Japan’s Emo problems and more

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Apologies for yesterday’s fucked up post, I was trying to post from an out of date computer and gave up eventually, so today I’ll make up for it. I ended up going shopping with my brother in some mall yesterday so whatever, it wasn’t terribly bad, we just ended up doing nothing for a whole day in a town by the beach. Anyway, let’s get moving.

Radioactive fallout from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns caused abnormalities in Japan’s butterflies


Radioactive fallout from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Prefecture created abnormalities among the nation’s butterflies, according to a team of researchers.

“We conclude that artificial radionuclides from the Fukushima (No. 1) nuclear power plant caused physiological and genetic damage” to pale grass blue butterflies, a common species in Japan, a recent article in Scientific Reports, one of on-line journals of the Nature Publishing Group, said.

Radiation exposure harmed butterflies’ genes, and the damage could well be passed on to future generations, the article stated.

“Sensitivity (to irradiation) varies between species, so research should be conducted on other animals,” said Joji Otaki, a team member and associate professor at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa.

“Humans are totally different from butterflies and they should be far more resistant” to the health effects of radiation, Otaki noted.

The researchers collected 121 adult pale grass blue butterflies in and outside Fukushima Prefecture in May 2011, two months after the nuclear crisis started.

Abnormalities such as unusually small wings were found in 12 percent of the total. But the rate rose to 18 percent in a second generation produced through mating among the butterflies collected and some even died before reaching adulthood.

When second generation butterflies with abnormal traits mated with healthy ones, the rate of abnormalities rose to 34 percent in the third generation, according to the article.

The team collected another 238 butterflies last September and determined that the abnormality rate stood at 28 percent. However, it nearly doubled to 52 percent among a second generation born to the original butterflies caught.

The researchers said the butterflies collected in May were heavily exposed to radiation as larvae. The impact was apparently more severe on the second generation, as well as on the butterflies collected in September, because they suffered heavy exposure at a far earlier stage while they were still fertilized eggs or just reproduction cells, according to the team.

The impact of artificial radiation exposure on the species was also investigated using larvae collected in Okinawa, one of the prefectures least affected by fallout from the nuclear disaster.

After the larvae were exposed to radiation and fed with leaves contaminated with radioactive materials, similar rates of abnormalities and premature deaths were observed, the article said.


So as the population returns to normalcy, the life on the island struggles to maintain itself. And then there’s this jimmy-rustler.

Korean soccer player kept off medal stand for political antics

Associated Press



I’m a massive faggot and don’t deserve to have my medal.


LONDON — A South Korean soccer player who held up a sign with a political message after the team’s victory over Japan did not get a bronze Sunday when the Olympic medals were handed out in a ceremony to the rest of his team.

Midfielder Park Jong Woo is under investigation by the IOC and soccer’s governing body, FIFA, for displaying the sign Friday with a slogan supporting South Korean sovereignty over Korean-controlled islets that are claimed by both his country and Japan. The largely uninhabited islets are called Dokdo by South Korea and Takeshima by the Japanese.

The IOC and FIFA have statutes that prohibit political statements by athletes and players. Olympic officials had asked the South Korean Olympic Committee to take action against Park and that he not be present at the ceremony.

When the men’s soccer medals were presented at Wembley Stadium following Mexico’s 2-1 win over Brazil in the gold-medal match, only 17 of the 18 South Korean players were on the field for the ceremony. Park was not among them.

The IOC has opened an investigation into Park’s actions, and FIFA said it has opened a separate investigation to discipline the athlete.

The Korean Olympic Committee said Park’s act was a mistake that occurred in the heat of the moment as players celebrated their victory over Japan in Cardiff.

“We understand this wasn’t an intentional act on the player’s part,” the committee said in a statement cited by Yonhap news agency. “We are trying the best we can to resolve this issue.”

Yonhap also quoted an unnamed official at the Korea Football Association as saying that Park picked up the sign, which was thrown from the stands, and officials immediately moved to stop him from holding it aloft.

Calls to the Korean Olympic Committee in Seoul and a Korean official in London were not returned.

South Korea beat Japan 2-0 Friday, hours after President Lee Myung Bak raised diplomatic tensions by traveling to the islets. The presidential visit prompted Japan to recall its ambassador from Seoul.

Photos of the player holding a sign were passed along to FIFA to determine if any further disciplinary action will be taken, the governing body said.

South Korea maintains a small contingent of police officers on the islets in a show of control, but Japan maintains the rocks are its territory. Tokyo renewed the claim last month in an annual defense report.

During his visit Friday, Lee reportedly told police officers there that the islets are “worth sacrificing lives for,” according to the presidential office.


That’s some hardcore trolling, man. Man’s got balls, serious balls.It’s like Japan’s already been fucked pretty badly and then Asian trolls come in and start screaming obscenities.

And finally…


DPJ vow for next poll: a nuclear phaseout

Role for Kan urged to draft pre-election energy goals



Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s party is arranging to make a nuclear phaseout a key policy pledge in the next general election, sources in the Democratic Party of Japan said.

The DPJ’s plan comes amid widespread opposition to the continued use of nuclear energy. Noda has drawn strong public protests over his recent decision to approve the restart of two reactors at the Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture, the first reactivations since all of the country’s reactors went offline amid the Fukushima nuclear disaster that started last year.

Many DPJ lawmakers fear the ruling party, via the restarts, signalled to the public that it is keen on using nuclear power when this is not the case, a senior party member said Sunday.

DPJ members said earlier this month that the DPJ will set up a panel to discuss the potential pledge for the House of Representatives election, which Noda said last week will take place “soon.”

The panel will probably be headed by DPJ policy chief Seiji Maehara. Some DPJ lawmakers say former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who has taken an increasingly antinuclear stance since the crisis started at the Fukushima No. 1 plant during his watch, should become an adviser to the new body.

To government is weighing three options for a new energy mix by 2030, including having nuclear power provide zero percent of Japan’s total energy, or 15 percent, or between 20 and 25 percent. The state has also held hearings to gauge public opinion, which has strongly come out in favor of the first option.

60% against nuke power


Over 60 percent of the Japanese public thinks the country should give up nuclear power, a recent Jiji Press survey said.

About half of the respondents opposed restarting the dozens of idled nuclear reactors.

The survey covered 1,211 men and women 20 or older across the country between July 6 and 16.

In face-to-face interviews, respondents rated their attitudes toward various issues related to nuclear energy on a scale of zero to 10, with 5 meaning “neither agree or disagree.”

Of the respondents, 62.6 percent opposed the use of nuclear energy, giving scores between zero and 4, with 17.8 percent saying they think Japan should idle all nuclear plants immediately.

By contrast, 9.7 percent assigned scores between 6 and 10 suggesting that Japan should continue using nuclear.

The results of the survey, the ninth by the news agency on national nuclear power use since May 2011, showed parallels with the previous surveys.

The poll was the fourth of its kind since March on sentiment toward restarting reactors halted chiefly for routine checks.

In the survey, 50.5 percent opposed resumption, with scores below 5. The figure dropped 8 percentage points from the March survey. About a fifth, or 21.4 percent, gave zero support for restarts.

Well that’s about all from the east coast, oh wait, there’s one more.


Total Eclipse Totally Sexy

Author: Leon



Fortunately alien invasions are no impediment to yet another gratuitous beach outing, as Muv-Luv Total Eclipse amply demonstrates in its latest and rather sexy service outing.


As usual the gallery is within your grasps. Also I wanted to bring about something to y’all’s attention. White people can’t be discriminated against. For more info, read this. I was a little surprised at first too, but whatever, this world is fucked up enough w/o saying that I can’t be racist against white people because they’ve never been oppressed. And next up…this is news?


A Nice Lady From Florida Got A Tattoo On Her Butthole Over The Weekend


Overheard in the dressing room of a sad Florida strip club last night…

“Hey Mercedes…what did you do over the weekend?”

“Oh nothing much, Lexus…got a tattoo on my butthole. That’s about it.”

“OMG what was that like?”


Butthole tattoos are the tramp stamps are the new anal bleaching, y’all. You heard it here first. Deuce-deuces. (This should go without saying but the video above is slightly NSFW.)

And last but not least.


The following article is adapted from David K. Randall’s Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, out now from W.W. Norton.

This is the tale of how an Australian man with a vacuum cleaner fixed a mistake in evolution.

It begins in the late 1970s. Colin Sullivan is a physician in the respiratory unit at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. There, he treats patients who have problems breathing. The most common complaint, by far, is snoring. Sullivan knows better than most doctors in his field that snoring is often a sign of a serious disorder known as sleep apnea. The disorder had been identified only about a decade earlier.

Patients with sleep apnea experience a strange nightly sensation that brings the body disturbingly close to death. First, the throat closes randomly throughout the night, choking off the body’s air supply. This puts in motion a cascade of increasingly bad side effects. As if on a seesaw, the lack of air causes the oxygen levels in the blood to plummet and the blood pressure to jump. The lips and skin start to turn blue. Air may not come into the lungs for up to a minute. And for some patients, the heart stops beating for almost 10 seconds at a time.

Eventually, the brain gets the urgent message that the body is choking. The brain jolts awake, and the body instinctively gasps for air. Yet as soon as the airway is clear, the brain immediately falls back to sleep. That’s when the cycle starts again. It is all so quick that it can happen more than 20 times an hour, all night long, without the sleeper remembering it the next day. Someone lying next to him or her, however, can hear this process at work: When the rhythmic sawing of a snorer’s breath pauses and then becomes a hard ghhack-ghhack-ghhack, it’s most likely the body frantically clearing its airway.

