next up is…ugh, the middle east again? 😐 goddamnit.

Iran nuclear program raises ‘serious concerns,’ UN agency says

Los Angeles Times

REPORTING FROM WASHINGTON — The United Nations nuclear inspection agency has “serious concerns” about “possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program,” according to a report released Tuesday.

Citing a thousand pages of documents, satellite photos and intelligence information from 10 member states, the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran has taken steps to develop a nuclear bomb, despite Iran’s contention that its program is entirely for civilian purposes.

“Credible … information indicates that Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device,” the report says. “The information also indicates that prior to the end of 2003, these activities took place under a structured program, and that some activities may still be ongoing.”

The report says the activities included:

— Efforts, some successful, to procure nuclear-related and dual-use equipment and materials by military-related individuals and entities.

— Efforts to develop undeclared pathways for the production of nuclear material.

— The acquisition of nuclear weapons development information and documentation from a clandestine nuclear supply network.

— Work on the development of an indigenous design of a nuclear weapon, including the testing of components.

“This certainly gives more ammunition for those who are pushing for sanctions,” said a senior congressional aide who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.  “I think it’s going to make it more difficult for Russia and China to resist.  I hope it doesn’t prompt Israel to launch a military strike.”

Before the report was released, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that the Islamic republic did not need a nuclear bomb to confront the U.S.

“If America wants to confront the Iranian nation, it will certainly regret the Iranian nation’s response,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency. “They are saying that Iran is seeking the atomic bomb. But they should know … we do not need a bomb. … Rather we will act thoughtfully and with logic. History has shown that anyone acting against the Iranian nation regrets it.”

Iran Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said the U.S. and other Western nations have no proof that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

“There is no serious proof that Iran is going to create a nuclear warhead,” Salehi said during a visit to Armenia, according to AFP news agency. “The West and the United States are exerting pressure on Iran without serious arguments and proof. We have repeatedly stated that we are not going to create nuclear weapons.”

Well, that’s our show for today. What the hell, Iran? Stop making headline news, no one cares about you. We all know you’re an uneducated scumbag full of guns and stupid. Anyway, that’s our show for today, I will see you guys next time. Good night, everybody.

Weekend Quicky: Pony Fridays every other Friday

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Hey guys, weekend quickie post here. I’m not going to do Pony Friday every  friday because I’ve got enough anime pics to last me about a week’s worth of post, that being said. Don’t expect another Pony Friday till the Friday after next. Well, let’s get on with today’s news shall we?
I got 2 figurines for you and a showcase of Italy’s Lucca Comics andGames.

Let’s start with the con gallery post.

Lucca Comics & Games 2011 “Even Better Than The Japanese!”

Author: Artefact

Italy’s top anime event “Lucca Comics & Games 2011″ is said to have enjoyed 150,000 attendees, and the apparent majority of Japanese observers who think anime characters are mostly white and therefore better cosplayed by whites have been lavish in their praise, even if it is sometimes hard for them to tell the men from the women.

Others have variously praised the many cosplayers on display as “having great bodies for cosplay” and even for being “as creepy as the Japanese!”…

This one caught my eye.

Just interesting…Gen 4 Joy with Bulba, Umbre and Kadabra. For full gallery post, click the article title as usual.

Now for the Nenos…

Sumptuous Takamura Yui Figure

Author: Leon

Kotobukiya grants fans a sumptuous figure of Muv-Luv‘s Takamura Yui in wafuku malfunction mode, offering a better look at her more intimate parts and due in March 2012.

And a small one…from Strike Witches.

Busty Charlotte E. Yeager Nendoroid

Author: Leon

A busty Nendoroid of Charlotte E. Yeager will soon be released in January 2012, showing off her big  gun and even bigger breasts in chibified form courtesy of Good Smile Company.

Saturday seemed to mark the day when Cain and Nyuut “Gingerbread” Gingrich faced off….apparently it’s a big deal. [pinkiepieshrug.jpg]

Cain and Gingrich Face Off


THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich squared off Saturday night in an unusual, one-on-one debate that allowed the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination relatively long, uninterrupted blocks of time to explain their similar views on Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

What they did not discuss is the issue that has dented Mr. Cain’s front-runner status in recent days: allegations that he sexually harassed employees of a restaurant trade organization in the 1990s, when he was president of the group.


Associated PressRepublican presidential candidates Herman Cain, left, and Newt Gingrich, right, are introduced before the start of a debate held Saturdayin The Woodlands, Texas.

The issue was not raised during the formal program, which was sponsored by a Texas Tea Party group at a resort hotel outside Houston. Afterward Mr. Cain refused to answer questions about it from reporters.

“Don’t go there,” he told one reporter. “We are getting back on message, end of story.”

Mr. Gingrich, who has been rising in the polls recently. also declined to discuss the sexual harassment issue. “The only person I intend to be critical of is President Obama,” he said.

Which he did, at one point the former speaker likened President Obama to convicted Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff, claiming that the president had not been honest with the public about the state of the nation’s social security system.

During the debate — which was really more of a discussion — the candidates offered similar views about federal entitlement programs, each promoting plans to shrink the government’s role in retirement and health coverage for the poor and elderly, often drawing raucous applause from the crowd of several hundred tea partiers.

There were no tense exchanges or gotcha moments during the 90-minute program. Prompted on occasion to ask each other questions, the candidates instead opted for softballs that offered each contestant opportunities to brag.

Mr. Gingrich, a former college professor, generally showed a greater command of policy, offering more detailed and withering critiques of deficit growth under the Obama administration.

Mr. Cain stumbled on one occasion, when asked to detail how he would restructure Medicare. Mr. Cain paused, looked up in the air, before finally saying, “You go first, Newt.”

Larry Lord, a 57-year-old small business owner from Riverside, Calif. said he started off the night favoring Mr. Cain but said he Mr. Gingrich won him over with his debate performance.

“I felt like Cain had a deer in the headlight look a few times,” Mr. Lord said.

Many in the crowd described themselves as one-time supporters of Texas Governor Rick Perry who had defected from his candidacy because of what they felt were his poor performances during televised debates.

Mr. Cain ended the debate by asking Mr. Gingrich, “If you were vice president of the United States, what would you want the president to assign you to do first?”

Mr. Gingrich laughed loudly, responding that he had studied the vice presidency of Dick Cheney, who under President George W. Bush made headlines for shooting a fellow quail hunter while on a Texas ranch.

“I would not go hunting,” he said.

Lol, hunting, I c what you did there Senator Gingrich. *wink wink* I still find it funny that Herman Cain is a black Republican. This is blasphemy, how many black people have ever made it to the GOP and not been targeted for racism. It’s hilarious that the real enemies in this world are the media and not the politicians. I’m not saying all politicians are good, but the media definitely re-defines what is heard by American ears. I don’t want to say that the media machine is necessarily bad, they just aren’t as good as first party words but, as the 3rd party consumer of news, I believe it is in the inherent right of the people to hear what is happening from a legitimate source which is one of the biggest reasons I use Mike Drudge’s Drudge Report. It gets me my news from reliable sources on the web as opposed to listening to something like Matt Lauer babble on every weekday morning about how so-and-so did such a terrible thing because they want ratings. Ah yes, ratings, the one big money maker in the news. News companies and reporters will do everything for ratings and money, because w/o a strong rating, their paycheck drops. American information is once again fed upon by the sin of greed. This is one of the reasons, I bring you unbiased news from sources like WSJ and NotMSNBC.

I’m just saying there’s options in your life, good options or stuff you want to hear vs. stuff that could benefit you because with good information and not falsified Faux Noose you can technically fight against the world. Look at OWS, as an example; They say anons started OWS, anons can’t possibly be this retarded. You are going home at the end of the day to feed yourself a plate of food and you are going to bitch about it to the world that you hate your life cause the government won’t feed you. You are a human being who refuses to get off your ass and work, YTF should Obama feed your asses if all you’re doing is wasting time parading around with signs telling people you can’t feed yourself because you’re some faggot who hasn’t learned the words ‘get a fucking job’.