Sleep apnea was discovered when a group of American physicians noticed that some obese patients complained of overwhelming fatigue and would drift asleep unintentionally. With a literary flourish, they named the condition Pickwickian syndrome after a character who falls asleep standing up in Charles Dickens’s first novel, The Pickwick Papers. Doctors incorrectly attributed the sleepiness to a combination of excess weight and abnormally high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. It was only later that science understood sleep apnea to be a common breathing disorder caused by the position of the tongue and tissues of the throat. It was then given the name apnea, from the Greek word for breathless.

Sleep apnea was on the frontier of sleep medicine in the late 1970s. Sullivan had recently returned from a fellowship in Toronto, where he spent three years studying the breathing patterns of dogs while they slept. English bulldogs, pugs, and other breeds with pushed-in faces are the only animals besides humans that experience sleep apnea. The years spent working with dogs gave Sullivan an idea. Once back in Sydney, he devised a mask that fit over a dog’s snout. The mask continuously pumped in air from the surrounding room, increasing the air pressure in the throat and preventing it from closing up. Experiments with dogs suggested that the steady flow of air dramatically improved sleep. All Sullivan needed was a human to try it out on.

In June of 1980, he found one. A man walked into the hospital with such a severe case of sleep apnea that Sullivan recommended an immediate tracheotomy. This procedure, which consisted of making a hole in the throat to allow a person to breathe without using the nose or mouth, was one of the few approved treatments for sleep apnea at the time. It required a permanent, quarter-size opening in the neck, however, and was quite painful.

The patient refused the tracheotomy. But he was happy to volunteer as a test patient for Sullivan’s air-pressure machine. Sullivan built a test model that afternoon. He grabbed the engine out of a vacuum cleaner and attached it to a handful of plastic tubes. He then took a diving mask and coated the edges with a silicone sealant that prevented air from leaking out of it. Soon, he had a system that allowed him to pump air through the mask at a controlled pressure. Sullivan found an empty room in the hospital and set up equipment to monitor the patient’s breathing and brain waves, which would tell him what stage of sleep the man was in. The patient was hooked up to the monitors, put on the mask, and fell asleep almost instantly.

He began experiencing sleep apnea within a few minutes. Sullivan then slowly started to increase the pressure in the air flowing through the mask and into the patient’s airway. Suddenly, the apnea stopped. The patient began breathing normally. As Sullivan watched in amazement, the patient instantly went into deep REM sleep—a rare phenomenon suggesting that his brain had been starved of restorative sleep. Sullivan then slowly decreased the pressure of the air flowing through the mask. The apnea returned. Sullivan rapidly went through several cycles of increasing and decreasing the pressure. He found that with the machine’s controls alone, he could effectively turn the patient’s sleep apnea on and off.

The machine worked. The next question was whether its benefits would last all night. Sullivan left the settings on the machine at a level where the patient was free of sleep apnea. Then he waited. For about seven straight hours, the patient was in abnormally intense, deep sleep. When he woke up the next day, he told Sullivan that he felt awake and alert for the first time in years.

A study in 1994 found that about 10 percent of women and 25 percent of men have difficulties breathing in their sleep. These numbers climb as a person gets older, so that as many as 1 out of 3 elderly men have at least a mild case of sleep apnea. All told, about 20 million Americans have the disorder.

Its cause could simply be the trade-off that the human body makes for having the ability to speak in a complex language. A short tour of fossils illustrates this point. If you were to look at a Neanderthal’s mouth, you might think that its descendants would have been the ones to survive over the long run, considering their jawbones were larger and stronger than our own. Plus, with extra room in their mouths, Neanderthals never experienced the pain of impacted wisdom teeth. Homo sapiens differed from Neanderthals by developing a flatter face, a smaller jawbone, and a tongue that descends deeper into the throat than in any other mammal. With this new hardware, humans were able to move beyond making simple grunts. Those first, complicated sounds uttered by Homo sapiens soon developed into language.

But the positioning of the tongue in the Homo sapiens mouth complicates the acts of eating, drinking, and breathing. Food could literally go down the wrong pipe, a biological problem unique to modern humans. Darwin noted “the strange fact that every particle of food and drink we swallow has to pass over the orifice of the trachea with some risk of falling into the lungs.” The longer tissues of the soft palate at the back of the throat made it possible for the airway to become blocked after a routine exhalation, which could start the cycle of sleep apnea. In the mid-1990s, researchers in Japan found that slight changes in the size and position of the pharynx at the back of the throat drastically increased the likelihood that someone would develop a breathing disorder during sleep. The shape of a person’s neck and jaw can also be a factor. A large neck, tongue, or tonsils, or a narrow airway often signal that a person will develop sleep apnea because of the increased chance that breathing will become blocked during the night.

And yet the physicians who first recognized sleep apnea were half right when they assumed that the disorder was a side effect of obesity. Sleep apnea is a flaw that is part of the blueprint of the human body, and excess fat often teases it out. The chances of developing sleep apnea go up with weight because the tissues in the throat become enlarged, making it more likely that they will obstruct the airway during sleep. For some patients, losing weight alone can solve the problem. Other changes in behavior—like drinking less alcohol, cutting back on smoking, sleeping on one’s side instead of on the back, or doing exercises or playing musical instruments that build up the muscles in the throat—can also help.

Breathing masks like those manufactured by ResMed, the company Sullivan co-founded in 1989 after developing simpler prototypes of his machine, are the most common medical treatment for sleep apnea, but they aren’t for everyone. Some patients never get used to the awkward sensation of sleeping with a mask on their face or never become comfortable with breathing in the cold air that is continuously pumped into their mouth throughout the night. In the long term, patients with mild sleep apnea wear the masks between 40 and 80 percent of the time, according to various studies. There is also a social stigma that complicates treatment. Some patients with sleep apnea decide not to use a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine because they are worried that it will make them less attractive to the person they are sharing a bed with. In an online support group for patients with sleep apnea, a man wrote that he was “feeling like I am going to be Darth Vader if I have to wear one.” A woman wrote that her husband “fought it, cried, said he is defective, said he would prefer to put a gun to his head then wear one of those things.” Another wrote that “I’ve yelled that I feel like a freak to my husband way too many times this fall.”

Dental devices are typically the next choice. These aren’t as effective as CPAP machines for severe sleep apnea, but they may be easier for some patients to use, especially those who have to travel frequently. One of the most popular looks like a sports mouthguard. It forces the lower jaw forward and slightly down to keep the airway open. Another device holds the tongue in place to prevent it from getting in the way. Surgery is the last option. One procedure, called an uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, consists of removing excess soft tissue from the back of the throat. Its long-term success rate is only about 50 percent, and it can lead to side effects such as difficulties swallowing, an impaired sense of smell, and infection. It is also extremely painful. Few medications have been shown to help sleep apnea and may in fact make the problem worse. Sleeping pills and tranquilizers, for instance, can make the soft tissues in the throat sag and obstruct the airway more than they would otherwise.

In 2000, four separate studies found conclusive evidence that sleep apnea was associated with increased rates of hypertension. Left untreated, patients with sleep apnea are at a greater risk of developing kidney disease or vision problems, or having a heart attack or stroke. Those studies helped convince government insurance programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the British National Health Service to pay for a portion of the cost of each ResMed device, which can be several-thousand dollars if a patient were to buy it out of pocket. Sleep labs across the country now conduct overnight tests in which patients who are suspected to have sleep apnea are hooked up to equipment that monitors their hearts, breathing patterns, and brain activity, as well as the number of times they wake up throughout the night and how often they move their limbs.

As scientists began to understand sleep apnea in more depth, they started to see it as the foundation for serious illnesses affecting the mind. In one study, researchers at UCLA conducted brain scans of patients with long histories of sleep apnea and compared them with the scans of control subjects who had normal sleep patterns. The investigations focused their inquiry on the mammillary bodies, two structures on the underside of the brain so named because they resemble small breasts. Mammillary bodies are thought to be an important part of the memory and have long been associated with cases of amnesia. This memory center of the brain was 20 percent smaller in patients with sleep apnea. Had a doctor looked at a patient’s brain scan alone, it would have suggested severe cognitive impairment: A similar shrinkage in the size of the mammillary bodies is found in patients with Alzheimer’s disease or those who experienced memory loss as a result of alcoholism. It was the first indication that sleep apnea leaves a permanent scar beyond the daily difficulties of focus and attention that come with sleepiness.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association supported this conclusion. Kristine Yaffe, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California-San Francisco, led a study that recruited nearly 300 elderly women who were mentally and physically fit. The average age of the subjects in the study was 82. Each woman spent a night in a sleep lab, and Yaffe found that about 1 in every 3 met the standard for sleep apnea. Yaffe re-examined each woman five years later. The effects of age on the mind seemed to depend on the quality of sleep. Nearly half of the women with sleep apnea showed signs of mild cognitive impairment or dementia, compared with only a third of the women who slept normally. After controlling for factors such as age, race, and the use of medicines, Yaffe found that the women with sleep apnea were 85 percent more likely to show the first signs of memory loss. The frequent interruptions in sleep and the reduced oxygen in the brain may reduce the brain’s ability to form and protect long-term memories.