Here’s another article by Reuters.

The deludedly optimistic youth of America

By Chadwick Matlin
The opinions expressed are his own.

Friday was a slightly-better bad day to be a young person in America. The morning’s unemployment said 14 percent of Americans 20-24 years old are now unemployed, down 0.7 points from September. Teenagers’ rate was similarly down, dropping 0.5 points to 24.1 overall.

But still—14 and 24.1 percent! Well above the national average of 9 percent, which isn’t exactly something the Millennials can look forward to.

And yet young people remain stubbornly optimistic. In a comprehensive new survey of 842 young people that Demos, a New York think tank, released this week, almost 69 percent of Americans 18-34 years old “believe the American dream is still achievable.” In other news, the average student debt for new graduates is now $25,250, larger than ever. (To be fair, this isn’t entirely recession-related. My debt was around $100,000 when I graduated, and that was a year and a half before Lehman went belly-up.)

Politicians are as deluded as young people. Rick Perry, in a slurry speech that’s better known for its delivery than its content, said last week that “our obligation is not only to provide children with the best environment to nurture, but to ensure every child inherits a land full of opportunity.” Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, meanwhile, are spending Friday at the “Defending the American Dream” summit. And the Dream dream affects Democrats too. Don’t forget about Barack Obama’s now-abandoned Win the Future campaign, which acknowledged that while things are awful, they could easily get better—if only we tried. A dysfunctional Congress scoffs at such a quaint notion.

A person prone to cynicism—(read: this author)—looks at this wishful thinking and blames it on demographics, which is to say blames it on politics. The perpetuation of the American Dream, despite all evidence suggesting the American Dream has died, is good politics in the way that Good Politics is almost always quite bad. It hijacks the American character while ignoring the American reality.

Our political culture’s pervasive discussion of the mystical American Dream appeals to two main demographics: parents and kids. Which is to say, it appeals to nearly everyone. Parents—the very people who mucked up the earth and refuse to do anything about it—want to believe their wrongs will be absolved. Kids, meanwhile, need some dream to hold on to, else they all take to occupying the streets.

Which, whoops. The streets are now occupied, making politicians’ pleas to Millennials more important now than in 2008. Barack Obama, after all, needed the young people to win back then, and he’ll need to rely on them even more in 2012. But will they show up, especially given Obama’s mixed record on the youth’s pet issues? Will unfounded optimism be enough to drive them to the polls? Or will the unemployment that has already put them on the couch keep them there come Election Day?

I dove into historical voting trends for answers…and found more confusion. There’s a very weak correlation between youth unemployment (I used 16-24 year olds) and their coming out to vote. See the chart below, where the blue line is the gap between registered and actual voters aged 18-24, and the red line is an average unemployment rate in the three quarters preceding a presidential Election Day. Some years, high youth unemployment means low youth turnout. Other years, it’s the other way around.

There have been plenty of people trying to make sense of Millennials in the last few weeks. Much of the rumination was launched by a New York Magazine cover story about how young Americans are readjusting their expectations in the recession. The thesis: expectations are being readjusted downward, but there isn’t much choice otherwise. And isn’t that what getting older is about?

The author is a close friend, and while she was writing the piece I told her that our generation should be named the Dayenus, after the Hebrew for, essentially, “it would’ve been enough.” Every Passover Jews sit around the table and tell the story of the exodus from Egypt, singing that it would’ve been alright if God had only freed them from slavery. The whole splitting the Red Sea thing was just gravy.

Demos’ data suggests that for young people it’s apparently enough just to be an American. Who cares about crippling student debt, a piddling employment rate, and a democracy that sometimes borders on farce? We live in a country that allows for a modicum of civil rights and has the wealth to at least make us entertain our dreams (if not achieve them). We can make do with that.

But dayenu can easily calcify into apathy. Presidential candidates are promising miracles; but young people, optimists though they are, may be done hoping for politicians to come and part the Red Sea. They’ve seen far too many drown in Washington’s red tape.

Not much to say here except, Occupy’s really dumb and if it was started by anon, then anon’s fucking dumb. Cause Occupy is the single biggest waste of your energy I can think of.

Next up is the Oklahoma earthquake.

Oklahoma earthquake: More aftershocks, no major damage reported

November 6, 2011 |  8:54 am

Aftershocks continue to rattle Oklahoma on Sunday morning after a swarm of weekend quakes, including the largest in state history, buckled a highway, damaged several homes and gave residents the jitters.

Emergency officials and seismologists are surveying the damage following the record magnitude-5.6 earthquake Saturday night. The largest aftershock of 4.0 was reported at 3:40 a.m. CST Sunday, according to Paul Caruso, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo.

The USGS is installing more sensors in the region to better analyze the quake series.

The largest quake, which occurred at 10:53 p.m. CDT, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, caused major damage to at least five homes, mostly when  chimneys caved in, according to Aaron Bennett, a dispatcher with the Lincoln County emergency management. His office covers the area surrounding the epicenter near Sparks, Okla., about 55 miles northeast of Oklahoma City.

One man was reportedly injured when he tripped and hit his head while attempting to flee his home near Prague, Okla., according to local dispatchers. Prague Community Hospital did not report any other injuries associated with the quake.

U.S. Highway 62 buckled in at least two places during the quake, causing a sinkhole east of Meeker, Okla., but road crews repaired the damage overnight, Bennett said.

The quake damaged a 40-foot spire at St. Gregory University in Shawnee and ruptured a water pipe in Chandler, Okla., dispatchers said.

The temblor was felt as far as Chicago, Austin, Texas, and Omaha.

So many people logged on to the USGS web page to report the earthquake, Caruso said, “It crashed our response page.” The last time that happened was during the 5.8 earthquake that shook Virginia in August, he said.

Saturday night’s quake followed a 4.7 quake earlier in the day. Both occurred on the Wilzetta fault, or Seminole uplift, where rocks moved sideways similar to the San Andreas fault, according to Austin Holland, a research seismologist with the Oklahoma Geological Survey based at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

The state’s last big quake, a 4.3 temblor in October 2010, was along the same fault, he said.

“Faults go through cycles. In California, they see that a lot. Stress takes time to build up. It’s just our sequence takes more time to build up,” Holland said.

He said it was not clear what caused Saturday’s two large quakes.

“We don’t know enough about this fault system to say,” he said.

Holland said his office has three seismic stations with seismometers positioned along the fault, and students were out Sunday morning setting up seven more, “to see what we can find out from any further seismic activity.”

There were at least ten aftershocks of 3.0 or more since the quake last night, he said, and “there’s many, maybe hundreds, that are going unfelt.”

Oklahoma typically has about 50 earthquakes a year, but last year there were more than 1,000, prompting researchers to install seismographs in the area of the fault. It isn’t clear what caused the increase, he said.

Holland said he hopes residents will respond by preparing earthquake kits and undergoing earthquake preparedness training to avoid injuries like those sustained by the Prague man who fled his home instead of ducking for cover.

“I think the awareness is growing,” he said. “People need to know what to do.”

— Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Houston

That’s our long show for this Sunday and Saturday. I hope you guys enjoyed it. We’ll be back on Monday for more news.

Please do not take away our girls, Brazil. Sincerely, Japan.

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Hey ladies and germs, here we are again on a wonderful Thursday, and you know what that means; Tomorrow is Pony Fridays. But before we begin the holly-jolliness I’ve got 2 major videos to put up. One is this BR vid about 2 guys saying something along the lines of fake terrorism and  the other is a jb rap, which after watching I have new found respect for the guy who isn’t just a pop-idol, enjoy.



One more video before we start. Someone made a very good “Interview with Link” video. You should check it out here and I will also link the GTA V trailer as well.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dti7iEqGZh0 Link Interview

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkkoHAzjnUs GTA V trailer

Next piece of news, Japan offers K-ON! stamp sets.