Sleep apnea and weight are not problems limited to the United States, a fact that hasn’t been lost on companies like ResMed. The spread of Western fast-food companies like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut to emerging countries such as China and India may be the greatest growth engine for ResMed. Simply put, more fat in the bodies of the world’s population equals a larger number of sleep apnea cases, creating a larger customer base for ResMed’s products. “Genetically you’re still engineered for a low-calorie, low-fat diet,” Kieran Gallahue, CEO of ResMed at the time I visited the company’s headquarters in 2010, told me. “That’s what your body has been optimized for over centuries. Boom, you introduce burgers, and your body is not going to handle it. One of the outcomes is going to be a skyrocketing in the prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing.”


And that’s our show for tonight, tune in next time as something else happens in the world and I have to be a dick about it, Goodnight Everybody.

So I heard you like Republicans

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And so the perpetual debate of left vs. right continues with Romney criticizing Obama in his campaign ads. You know, if I recall correctly, I may have left an article about Romney’s off-shore business somewhere along the lines some time ago. I can’t remember when, but Mr. Romney, I don’t really approve of how you handle yourself when you go about acting like you did something which you didn’t or vise versa in this case. What can say you’re only hurting yourself here. Romney, bro, chillax.



Romney says Obama, allies perpetuating lies in ads



NEW YORK (AP) — Mitt Romney on Thursday accused President Barack Obama and his allies of launching personal attacks and perpetuating lies about him in TV ads. The Republican also rolled out a new commercial of his own that questioned Obama’s values and accused the president of waging war on religious freedom.

Obama’s campaign disputed that charge.

‘‘I am seeing some of the ads out there. I don’t know whatever happened to a campaign of hope and change,’’ Romney said, alluding to Obama’s previous campaign slogan, during an interview on Bill Bennett’s radio program, ‘‘Morning in America.’’ ‘’I thought he was a new kind of politician. But instead, his campaign and the people working with him have focused almost exclusively on personal attacks … It’s really disappointing.’’

In the interview, Romney argued that Obama ‘‘keeps on just running’’ ads that various fact-checking organizations have called inaccurate. ‘‘They just blast ahead,’’ he said, instead of pulling the ads off the air. But the candidate ignored the fact that he has kept his own ads assailing Obama on the air after these groups have found their claims to be false.

Romney talked generally about ads in the interview but didn’t directly refer to a commercial by a Democratic outside group that has dominated the campaign in the last two days.

His campaign has called ‘‘despicable’’ an ad by Priorities USA Action that features a man whose wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance when he was laid off from a company that was bought by the private equity firm Romney once ran. ‘‘I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he’s done to anyone, and furthermore I do not think Mitt Romney is concerned,’’ the man, Joe Soptic, says in the ad.

Obama’s campaign has refused to ask the group to pull the spot, and a co-founder of the group has defended the ad.

The back and forth over the commercial underscored the degree to which the White House campaign has become intensely negative and personal as polls show the race close three months before the Nov. 6 election. Negative commercials from both the candidates and their backers are flooding the roughly nine states that are the most competitive in the hunt to win the 270 Electoral College votes needed for victory.

As controversy raged over the outside group’s commercial, Romney’s team rolled out one of its own Thursday that asks: ‘‘Who shares your values?’’

It continues: ‘‘President Obama used his health care plan to declare war on religion, forcing religious institutions to go against their faith.’’

The spot revives a months-old debate over new health rules mandating insurance coverage for birth control without co-pays, which the ad says forces religious institutions to ‘‘go against their faith.’’ Obama says exemptions for churches and compromise language on charities fully protects religious freedom.

‘‘When religious freedom is threatened, who do you want to stand with?’’ the ad asks and says the answer is Romney.

Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith responded to the ad, saying: ‘‘President Obama believes that, in 2012, women should have access to free contraception as part of their health insurance, and he has done so in a way that respects religious liberty.’’

The issue flared anew after roiling the campaign months ago when the new health care rules were announced, and it reflected efforts by Romney and Obama to go after women voters. Polls show they heavily favor Obama.

Seeking to keep that edge, Obama reintroduced the contraception issue into the campaign in Colorado when he was introduced Wednesday by Sandra Fluke, whose congressional testimony earlier this year became a flashpoint in the debate over contraception and women’s health. Fluke gained notoriety after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a slut because of her support for the Obama health care law’s requirement that insurance companies cover contraception.

On Wednesday, Fluke criticized Romney for not rebuking Limbaugh more strongly.

‘‘If Mr. Romney can’t stand up to extreme voices in his own party, then he will never stand up for us,’’ she said to a predominantly female audience in Denver.

Obama was spending a second day in the state Wednesday, visiting Pueblo and Colorado Springs. He carried Colorado in 2008, but he and Romney are engaged in a tight contest for the state’s nine electoral votes.

Across the country, Romney held a fundraiser early Thursday on Park Avenue in New York City.

‘‘I need you to speak the truth — talk to your friends and colleagues,’’ he implored donors at a breakfast that raised more than $1.5 million for his campaign. Woody Johnson, a top fundraiser, told the crowd the campaign is ‘‘halfway’’ to its ultimate fundraising goals for the election.

Obama was expected to highlight his support for tax credits for wind energy manufacturers in Colorado and other states. The credit, which helps offset the cost of electricity production during a wind farm’s first 10 years, is set to expire Dec. 31 unless Congress extends it. Obama supports extending the credit; Romney does not.

‘‘At a moment when homegrown energy is creating new jobs in states like Colorado and Iowa, my opponent wants to end tax credits for wind energy producers,’’ Obama said in excerpts of the speech released by his campaign.

Without the tax credits, as many as 37,000 American jobs, including hundreds in Colorado, are at risk, Obama said, using figures from a study financed by the wind industry.

Across the country, Romney held a fundraiser early Thursday on Park Avenue in New York City.

‘‘I need you to speak the truth — talk to your friends and colleagues,’’ he implored donors at a breakfast that raised more than $1.5 million for his campaign. Woody Johnson, a top fundraiser, told the crowd the campaign is ‘‘halfway’’ to its ultimate fundraising goals for the election.

Romney was spending the rest of the day in Boston, preparing for Friday’s start of a four-state bus trip and an announcement, expected soon, on his running mate.


I’m gonna be honest, I can’t tell what you want to do, Mitt, are you trying to mud-sling or are you just trying to hope your accusations make an impact on the rest of the nations; Cause all I hear is whining up the ass.


Now for some bad news, higher gas prices.


Refinery fire could boost gas prices nationwide


Motorists in West Coast states are about to see a big spike in gas prices, the fallout from a fire that cut production at one of the region’s largest oil refineries.

Gasoline prices, now averaging $3.88 a gallon in California, $3.72 in Washington and $3.69 in Oregon, could surge to $4.15 to $4.25 a gallon over the next week to 10 days following Monday’s partial shutdown of a Chevron refinery in Richmond, Calif.

Nationally, gasoline prices have climbed 27 cents a gallon in the past month. While the refinery fire will drive prices along the West Coast, it will also lift the national average — now $3.65 a gallon — above year-ago levels.

“August looks like a very touch-and-go month for the entire country,” says Oil Price Information Service energy analyst Tom Kloza, who expects price relief after Labor Day. For the year to date, gasoline has averaged $3.61 a gallon — 10 cents more than 2011’s full year average, the most expensive year ever, he says.

Patrick DeHaan, senior oil analyst for gasbuddy.com, expects California, Oregon and western Washington state to experience price spikes like the ones that hit major parts of the Midwest in June, when an Illinois refinery shut down and three others in the state cut production.

“The West Coast is on the launch pad waiting for takeoff,” DeHaan says. “We’re talking over $4 a gallon, easily. It’s not going to be good for motorists.”

Prices in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota remain up to 39 cents a gallon higher than the national average of $3.65 a gallon, according to the Oil Price Information Service. “The infection is going to spread from the Midwest to the West Coast,” DeHaan says.

Wholesale prices in San Francisco and Los Angeles have already spiked more than 30 cents a gallon, some of the biggest one-day jumps ever. Those prices have yet to fully pass through at the pump, but are expected to continue pushing prices up through mid-August.

The Richmond refinery supplies about 140,000 barrels of gasoline a day, about 15% of northern California’s daily consumption, Kloza says. Regional inventories were already low compared with the rest of the nation, he says.

Crude oil is up sharply since bottoming near $77 a barrel June 28. Wednesday, benchmark West Intermediate traded at nearly $95 before settling off 32 cents to $93.35 on news that weekly U.S. demand eased for the first time since June.

Monday’s refinery fire caused billowing smoke for miles, prompting hundreds of nearby residents to seek medical care for eye irritation and breathing issues.

The blaze in the refinery’s No. 4 Crude Unit was contained in about five hours, Chevron said, although there was a minor flareup Wednesday. Three employees suffered minor injuries.

The five-hour refinery fire caused billowing smoke for miles. Doctors Medical Center in nearby San Pablo said more than 300 people sought help, complaining of eye irritation and breathing problems. And Kaiser Permanente’s Richmond Medical Center said it treated more than 350 people with respiratory concerns.

Carol Bluitt, who lives blocks from the refinery, says she was traumatized by the blaze. “You could clearly tell there was something toxic in the air,” she says. “My eyes were really, really red and running.”


So why has the cost of living in the US grown so high in the span of 12 years? Well let’s start with war expenditures, compensation for the loss of military families, gas prices going up, it’d only a matter of time before everyone and their mom would be paying an arm and a leg just to live in the US. I mean in the last 6 years alone I’ve watched burger prices rise by at least 2 bucks. Now remember that 5 dollar bacon burger you always used to get, well that’s about 7 or 8 bucks now. Higher taxes, higher fees, higher everything, what are we to become the next Japan?
Speaking of Japan….