Finally – Fans Really Able To Lick Azunyan’s Backside

Author: Artefact

K-ON! fans are rejoicing at finally getting an official opportunity to engage in some tongue action with the girls of the keionbu – albeit only by way of Japan Post’s official K-ON! stamp set.

The commemorative set, due November 15th, actually constitutes two sets – one for the anime and another for the manga. Each set includes 10 ¥80 stamps and a mount, postcard and envelope.

The price is a trifling ¥10,920, which may not present much obstacle to dedicated fans but probably does suggest not many will actually be used.

Not much to say here unless you’re an animephile.

Next up 76% of Japanese women fake orgasms; Ok so what you’re telling me is Japanese women have no sex drive…GG!

76% of Japanese Women Fake It

Author: Artefact

Over three quarters of Japanese women surveyed admit to faking orgasms – although fortunately a helpful gynecologist has gleefully betrayed her sex to tell men how to spot this.

From a Tokyo TV special recently attracting attention online:

32% – Do it a lot

29% – Do it occasionally

15% – Have done it 1 or 2 times

24% – Have never done it

Based on online survey results

Helpfully, a guide to spotting these sly vixens is provided as well:

“Where should you look to determine whether she really came?”

Gynaecologist: “[When she’s having an orgasm] the lower third of her vagina and her labia will convulse”

When she comes, the lower third of her vagina will convulse!

Just why such an overwhelming majority of Japanese women feel the need to engage in such theatrics is unfortunately not gone into too deeply – perhaps a clue in itself, as is the ease with which their menfolk can be deceived despite the evident difficulty of simulating vaginal contractions and other involuntary physiological cues.

Now some news from the GOOD OL’ USA!!

Judge “Whipped Disabled Daughter for Game Downloads”

Author: Artefact

A judge who was recorded viciously belting his disabled daughter for her illicit downloads has caused outrage online, not least because he specialises in presiding over domestic disputes.

The girl, who suffers from cerebral palsy and was then 16, is shown in the video being whipped by her father whilst being subjected to a torrent of abuse. Her mother also briefly joins in.

The girl’s sins apparently included downloading (Japanese) video games, music and anime.

She claims she took the film in 2004 in the hopes of stopping the assaults, but decided not to do anything with it. However, her exasperation at continued harassment from her father even 7 years on finally prompted her to upload the video to YouTube.

Her father makes light of the affair:

“It happened years ago… I apologized. It’s not as bad as it looks on tape.”

Local prosecutors are not so blasé – the District Attorney is considering whether to press charges against him.

Whether or not he acted criminally, as a campaign has already been set up to ensure he is not re-elected to his post he may well face future career difficulties.

His behaviour has been condemned as particularly disturbing given that he is a “family law” judge and has been noted for dismissing child testimony as “no evidence” and children as “fantasizers.”

His daughter, now 23, downplays the obvious career ruination, media furore, and Internet vigilantes she has inflicted on him, saying she wants to help him, not ruin him:

“I’m feeling some regret for publishing the video because to ruin my own father is heavy indeed. But I really want him to seek help.”

“My father’s harassment was getting really bad, so I decided to finally publish the video that I had been sitting on for seven years.”

“Please spread the word that my father needs professional help and not hatred. We can offer him the tools to be a better person.”

Child abuse sure is rampant in the America land. 😀 I noticed how the judge sounded like a Redneck. Ahh, good times, good times. I’ve gotten my ass beat to the point, I had to fight back or I’d die. I’ve pushed myself to the point where if I didn’t fight back in life, I would die and that my friends is why you call the cops when your pop starts beltin’ ya.

More more more…News!

So we continue one with the continued debate of 2D vs. 3D. I don’t debate here cause you win if you have a girlfriend. Only people w/o lives debate 2D over 3D. And since this is a gallery post, check the titles for the full details and images.

Battle of 2D vs 3D Fiercer Than Ever

Author: Leon

Once again, 2D’s supposed superiority to 3D is put to the test thanks to the artistic efforts of anonymous artists – although with these earlier examples it is increasingly looking like a battle of artistic talent versus good taste in photography.

And with that we move on toward the West.

So it seems within the recent days that Greece is becoming a competitive headline in the ways that most would seem inconsequential.

Papandreou takes big gamble with future, and loses

By DEREK GATOPOULOS, Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — George Papandreou is used to getting his way.

The scion of Greece’s leading political dynasty, he has been comfortable with power from an early age. His father and grandfather were both prime ministers, towering figures in postwar Greece, and like them he has honed the art of the political gamble.

His call for a referendum on Greece’s rescue package may have been one gamble too far.

Papandreou on Thursday was forced into a humiliating about-face after returning from the G-20 summit in France to face a mutiny in his own Cabinet over the shock announcement that some have likened to a game of chicken over the future of Europe.

Outwardly mild-mannered and professorial, Papandreou has shared the willful intransigence of his late father, Andreas, and grandfather, also named George.

Like them, he has built a reputation for political risk-taking since taking over the Socialist Party in 2004, winning a general election on his third attempt, staging successful comebacks after commentators had repeatedly written him off.

He’s also something of a paradox — the quintessential insider haunted by a sense of being an outsider.

His childhood in St. Paul Minnesota, where his father taught at university, won him the nickname “George the American.” He studied at Amherst College and Harvard University. During anti-government rallies, protesters have chanted “George, Go Home!”

He casts himself as a modernizer out to rid Greece of a legacy of nepotism, and is himself perceived as the ultimate beneficiary of an entrenched system of patronage.

Papandreou has another nickname: “Giorgakis” — little George. It’s a dig at the sense of inherited power and also reflects the growing view that the current prime minister lacks the leadership skills and inspirational charisma of the elder Papandreous.

Papandreou came to power two years ago as the country sank into financial crisis, as the extent of the country’s staggering debt — long concealed through creative accounting — became apparent to investors and Greece’s alarmed eurozone partners.

He appeared determined to adopt an uncompromising leadership style, once associated with his father, who founded the party in 1974.

As George Papandreou’s new government desperately sought to save public money, slashing pensions and salaries and heaping new taxes on ordinary Greeks, Socialist dissenters were routinely expelled from parliament, wearing down his majority in parliament from a healthy 10 seats to just two.

The Socialist mandate from its 2009 landslide election victory relentlessly gave way to popular rage, with 90 percent of Greeks now opposing Papandreou’s policies and his party polling just 20 percent public support, according to opinion surveys in recent weeks.

Still, Papandreou plowed on, ignoring calls to resign and rebuffing appeals for a power-sharing deal with the opposition Conservatives.

The growing anti-Papandreou coalition housed radically different agendas: Vehemently anti-EU communists, once pro-Socialist unions, liberals angry at the slow pace of reform, tax payers furious at corruption, opposition parties happy to see the Socialists take a beating for economic austerity.

As his grip on power loosened, Papandreou sought to take his government’s tough choices straight to the people — a bold gambit that is now looking like an act of reckless folly.

The announcement Monday took the world and even his own ministers by surprise. But the longwinded delivery was familiar: an hourlong speech defending his party’s actions and principles, ending with the political bombshell.

World markets tanked and European leaders openly expressed their disbelief, but Papandreou stubbornly stuck to arguments.

Back in Athens, Papandreou was immediately confronted by ministers who told him last gamble had backfired. Government officials eventually said the referendum had been dropped.

“At this very difficult moment for Greece, the priorities are clear: We must remain in the euro,” Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou said.

The respected conservative daily described him Thursday as the “fatal prime minister.”

“The prime minister has lost credibility in Greece and abroad,” the newspaper said. “With humiliating consequences for himself and his country, Mr. Papandreou chose to the roll the dice — and he lost.”

It’s really something to sit there watching the world from GREECE fall apart, not to mention the fact I see Greece as a relic of the past and not really a country. So you can see the irony of Greece here, they’re a country with ruins and yet they’ve fallen victim to ruinous behaviour. HMM, I WONDER WHAT ZEUS WOULD DO!! But in all seriousness, people are still people and they do tend to be ‘ruinous’ when decisions are made.

Speaking of fallen from Greece(grace), Racist Kanye America strikes again.