Police Tell Bullying Victim To “Forget” Broken Bones

Author: Artefact


Now police as well as teachers have come under fire, this time for telling a boy who was beaten unconscious and suffered broken ribs and PTSD in as a result of bullying that “it’d be best to forget about” the attack, and for refusing to accept any crime had taken place.

A 13-year-old middle schooler at a private school in Tokyo’s Tama region found himself being bullied, a distressingly common state of affairs it would seem.

According to his mother, the bullying started with classmates making him strip and wash his hair with soap, and dumping his clothes and bento in a bin, but soon escalated even further. Teachers apparently knew but did nothing.

In January matters came to a head – quite literally – when his classmates bashed him into unconsciousness by banging his head on a concrete corridor floor at the school, requiring him to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.

He was found to be suffering a broken rib and was subsequently diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, preventing him from attending school. He was transferred out of the school several months later.

His parents were unsurprisingly aghast at what had been done to him, and attempted to report the incident to police as a case of battery, making 4 or 5 different reports.

Police merely told them “it’d be best for you to forget about this as soon as possible” and that “the offender is 12 so even if we did press charges not much is likely to happen,” refusing to accept any of the reports.

The parents have said they intend to try suing the boy responsible (or his parents) if police refuse to act on the offence they reported.

Part of the reason for their refusal, and perhaps the reason why Japan boasts such a famously high conviction rate, is likely that police performance and promotion prospects are judged by the number of successful prosecutions – and rather than allow any convictions to fail, police instead merely ignore crimes which might be difficult or inconvenient to prosecute whilst attempting to wring confessions out of or pile unrelated charges onto those in weak positions.

Police have predictably refused to comment on the incident, whilst the school now says it is all well in hand:

“The student who attacked him was advised to drop out of the school and left in January. Regarding the bullying, we were contacted by police in June and are explaining the situation to them.”

Coming after a series of recent school scandals – the suicide of a Shiga schoolboy, a boy tortured with cigarette burns who teachers tried to expel after deeming he had “consented” to the abuse, a girl who was sent home in tears after teachers forcibly cut her hair “for being too long,” and of course the usual ongoing litany of sexual misconduct by staff, there is fast developing a sense that Japan’s schools are beyond help…


Oh Japan, scared that your school’s reputation is on the line just cause of a little student trouble? Excuse me? You know if we did this kind of shit in the west, these schools would be shut down in an instant. Japan’s not corrupt per se, they’re just not very bright when it comes to management of these kinds of things.


Oh and just in case you were wondering about anime, well….


“True Route”: Ore no Imouto Anime gets “That” Ending!?

Author: Artefact


As if the situation surrounding Ore no Imouto’s many “endings” were not complicated enough already, the anime is now to receive a newly reworked 13 episode “true route special edition” run.

The broadcasts hit Japanese network on the 13th of October, with the exact nature of the “true route” unclear (the visual novel edition introduced scores of different endings with varying levels of canonicity, some of which have become quite famous).

However, as the “true route” season 1 is intended to serve as a run-up to the impending second season, it will presumably clear up the confusing mess of endings and episode orders which plagued the original, and allow much further bickering between advocates of Kirino or Kuroneko’s supremacy.

Meanwhile, those who accuse it of being a gussied up rerun with options on a new disc release are surely being overly cynical…


Let’s end this day on a good note shall we?



5 dumbest criminals


SCREENWRITERS ALL over the world owe a debt to UK police constable Jason Mepham. He recently made a real-life arrest which makes the most far-fetched screenplay believable.

Trying to nab a bad guy, PC Mepham blasted him with pepper spray—but the wind changed and blew the stuff into the officer’s own eyes. Owww!

As he staggered around blinded, another villain punched him, dislocating his jaw. Double owww!

A second police officer fired his Taser to stun the villains. But he accidentally blasted PC Mepham, who collapsed. Triple owww.

One of the bad guys kicked the downed officer in the head. But the boot miraculously re-located PC Mepham’s jaw.

Hooray. The cops ended up arresting the villains.

There has been a spate of cases around the world recently in which destiny has been on the side of the good guys.

1. A toothless robber in Beijing tried to rob a bank to finance a new set of teeth. But Li Han, 43, couldn’t make himself understood. All the teller at the bank heard was: “Umm ung umm ung umm.” Li had to repeat his demands five times. By then cops had arrived.

2. A man tried to rob a bank after paying US$500 to a wizard to make him invisible. Thinking no one could see him, he strolled into a bank in Tehran and started snatching money out of people’s hands. He was astonished when angry customers wrestled him to the ground. He told police HE was the victim. “A big trick was played on me,” he said.

3. A robber successfully robbed a bank in Germany. But when he noticed mistakes in the newspaper report, he complained via email to reporters and cops. Within hours, police tracked him down and arrested him.

4. A US man was given a prison sentence for driving while drunk. He went home, got blind drunk and drove himself to jail. Prison officers released the Massachusetts man, 42, so he could be taken to court and charged with a new crime.

5. A Hong Kong robber waited until he was in a bank before trying to pull a stocking over his head, former top police officer JS Lam recently revealed in his column on this page. But (as all women know) putting on stockings is a difficult job needing two hands and many years of practice. “He failed miserably, dropping his bag and toy pistol in the process,” Mr Lam said.

But there was one recent “dumb criminal” who gets sympathy from me. Mark Smith, 53, tried to rob a bank in Watsonville, California.

The bank manager urged him to take out a loan instead.

Mr Smith was filling in a large pile of forms when officers arrived to arrest him.

Hang on. Most people, including me, have been trying to find places to park our meager savings.

I went to a bank last week. Have you seen the way bankers give you zero interest on your savings, but charge a fortune for loans? The banks ARE the robbers. California cops: you arrested the wrong person.



That’s our show for this week, tune in next week and maybe I’ll have a chat with the ‘wine dude’.





Suicidal Friday with Plugs

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As you people have undoubtedly guessed by now, The Pony Show Weekend Edition post was trashed. First of all, this isn’t a porn blog, I don’t post porn on here, so don’t come here hoping to see it. This blog has been for a long time a news blog of sorts with a few pieces of anime mixed in. I don’t need a ton of hits on one post just reach post markers of over 100 a day. I think that’s ludicrous to rely on a single post for higher popularity. One quick plug for you guys, then we’ll head to news. For all of you that enjoy R34, here’s something.


Anyway, let’s get to the news.



Shiga Suicide Bullies “Will Be Arrested”

Author: Artefact

Police have finally announced plans to arrest the bullies who tormented their classmate into killing himself, whilst it has emerged that the ringleader’s mother was head of the school’s PTA and along with the teachers apparently did everything she could to pin the blame on the victim’s family.

3 of his schoolmates are expected to be charged with 6 charges of assault and extortion, although as they will be charged as juveniles they will not face any time in prison.

As the scandal unfolded it was widely rumoured that the parents of the boys responsible were well connected, and this was one of the reasons the school refused to accept any connection with the victim’s suicide and the bullying it did nothing about.

It appears this was correct – the father of “boy A” was the director of a company in Kyoto, and his mother chaired the school’s PTA.

Rather than investigating the circumstances of the bullying, she was busily spreading word that “the boy who killed himself had family issues, and our boy was only listening to his problems” and that “they were just sparring to let off steam.”

She had her son transferred to another school after the boy’s suicide, fearing a scandal might disrupt his education, and he is said to have proved popular at his new school (although other reports say he has been “ignored”).

Whilst police still have still yet to arrest the boys accused of bullying their classmate to death, they have been busy making other arrests – including a 69-year-old man who sent a letter to the prefectural governor in which he threatened to kill one of the bullies, and a 16-year-old high schooler who managed to get the school closed with a fake bomb threat.

Whilst public and political pressure is now such that it is hard to imagine police not arresting the boy’s tormentors, there is much doubt as to whether they will face any meaningful sanction or any action will be taken against the school authorities who ignored his plight and then attempted to cover up the scandal.

So as we can see, bullying isn’t the right way to go, so ya don’t bully your peers. Who knows, you may end up working for them one day, then you’ll get your comeuppance. So it’s been a while since I posted a figurine so have at thee.



Touko Kurosawa Bondage Ero-Figure

Author: Leon

Daiki Kougyo’s latest ero-figure features original character Touko Kurosawa in some mild bondage action, whose clothes (or what remains of them) can be removed in order to prevent her overheating – though the manacles stay on come what may.

The figure will be available in December 2012.


So let’s talk about free ATM cash, a guy spread the word on it on Facebook…well we can tell what happened then.



CBA customers used Facebook to spread work about ‘free’ ATM cash

WA POLICE have charged 19 Commonwealth Bank customers over a series of ATM bank frauds after a technical glitch allowed them to withdraw large sums of money, overdrawing on their accounts. Major Fraud Squad detectives have laid 197 charges over the string of frauds, which happened across WA between December 2010 and March 2011.Police said the CBA customers withdrew money they were not entitled to during routine software maintenance.

The police investigation, code-named Operation Elvaston, honed in on social networking sites which the offenders used to brag to about the scheme.

Police said it appeared that the offenders had initially stumbled upon the glitch by fluke, but then spread the word through Twitter and Facebook.

More than $200,000 was stolen and another $7 million attempted to be accessed throught the ATMs as part of the scam. In one case, a customer was able to steal $30,000 in multiple ATM transactions.
Det-Const Jennie Ayre said CBA had identified a weakness in its software maintenance systems and the glitch was uncovered during checks of their record keeping. The case was referred to the Major Fraud Squad in May 2011.

“The Major Fraud Squad commenced an investigation and identified Commonwealth customers that had been withdrawing funds in excess of what was in their account,” Det-Const Ayre said.

Customers were identified through social networking sites and on CCTV at ATM locations.

Det-Const Ayre said said police were seeking numerous other people who had capitalised on the glitch and advised them to contact the bank to arrange a payment plan to repay the money.

“I think it was just a fluke. Someone has found out and it’s just spread,” she said.

“If you don’t have the money in the account, it’s not yours to take. You are not entitled to the money and it’s a criminal offence of stealing.”

The glitch has been fixed.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of seven years’ in jail.

And Abrakadabra San Bernadino County files for bankruptcy.

SAN BERNARDINO – An attorney’s move to collect $1.4million the city had agreed to pay to the families of three men killed by police prompted an early bankruptcy filing to avoid paying the settlements, officials said Thursday.“He was moving to execute, and had the judge taken action the city wouldn’t have been able to make its next payroll,” said City Attorney James F. Penman. “Bankruptcy protection prevents him from seizing our assets.”

In addition to three cases alleging excessive force, which Penman declined to elaborate on, he said another creditor had begun trying to seize machinery from the city last week.

Woodland Hills-based attorney Dale Galipo said he tried to get the judge to force payment or prioritize settlement payments in the three police cases – which the city, plaintiffs and judge had agreed to at various points over the past year – because he wanted to make sure his clients were paid.

“In our judicial system, we operate in good faith,” Galipo said. “I’m very disappointed, and I’m very concerned for my clients, and I’m trying to do everything to make sure they get what was agreed to.”

Galipo said the city agreed to pay the families of Cedric May, Jerriel Da’Shawn Allen and Terry Wayne Nash $525,000, $530,000 and $686,000 respectively.

The city already paid $325,000 in the May case, he said.

A closer look at the three cases follows:

Police shot May in 2009, and reported at the time that May grabbed an officer’s genitals and Taser while fighting with police.

The shooting happened the night May’s family had a barbecue to celebrate his release from jail the previous day. Family members said at the time that contrary to police statements, he was shot after being handcuffed.

Allen was 19 when he was shot by officers after a chase in which a vehicle crashed through three backyard fences.

He was a passenger in a Chevrolet Tahoe that reportedly ran a stop sign, then kicked up dust, making it difficult for officers to see.

Authorities said at the trial they had heard someone yell “shoot ’em, shoot ’em,” and had seen Allen look at officers with his hands hidden.

Allen was later determined to be unarmed and reaching for his marijuana.

Nash, also known as Terry Jackson, died in police custody in 2011 after a Taser was repeatedly used on him.

Officers said Nash, a 250-pound 22-year-old who reportedly had paranoid schizophrenia and was under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana, continued struggling even while they were waiting for an ambulance.

A federal jury in Los Angeles determined police were unnecessarily rough and improperly denied medical aid on the scene.

The city’s delay of payments may backfire, Galipo said.

“This bankruptcy may not last forever, and two or three years from now, I may be asking a jury for 3 or 4 million dollars,” he said. “(City officials) may say they should have been more reasonable now.”

Emergency filing

But the decision to file an emergency bankruptcy petition may help City Hall if any creditors challenge San Bernardino’s eligibility for bankruptcy protection, said attorney Michael Sweet of the San Francisco offices of Fox Rothschild.

Sweet, who advised officials in the Bay Area city of Richmond on a plan to avert a bankruptcy filing, said bankruptcy law makes it easier for debtors to file a case without going through a mediation process with their creditors if the debtor could lose money in a court judgement.

San Bernardino’s situation is particularly interesting, Sweet said, because he views the case as combining aspects of the Orange County and Vallejo bankruptcies.

Orange County went bankrupt in 1994 after the failure of the county’s investment policies. Its treasurer at the time, Robert Citron, ended up pleading guilty to multiple criminal charges.

Vallejo, the first California city to declare and emerge from bankruptcy, took the action because its revenues fell far short of its financial commitments, Sweet said.

Allegations that San Bernardino’s financial records have been falsified for 13 of the past 16 years complicate things, Sweet said.

“Here you’ve got both things, which make for an extraordinary mess,” Sweet said.

Penman said he did not expect any difficulties as a result of the early bankruptcy filing, although it would have been more efficient to file all paperwork at once.

“I don’t think there’s any substantive difference,” he said, “other than we were hoping to use the next two weeks to gather more information and file more documentation with the initial filing pages.”

Those documents should still be filed by the middle of the month, Penman said.

The city’s employees are among the creditors who may choose to challenge City Hall in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Any decisions to contest the city’s claims, however, will not be made until San Bernardino officials show more information on the city’s financial condition. The initial filing contained only minimal information, such as the city having more than $1billion worth of assets and liabilities.

“There are some questions about what their actual numbers are, and we need to see the numbers that are filed under penalty of perjury,” said Corey Glave, the attorney who represents San Bernardino Professional Firefighters.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association’s attorney, Dieter Dammeier, does not anticipate any challenges to the bankruptcy itself but will be keeping guard to make sure the city doesn’t impose any changes to officers’ labor contract without a judicial order.

“If the city deviates from the status quo, we probably would challenge that,” he said.

Other city employees haven’t seen any changes to their working conditions now that the filing is official, but labor representative George Swift said he’s contemplating a meeting with the city manager and finance director to see San Bernardino’s books.

That’s our show for tonight folks, see you all next week, same bullshit time same bullshit face. Goodnight everyone.

SAN BERNARDINO – An attorney’s move to collect $1.4million the city had agreed to pay to the families of three men killed by police prompted an early bankruptcy filing to avoid paying the settlements, officials said Thursday.

“He was moving to execute, and had the judge taken action the city wouldn’t have been able to make its next payroll,” said City Attorney James F. Penman. “Bankruptcy protection prevents him from seizing our assets.”

In addition to three cases alleging excessive force, which Penman declined to elaborate on, he said another creditor had begun trying to seize machinery from the city last week.

Woodland Hills-based attorney Dale Galipo said he tried to get the judge to force payment or prioritize settlement payments in the three police cases – which the city, plaintiffs and judge had agreed to at various points over the past year – because he wanted to make sure his clients were paid.

“In our judicial system, we operate in good faith,” Galipo said. “I’m very disappointed, and I’m very concerned for my clients, and I’m trying to do everything to make sure they get what was agreed to.”

New Mittxico is found at six flags

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So like I promised 1 to two posts week starting this week since our summer is officially over as of August first and our fall readiness program will begin. However all is not well with the world, and we need to know why, so let’s begin.


Dog Days Untamed

Author: Leon



Wanko anime Dog Days is almost there in its latest episode, showing plenty of flesh but apparently saving the important bits for the disc-buying elite…


The gallery as usual can be seen on the site. Also, LB was finally announced so, let’s get that out of the way.


Little Busters Anime Finally Unveiled

Author: Artefact



Legendarily long-awaited Key anime Little Busters! may have attracted as much attention for who it is not being animated by as for its actual announcement, but that has not stopped enthusiastic optimists from excitedly hailing the release of its first trailer with some anticipation.

The trailer, announcing TV broadcasts are to being in October:




That being said, the gallery of posts can be seen on there. So let’s talk Romney.


Mitt Romney ‘providence’ comments in Israel outrage Palestinians


Palestinian leaders expressed offence and outrage at comments by Mitt Romney during his lightning visit to Israel, in which he said the Jewish state’s economic success compared with its Palestinian neighbours was due to “cultural” differences and the “hand of providence”, and declared Jerusalem to be “the capital of Israel”.

The presumptive Republican candidate in the the US presidential race told a $25,000 (£16,000)-a-head fundraising event in Jerusalem: “As I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognise the power of at least culture and a few other things.”

He cited a climate of innovation, the Jewish history of thriving in adversity, and the “hand of providence”.

Saeb Erekat, a senior Palestinian official, condemned Romney’s comments. “It is a racist statement, and this man doesn’t realise that the Palestinian economy cannot reach its potential because there is an Israeli occupation,” he said.

“It seems to me this man lacks information, knowledge, vision and understanding of this region and its people. He also lacks knowledge about the Israelis themselves. I have not heard any Israeli official speak about cultural superiority.”

Romney, who did not visit the West Bank while in the Holy Land, made no mention of either Israel’s 45-year occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, nor its continuing blockade of Gaza, both of which have had a catastrophic impact on the Palestinian economy.

The consensus of international economists, including the IMF and the World Bank, is that the Palestinian economy will fail to develop firm foundations and sustained growth until Israeli restrictions on imports, exports and the movement of goods are lifted.

Romney’s comparison between the Israeli and Palestinian economies drew on figures substantially different from those cited by the World Bank. Romney said: “As you come here and you see the [gross domestic product] per capita, for instance, in Israel, which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality.”

According to the World Bank, however, Israel’s per-capita GDP was about $31,000 in 2011, while the West Bank and Gaza’s was just over $1,500.

More than 40 people attended Romney’s fundraising breakfast at Jerusalem’s famous King David hotel, amassing more than $1m for the Republican election campaign. The event was moved from Sunday after Romney aides realised it had been scheduled during Tisha B’Av, a Jewish day of mourning and fasting.

Sheldon Adelson, the Jewish-American billionaire casino magnate who has bankrolled Romney’s presidential campaign, sat next to the candidate at a U-shaped table. Adelson also owns Israel Hayom, the Jewish state’s biggest-circulation newspaper, which is a staunch supporter of Binyamin Netanyahu’s government.