Republicans block another part of Obama jobs plan

By Rachelle Younglai

WASHINGTON, Nov 3 (Reuters) – U.S. Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a $60 billion White House proposal to repair crumbling bridges, highways and other transportation systems as President Barack Obama’s job creation agenda hit another obstacle in Congress.

All 47 Senate Republicans, one Democrat and one independent voted against a piece of Obama’s $447 billion stimulus plan that would have helped construction workers — some of the hardest hit after the housing meltdown and economic downturn. The bill needed 60 votes to advance in the 100-seat Senate.

Construction workers face a jobless rate of 13.3 percent, according to the Labor Department, far above the nationwide rate of 9.1 percent.

Obama’s jobs plan is effectively dead in Congress, but Democrats are forcing Republicans to vote on it piece by piece as both sides dig in their heels before 2012 presidential and congressional elections in which the economy is expected to be a defining issue.

Obama is under pressure to create jobs and convince voters before the November 2012 presidential election that his administration can revive the economy.

Democrats hope to pay for the plan by raising taxes on the wealthy. That is a nonstarter for Republicans, who say it would hurt job creation, but polls show it is popular with the public.

Under the Democratic bill, Americans making more than $1 million annually would have been hit with a 0.7 percent income tax increase.

“I do not believe that we should be concerned about a piece of legislation that asks the richest of the rich to pay a few pennies of their vast fortunes to put people … back to work,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said before the vote.

The bill, co-sponsored by Reid, would have spent $50 billion to upgrade roads, airports, bridges, rail lines and transit systems. It would have also allocated $10 billion in loan funding to underwrite a financing institution, or infrastructure bank, to help pay for priority projects.

It was the second time Democrats were unable to muster the votes needed to pass a piece of the Obama administration’s jobs package. In October, Republicans rejected a $35 billion plan designed to create or maintain 400,000 jobs for teachers, firefighters and police officers.

Republican roadblocks have already led the administration to act unilaterally to help stabilize the economy and it has rolled out plans to help homeowners, students and veterans.

Republicans have lined up behind their own job creation agenda, centered on relaxing pollution controls and other regulations on business.

After the vote on the Obama measure, Senate Democrats voted down a Republican infrastructure plan that would have extended funding for highways and prohibited federal environmental regulators from slapping new rules on cement producers and domestic boilers.


And that’s not all folks.

Oakland protesters condemn violent clashes

OAKLAND (AP) – Occupy Wall Street supporters who staged rallies that shut down the nation’s fifth-busiest port during a day of protests condemned on Thursday the demonstrators who clashed with police in the latest flare-up of violence in Oakland, Calif.

Riot police arrested more than 80 protesters in the city’s downtown, where bands of demonstrators threw chunks of concrete and metal pipes as well as lit roman candles and firebombs, police said. Five protesters and several officers were injured.

“I think it will allow detractors to criticize the movement,” said protester Hale Nicholson. He has been staying at the Occupy Oakland encampment and said he and most people there were pacifists.

The protest outside the Port of Oakland, which reopened Thursday, represented an escalation in tactics as a movement that had largely been about marches, rallies and tent camps targeted a major symbol of the nation’s commerce.

The violence that followed, however, raised questions about the direction of the movement and whether the clashes, so far mostly isolated in a city with a history of tensions between residents and police, will galvanize protesters or hurt their cause.

Nicholson blamed the violence on a small group of young people just there for violence — “Some kids looking to blow off some steam.”

In Los Angeles, a spokesman for the encampment there, said those demonstrators don’t represent the movement.

“We are about peace. That’s the most powerful tool we have,” said Mario Jefferson of the Occupy LA encampment, noting that the movement attracts many types of people, including some prone to violence.

“We don’t want to waste energy on breaking things. We’re trying to do this thing peacefully,” he said.

The far-flung movement challenging the world’s economic systems and distribution of wealth has gained momentum in recent weeks, capturing the world’s attention as they set up tent camps from New York‘s Wall Street to Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

Oakland became a rallying point last week after an Iraq War veteran was injured when protesters and riot police battled in the streets.