Among the other guests were the New York Jets owner, Woody Johnson, and the hedge fund manager Paul Singer. Donors ate a typical Israeli breakfast of salads, cheeses, yoghurt and pastries.

Romney, who introduced his eldest son, Josh, to the gathering, said he had “read a number of books” on what makes countries successful.

He added: “I am overwhelmingly impressed with the hand of providence, whenever it chooses to apply itself, and also the greatness of the human spirit, and how individuals who reach for greatness and have purpose above themselves are able to build and accomplish things that could only be done by a species created in the image of God.”

During a speech on Sunday delivered against the backdrop of the historic old city at sunset, Romney described Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel”. Erekat said the remark was “absolutely unacceptable”.

A second senior Palestinian official, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, said the statement was unhelpful to peace negotiations, pointing out it “contradict[ed] the previous positions held by the American administration”.

The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. East Jerusalem was occupied in 1967 and later annexed by Israel in a move not recognised by the international community. The future of Jerusalem is one of the most complex and delicate issues in negotiations on a possible peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

All foreign embassies, including that of the US, are in Tel Aviv, with consular services based in Jerusalem. According to a statement, the White House official policy is: “The status of Jerusalem is an issue that should be resolved in final status negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. We continue to work with the parties to resolve this issue and others in a way that is just and fair, and respects the rights and aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians.”


If Romney can get the Pale’s and the Jews to play nice, I might actually vote for him. I mean, it’s pretty ground breaking to have the 2 biggest warring countries fighting over an invisible man that never existed. Course, if he does, it’ll be an even bigger shock to the rest of the US than killing Osama.


Kryptonite particles found in new Superman ride


VALLEJO, Calif. —

Twelve people were stuck Sunday afternoon for nearly two hours on the new Superman roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.

Two cars stalled at the highest point of the ride, 150-feet high, around 2:30 p.m. and riders were upright, according to witnesses.

Rescuers used a crane to release the cars from the track shortly after 4 p.m., according to a spokeswoman for the park.

Every ride is checked every morning to make sure it runs properly and the Superman wide was checked Sunday morning and no problems were found, according to the park spokeswoman.

The park president said he doesn’t believe there was a mechanical problem with the ride.

Park mechanics have not yet investigated what led to the stall. The ride will stay offline until they complete their investigation.

The Superman ride opened on June 30 and is 15 stories tall at its highest point and reaches speeds of 62 mph.

This is not the first time there have been roller coaster issues at the Six Flags park.

In August of 2010, the boomerang ride got stuck in the upright position for about an hour with 26 people on board.


Louisiana police got bored and are looking into dirty license plates.


State police watching for dirty tags


Associated Press Reporting

Louisiana state police and local law enforcement agencies are telling motorists to clean off their dirty license plates.

State police say in a news release the motorists caught with their license plates obscured in any way, including by dirt, mud or frames that cover part of the plate, could be ticketed.

Louisiana law requires vehicle license plates be clearly displayed, as well as illuminated at night by license plate lights.

Col. Michael Edmonson, state police superintendent, says clean license plates can help citizens more easily report reckless or impaired drivers, as well as vehicles involved in criminal acts.


Next up, ermahgerd. How the fuck is this news?




By now you all know about the ERMAHGERD meme, using the twisted face of some poor girl from the ’90s for the expression of excitement and the belittling of those with speech impediments. It showed up on the weird shadowy side of the Internet a few months back and just now started gaining traction with the normals.

You know, that poor lady is probably sitting at a Denny’s right now writing a suicide note because some ass clown found her picture at a garage sale and dredged up old feelings of loneliness and pain of adolescence.

But as the meme would say, it has, jermped teh sherk. Nowadays if you don’t get on the ground floor of a meme the first few weeks, you get buried under the weight of a million others on Facebook, attaching a political cause to something that doesn’t need to be attached to.


Or something like that.

That’s why I came up with eight or so inappropriate ERMAHGERD, because before now this meme has been too cutesy and dear. Pain, death, misery, hatred, these things deserve to be memes.

Er, merms.


Next up, The Olympic flame has died. Now they have to sacrifice 12 vestal virgins, six ping-pong players and start war with Persia.

The Olympic Flame Dies, Gets Unceremoniously Relit By Old Guy On a Cherry Picker


This is not a metaphor: the Olympic Flame has died for real, as technicians were moving the cauldron to a new location in the stadium. Now, they have to sacrifice 12 virgin ping-pong players and start a war with the Persians.

Actually, they just sent some old guy named Austin Playfoot on a cherry picker to re-light it. It looked more ridiculous than majestic, but it did the trick. At least Mr. Playfoot was one of the Olympic Torch-bearers, both this year and back in the 1948 London Olympics.

According to millenary tradition, the flame has to burn inside its cauldron for the duration of the game. It went out this Sunday, 11:14pm London time.

Thankfully, it was not accidentally extinguished by London’s perpetual rain. It had to be extinguished for security reasons before the cauldron was moved to a new location. Before unceremoniously turning off the gas, they lit up the torch that was used by Mr. Playfoot to relight the cauldron this morning.

The move follows strong criticism by British media, which has been hammering the games’ organizers’ decision to place the cauldron in a place where it can’t be seen from anyone outside of the stadium—something that apparently has never happened in Olympic history. Their strong criticism included words like bloody, git, knobhead, cabbage and how dare they. They also wrote organizers in the traditional British way: organisers.


And now more Olympic fails.


Olympics epic fail

Man gripped by Olympic fever tries to swim to America… and fails


After a pulsating and pounding opening ceremony on Friday night, and world record’s being broken left, right and centre on the days that followed, it seems as if Olympic fever has gripped us all. There’s no doubt about it, people’s interest in sport has shot through the roof, and so have people’s expectations.

For one man, it inspired him to try and swim to America from Biarritz, southern France, without any training or equipment. In short, he had gone out of his mind on the Olympics.

Despite his insistence that he was up to the challenge, he was rescued by coastguards just off the coast who convinced him that it probably wasn’t a good idea to continue, in what will no doubt be one of many epic fails at the Olympics.

It’s thought that the 34-year-old holidaymaker was visiting Biarritz with friends. He told them that he was planning to swim to New York, 3,594 miles away, to carry the Olympic spirit across the Atlantic.

They let him go because they thought he was joking and knew that he was a strong swimmer.

At 3.30pm, lifeguards watched as he swam past the buoys 300 yards out to sea, which mark the legal limit for swimmers. He then continued to swim until he was out of sight.

At this point, lifeguards called out a helicopter and a diver dropped into the sea and explained to the man that it was a good idea to turn back.

At the same time, lifeguards arrived in a rescue dinghy. The man then realised that he might have made a mistake, so lifeguards threw him a line and towed him back to the beach.

Laurent Saintespes, senior officer at Biarritz airbase told Agence France Presse: “He was a bit naive. But at a time when the Olympics are taking place in London you have to see the funny side of things.”

Have you seen any epic fails at the Olympics yet? What’s been your best bit?

Oh, and here’s an epic fail by Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, a few days ago:



Oh did you hear about the 19 year old that tried to use twitter to join the National Guard?


Kent State student accused of tweeting threat instructed to stay away from school, president


COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Kent State University student accused of posting a message on Twitter saying he planned to “shoot up” the northeastern Ohio campus has been instructed to stay away from the school and its president.

Nineteen-year-old William Koberna will be released Monday after posting part of a $50,000 bond set at Portage County Municipal Court. He will be required to wear a GPS tracking device and to stay away from university President Lester Lefton and the school.

Koberna was arrested Sunday at his parents’ home in the Cleveland suburb of Brunswick. The sophomore has been charged with inducing panic, a felony, and aggravated menacing. A preliminary hearing is scheduled Friday.

University officials say Koberna posted a tweet July 25 that included the threat: “I’m shooting up your school ASAP.”


And finally,  a 74 year old man gets police to chase him around at 105 miles an hour.


Driver, 74, injured while fleeing police



A 74-year-old Peoria man was airlifted to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center on Sunday morning and remained in serious condition after he crashed while trying to flee police.

David Carlson, of 3232 W. Westport Road, was driving eastbound on Illinois Route 90 at 11:50 p.m. Saturday without a passenger side headlight, according to a report on the incident. Carlson initially appeared to pull over to the right side of the road but then sped away.

During the chase down Route 90, a Peoria County Sheriff’s deputy reported that Carlson reached speeds approaching 105 mph while passing westbound vehicles.

Carlson apparently did not see the turn in the road at the intersection of Route 90 and Illinois Route 91 and smashed straight through the guardrail. The car then ramped off the side of a ditch and went airborne over the nearby Holmes Road, coming to a rest in a corn field on the south side of Holmes.

When fire rescue officials attempted to extract Carlson from the wreckage, he was briefly unconscious and then awoke, confessing that he’d been drinking earlier. Later blood tests showed his blood alcohol content to be 0.137 percent.

Police issued Carlson citations for driving under the influence of alcohol, aggravated attempt to elude police, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and driving with only one headlight.

A 74-year-old Peoria man was airlifted to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center on Sunday morning and remained in serious condition after he crashed while trying to flee police.

David Carlson, of 3232 W. Westport Road, was driving eastbound on Illinois Route 90 at 11:50 p.m. Saturday without a passenger side headlight, according to a report on the incident. Carlson initially appeared to pull over to the right side of the road but then sped away.

During the chase down Route 90, a Peoria County Sheriff’s deputy reported that Carlson reached speeds approaching 105 mph while passing westbound vehicles.

Carlson apparently did not see the turn in the road at the intersection of Route 90 and Illinois Route 91 and smashed straight through the guardrail. The car then ramped off the side of a ditch and went airborne over the nearby Holmes Road, coming to a rest in a corn field on the south side of Holmes.

When fire rescue officials attempted to extract Carlson from the wreckage, he was briefly unconscious and then awoke, confessing that he’d been drinking earlier. Later blood tests showed his blood alcohol content to be 0.137 percent.

Police issued Carlson citations for driving under the influence of alcohol, aggravated attempt to elude police, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and driving with only one headlight.

That’s our show for today folks, I’ll see you guys on the flipside. Good night, everybody.

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Since we are moving into Autumn and Winter, I’m going to go ahead and make this clear to my readers, the daily posts will be discontinued after today. I will once again return to my 2 a week posting schedule so I can make time for my series which I haven’t even had time to write all summer since I’ve been enjoying so much of it. But alas, everything must come to an eventual end. Case-in-point, we are moving on so you’ll get to see more of the series I’m writing and less news since I have to take time to craft a story. On top of that fall means I’m more than likely heading back to the condo fairly soon which means when I’m done using the computer here, I will be thinking of how to craft stories and posting that on my story blog.  That aside, school will inevitably be starting once again so my time will once again be limited. So without further ado, let’s move onto the last blog post of the summer.


Imouto ga Iru!: “What Is With This Anime & Traffic Accidents?”

Author: Leon





Sexy girls and an unbelievably poor road safety record have been driving interest in generic harem anime Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!…


The gallery can be seen on site. Next up is a fun little story about a mother selling her kids cause she doesn’t have enough money.


Mothers Sold Kids Online: “My Husband Isn’t Paid Enough!”

Author: Artefact


6 mothers have been arrested for hawking lewd pictures of their daughters – one as young as 7 months – to creepy lolicon online, all of them claiming they just needed the money – although their unwillingness to work or even pursue similar avenues themselves seems to have ensured them very little sympathy indeed.

Police arrested 6 mothers in their twenties, thirties and forties across Japan for distributing child pornography after investigating the 44-year-old man who had been buying their services using an online auction site.

From 2009 to 2011, the women had been providing the man with pictures of their daughters, aged from 7 months to 8, for ¥1,000 for a snap and ¥1,000-5,000 for a movie. One mother made some ¥75,000 in sales from her child alone.

The transactions apparently began in 2005 when the man bought a pair of used pantsu from one of the mothers who had put them up for auction.

He then asked for pictures, only to be told she had no camera, so he generously sent her the money to buy one. He also helpfully sent them pictures of other girls so they would know the proper poses to make their children take.

All of the mothers involved admitted doing it for the money, with one saying she was thinking of divorce and so “needed the money” and another complaining that “my husband wasn’t paid enough.” Another was on welfare.

One even claims that “As I just secretly snapped her coming out of the bath without her noticing, I didn’t think it constituted a crime.”

None of the women knew each other, and it appears they all came to be acquainted with the man only through auctions they initiated.

They are all said to regret their actions and fear the pictures they took have spread online, although it is probably a little late for this.

Online there is bewilderment at both how they could treat their children in this way, and why it never occurred to them to get a job – any job:

“Their poor daughters…”

“Sell pictures of yourself instead!”

“So does that idiot who thought it wasn’t a crime think it was otherwise OK to this to her?”

“Get a job if you’re in your twenties…”

“A 7-month-old…”

“You can get buy on welfare without doing something like this, I’m sure.”

“God knows what they wanted to blow all the cash on.”

“Couldn’t they manage any part-time job? If they are that desperate, they really ought to sell their own bodies before doing that to their daughters.”

“Why couldn’t they appear in AVs themselves?”

“I guess these old hags couldn’t have sold pics of themselves either.”

“It’s disgusting that they’d do this to them when they weren’t ready to sell themselves.”

“I cannot believe their excuses will fly. In Europe or the US, they’d surely be declared unfit parents, have their kids taken away and be looking at a 20 year sentence.”

“They are trying to blame this guy for it, but they were the ones who started selling stuff online first…”

And finally, just in case you though China’s improved over the years, well they haven’t.


China Menaced by Exploding Soy Sauce

Author: Artefact


Even China’s best known traditional sauce is exhibiting explosive properties, with diners throughout China now in danger of being unexpectedly seasoned.

A 1.9 litre bottle of soy sauce was found to have exploded in a village dining facility, generously spraying the room with its contents.

The bottle was supposedly only 5 months old and had a shelf life of 18 months, but secondary fermentation had taken place, causing pressure in the bottle to build to explosive levels.

Soy sauce is normally pasteurised after fermentation, sterilising it and stopping further fermentation; this process was apparently omitted or botched in the case of the exploding bottle.

A variety of similar cases have been reported; Chinese media has been stressing the importance of not leaving soy sauce in warm places for long periods of time lest it explode.

Next up, are you sure you own a kindle? 2% are unsure.


Are you a two percenter?




Next up, chick-fil-a’s head honcho dies of heart attack…


PR Honcho Dies
of Heart Attack


A key member of the Chick-fil-A public relations department died of a heart attack this morning … this in the middle of the biggest PR crisis the fast food chain has ever faced.

Chick-fil-A released a statement saying, “We are saddened to report the news to you that our dear friend Don Perry, vice president of public relations, passed away suddenly this morning.”

As Chick-fil-A came under fire for its stance against gay marriage … Perry spoke on behalf of the restaurant chain in an effort to smooth things over with the public … promising to “leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”

Chick-fil-A added, “Don was a member of our Chick-fil-A family for nearly 29 years.  He was a well-respected and well-liked media executive in the Atlanta and University of Georgia communities, and we will all miss him.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”


And lastly, this idiot shoplifted books on ethics.


Prospect man accused of shoplifting book on ethics




University of Louisville Police are accusing a Prospect man of stealing a textbook called “Resolving Ethical Issues” and trying to sell it at a bookstore, according to an arrest report.

Terry J. Davis, of the 14200 block of Harbor Place, was arrested Wednesday and charged with theft by unlawful taking by shoplifting, a Class A misdemeanor.

Davis allegedly took the book from 555 S. Floyd St., according to the arrest report. The address is listed as UofL’s Health Sciences Center.

Later, Terry tried allegedly to sell the textbook back at Gray’s College Bookstore, the arrest report said.

The arrest report said surveillance video cameras captured the theft and attempt to sell the book.


And let’s not forget about Oprah.


Posted By Katie Cella


Oprah Winfrey’s special program on India drew the ire of several Indian media outlets on July 21, who called the show “myopic, unaware, ignorant and gauche.” The program was featured in the “Oprah’s Next Chapter” series, which has the long-time talk show star traipsing around outside the studio for “enlightening conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families.”

Her foray in India aired in the United States in April but premiered in India this weekend. The two-episode special featured a trip to some Mumbai slums, the Jaipur Literature Festival and the glitzy homes of Bollywood stars.

Winfrey was criticized for reinforcing exotic and backward stereotypes of India, particularly when she commented that she heard that Indians “still” eat with their hands.  “I don’t know what people in America are eating their hot dogs, pizzas and tacos with but perhaps Oprah’s home has evolved cutlery for all that,” commented Rajyasree Sen, a columnist on Firstpost, an online Indian newspaper.

Rituparna Chatterjee, a blogger on the CNN-IBN website, slammed Oprah’s comment, saying:  “Using our hands to eat is a well established tradition and a fact none of us are ashamed of. Our economic distinction has nothing to do with it… You should know that.”

Winfrey’s interviews with slum-dwellers in Mumbai also provoked backlash. Sen notes:

And the slum is where Oprah’s ‘oh-my-god-how wonderfully-pathetically-quaint-to-be-so-poor’ avatar stepped out in full glory…She asked the children how they could live in such a “tiny” room and actually wanted to know, “Don’t you feel it’s too cramped?” She also asked the six-year-olds whether they were happy. Which must have made them wonder why they shouldn’t be. She then interrogated the father about whether he was happy and satisfied. He got teary-eyed and said that he wished he could earn more and provide for a more comfortable life for his children. After making him weep in front of his family, Oprah said that she knows how awful it is for children to see their father weep. She did look for a shower head in the toilet and seem amazed to hear they bathed with a bucket. And she marveled at how all their clothes fit onto a small shelf. She pointedly avoided any mention of the massive LCD TV which adorned their wall. That would have killed the sob story.”

The OWN has not commented on the attacks from Indian media, but Winfrey had remarked earlier that the trip to India was “her greatest life experience.” Looks like the feeling wasn’t mutual.



I’ll see you all this fall on the Flipside. This is Grass signing out.

Oprah Winfrey’s special program on India drew the ire of several Indian media outlets on July 21, who called the show “myopic, unaware, ignorant and gauche.” The program was featured in the “Oprah’s Next Chapter” series, which has the long-time talk show star traipsing around outside the studio for “enlightening conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families.”

Her foray in India aired in the United States in April but premiered in India this weekend. The two-episode special featured a trip to some Mumbai slums, the Jaipur Literature Festival and the glitzy homes of Bollywood stars.

Winfrey was criticized for reinforcing exotic and backward stereotypes of India, particularly when she commented that she heard that Indians “still” eat with their hands.  “I don’t know what people in America are eating their hot dogs, pizzas and tacos with but perhaps Oprah’s home has evolved cutlery for all that,” commented Rajyasree Sen, a columnist on Firstpost, an online Indian newspaper.