Organizers called for a general strike on Wednesday, and supporters in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and elsewhere staged smaller-scale demonstrations, some in solidarity with their Oakland counterparts.

Oakland protesters viewed the strike and port shutdown as a significant victory.

Police, who had little to no presence during the protest during the day, said that about 7,000 people participated in demonstrations that were peaceful except for a few incidents of vandalism at local banks and businesses.

“We put together an ideological principle that the mainstream media wouldn’t talk about two months ago,” organizer Boots Riley said.

Riley, whose anti-capitalist views are well documented, considered the port shutdown particularly significant for organizers who targeted it in an effort to stop the “flow of capital.”

The port sends goods primarily to Asia, including wine as well as rice, fruits and nuts, and handles imported electronics, apparel and manufacturing equipment, mostly from Asia, as well as cars and parts from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Hyundai.

An accounting of the financial toll from the shutdown was not immediately available.

His comments came before a group of protesters broke into the former Travelers Aid building in order to, as some shouting protesters put it, “reclaim the building for the people.”

The potential for the chaos that ultimately erupted was not something Riley wanted to even consider.

“If they do that after all this …” he said, pausing cautiously, then adding, “They’re smarter than that.”

Occupy protesters voicing anger over a budget trim that forced the closure of a homeless aid program converged on the empty building where it had been housed just outside of downtown.

They blocked off a street with wood, metal Dumpsters and other large trash bins, sparking bonfires that leapt as high as 15 feet in the air.

City officials later released a statement describing the spasm of unrest.

“Oakland Police responded to a late night call that protesters had broken into and occupied a downtown building and set several simultaneous fires,” the statement read. “The protesters began hurling rocks, explosives, bottles, and flaming objects at responding officers.”

Several businesses were heavily vandalized. Dozens of protesters wielding shields were surrounded and arrested.

Protesters ran from several rounds of tear gas and bright flashes and deafening pops that some thought were caused by “flash bang” grenades. Fire crews arrived and suppressed the protesters’ flames.

Police on Thursday said they used tear gas and bean bags to disperse people who wouldn’t leave the scene.

Protesters and police faced off in an uneasy standoff until the wee hours of the morning.

It is the kind of posture that Oakland is familiar with. It was the scene of violent protests in 2009 and 2010 over the killing of an unarmed black man by a white transit officer. Downtown businesses were looted, windows smashed and fires set.

Then, as now, police blamed the violence on a small group of anarchists, many from outside the city.

In 2003, a police crackdown on an anti-war demonstration at the Port of Oakland left protesters and dockworkers hospitalized and resulted in police getting a new, stricter crowd-control policy.

The history of clashes goes back even further to demonstrations in the 1960s over the Vietnam War and the draft, among other issues.

For most of Wednesday, peace prevailed at the rallies in Oakland, even attracting families, some taking their children along in strollers. Protesters hung a large black banner downtown that read: “DEATH TO CAPITALISM.”

During the rally, some protesters broke away and picketed outside nearby banks. Some of the buildings were vandalized.

Further away from the rally, vandals shattered a Chase bank branch and splattered ink all over an ATM. Someone later taped a note to the shattered glass that read: “We are better than this. … Sorry, the 99 percent.”

In Philadelphia, protesters were arrested as they held a sit-in at the headquarters of cable giant Comcast. In New York, about 100 military veterans marched in uniform and stopped in front of the New York Stock Exchange, standing in loose formation.

The veterans were also angry that they returned from war to find few job prospects.

In Boston, college students and union workers marched on Bank of America offices, the Harvard Club and the Statehouse to protest the nation’s burgeoning student debt crisis.

And among the other protests in Oakland, parents and their kids joined in by forming a “children’s brigade.”

“There’s absolutely something wrong with the system,” said Jessica Medina, a single mother who attends school part time and works at an Oakland cafe. “We need to change that.”

C’mon, America, we can work this out right? Right? No, then fuck you America.

That’s our show tonight, here is your moment of Zen; Goodnight everybody.

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