Rituparna Chatterjee, a blogger on the CNN-IBN website, slammed Oprah’s comment, saying:  “Using our hands to eat is a well established tradition and a fact none of us are ashamed of. Our economic distinction has nothing to do with it… You should know that.”

Winfrey’s interviews with slum-dwellers in Mumbai also provoked backlash. Sen notes:

And the slum is where Oprah’s ‘oh-my-god-how wonderfully-pathetically-quaint-to-be-so-poor’ avatar stepped out in full glory…She asked the children how they could live in such a “tiny” room and actually wanted to know, “Don’t you feel it’s too cramped?” She also asked the six-year-olds whether they were happy. Which must have made them wonder why they shouldn’t be. She then interrogated the father about whether he was happy and satisfied. He got teary-eyed and said that he wished he could earn more and provide for a more comfortable life for his children. After making him weep in front of his family, Oprah said that she knows how awful it is for children to see their father weep. She did look for a shower head in the toilet and seem amazed to hear they bathed with a bucket. And she marveled at how all their clothes fit onto a small shelf. She pointedly avoided any mention of the massive LCD TV which adorned their wall. That would have killed the sob story.”

The OWN has not commented on the attacks from Indian media, but Winfrey had remarked earlier that the trip to India was “her greatest life experience.” Looks like the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Mitt Romney marries New North Korean Sarah Palin

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Okay, this title doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but don’t worry it will. Like many of my titles before, they usually encase a good deal of the main news topics that engulf the post. So let’s get some stuff discussed about since I really need sleep after this.


Pyongyang Announces Leader Is Married


SEOUL—North Korea revealed Wednesday that new dictator Kim Jong Eun is married, ending curiosity in and out of the country about the identity of a woman seen in photos with him the past two weeks and drawing another contrast with the leadership style of his father.

State-run media in reports late Wednesday of his visit to an amusement park mentioned in almost off-handed manner that his wife accompanied him—and her name is Ri Sol Ju.

The news represented a significant departure for North Korea’s media, which never showed Mr. Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, with a spouse and rarely showed his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, with one.

Both elder Kims had more than one wife and several consorts. Kim Il Sung’s first wife, who died when Kim Jong Il was a young child, is held up in North Korean propaganda as a heroic soldier who fought Japanese colonialists as her husband did.

Kim Jong Eun, believed to have been born in either 1983 or 1984, faces the challenge of legitimizing his power in a culture that traditionally places great value on seniority by age. “The most compelling narrative is that they’re trying to make him seem adult, responsible—and overcome negative perceptions about his young age,” said Gordon Flake, a Korea watcher and executive director of the Mansfield Foundation in Washington. “It also plays into the narrative that he’s trying to do things differently.”

Like his father and grandfather who ruled before him, the younger Mr. Kim has maintained and, via border crackdowns, sharpened the isolation of North Koreans from the rest of the world.

He has also continued a belligerent diplomacy with the U.S., South Korea and Japan, which are harshly criticized on a daily basis in the North Korean media. North Korea even broke a tentative agreement for U.S. aid by staging a long-range missile test that Washington and others considered provocative.

But Kim Jong Eun has also appeared in public to be more gregarious than his father, smiling, shaking hands and even hugging people. He has also given a long speech publicly, something his father never did.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland on Wednesday extended what amounted to a rare word of praise for the North’s dictator. “We would always wish any kind of newlyweds, you know, well as they embark,” she said, adding the U.S. remained hopeful Mr. Kim will do more to help his impoverished people.

The North’s state media did little to call attention to the news about Ms. Ri, despite the curiosity her appearance has caused in the North and elsewhere in recent weeks. It buried the detail in a staid report about the couple’s visit to an amusement park.

“An opening ceremony took place with splendor on Wednesday. Kim Jong Eun and his wife Ri Sol Ju were present at the ceremony,” said the report, first carried on North Korean radio and TV and later transmitted by its state news agency.

“All the participants enthusiastically welcomed them, loudly shouting ‘Hurrah!'” it added.

Reports early on Wednesday of the amusement park visit by Mr. Kim didn’t mention Ms. Ri, nor did her name appear in caption information with the pictures distributed by the agency.

It’s unknown when the couple married, though some North Korea watchers in South Korea believe it was in 2009.

She emerged about six months after Kim Jong Eun took power following the Dec. 17 death of his father. The transition appeared smooth until last week when North Korea announced the stripping of titles from its top military officer, appointed a successor to that officer, and then conferred a higher military rank on Mr. Kim.

North Korea staged a military ceremony and dance to celebrate those changes, but the actions suggested a purge-like dismissal and possible tension between Mr. Kim and the military.

Speculation about Ms. Ri started when she was photographed sitting next to Mr. Kim at a July 6 concert that drew attention because it featured contemporary rock music and dancers in imitation Walt Disney Co. characters like Mickey Mouse.

South Korean intelligence officials and outside analysts speculated the woman might be Mr. Kim’s wife; his younger sister Kim Yo Chong; or a North Korean rock singer named Hyon Song Wol, who reportedly directed the concert. Later, analysts used previous pictures of Ms. Hyon to rule her out. And with each new appearance—at a memorial event and at visits to nurseries and schools—analysts grew more certain that she was Mr. Kim’s wife.

Following the release of her name Wednesday night, a new round of speculation began as reporters and analysts spotted YouTube videos of a North Korean singer named Ri Sol Ju. It wasn’t immediately clear, however, whether the woman in the video is the same as Mr. Kim’s wife.

And let’s not forget about America’s bitch.


Sarah Palin To Campaign With Ted Cruz in Texas


Sarah Palin is getting back on the campaign trail. She’ll hit the road this Friday at an evening rally for Ted Cruz, Texas candidate for the U.S. Senate, at the Woodlands,  north of Houston, his campaign and a Palin friend confirmed for ABC News.

Palin appeared at an Americans for Prosperity rally earlier this month in Michigan, but she hasn’t been out and about recently in support of candidates she has backed. During the 2010 midterms, she went on tour with the Tea Party Express, making stops throughout the country on behalf of Tea Party candidates.

And it’s not just Palin. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint will also be on hand for the 6 p.m. rally. Glenn Beck will be featured at another rally Thursday at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas and Rick Santorum will be campaigning with Cruz over the weekend, although the details are still being worked out.

Get more pure politics at ABC News.com/Politics and a lighter take on the news at OTUSNews.com

This Friday begins the final weekend before the Texas Republican Senate runoff. Tuesday, Cruz faces off against Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for the seat being vacated by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Dewhurst, a former solicitor general of Texas, is backed by Gov. Rick Perry and was once considered a shoe-in until Palin and other conservative favorites got involved in the race.

Cruz’s communications director James Bernsen said they expect large crowds at both the events in Dallas and Houston. Bernsen told ABC News that after Palin’s endorsement before the May 31 primary they received between 900 and 1,000 online donations almost immediately. A huge boon to their campaign.

The former Alaska governor has a stellar GOP primary endorsement record so far this cycle. She backed Orrin Hatch in his Senate primary in Utah, Richard Mourdock in his primary against Dick Lugar in Indiana, and helped Deb Fischer with her surprise victory in Nebraska. She still has not formally endorsed Mitt Romney nor joined him on the campaign trail.

The Texas senate race is the most expensive in the country so far this cycle, with more than $37 million spent so far. Dewhurst spent $11 million of his own money alone.


And last but not least, Romney!


Mitt Romney in NBC interview: ‘I don’t happen to believe that America needs new gun laws’


Mitt Romney, responding to the deadly shooting rampage in Aurora, Colo., asserted Wednesday that the United States does not need stricter gun laws, saying they could not have stopped the killing of a dozen people by a lone gunman at a movie theater.

“I don’t happen to believe that America needs new gun laws,” Romney said in an interview with NBC News, which was filmed in London on the first day of the candidate’s weeklong trip to Europe and Israel. “A lot of what this young man did was clearly against the law. But the fact that it was against the law did not prevent it from happening.

In 2004, when he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed a state ban on assault weapons — such as the AR-15 allegedly used by accused shooter James Holmes — shortly before a federal ban on the guns expired.

“These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense,” Romney said at the time. “They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

Asked by interviewer Brian Williams whether he stood by those words, Romney deflected.

“Well, I actually signed a piece of legislation, as you described, that banned assault weapons in our state. It was a continuation of prior legislation, and it was backed both by the Second Amendment advocates, like myself, and those that wanted to restrict gun rights because it was a compromise. Both sides got some things improved in the laws as they existed.”

“And I happen to think that with regards to the Aurora, Colo. disaster,” Romney continued, “we’re wise to continue the time of memorial and think of comforting the people affected, and the political implications, legal implications, are something which will be sorted out down the road.”

Romney joined the National Rifle Association in 2006 and has sought the organization’s support by casting himself as a better protector of the Second Amendment than President Obama.

Williams prodded Romney on another past statement: “I don’t line up with the NRA,” Romney said during an unsuccessful bid for the US Senate in 1994.

“Well, on every single issue, there are differences between myself and the NRA,” Romney said Wednesday. “On many issues we share a common commitment to the Second Amendment and the right of people to bear arms, but I’m sure from time to time there’ll be issues where they and I might part — I don’t have one for you right now — but their agenda is not entirely identical with my own.”

Romney flew to London on Tuesday, after addressing the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Reno, Nev.

In that speech, Romney criticized President Obama’s foreign policy record, saying Obama “has given trust where it is not earned, insult where it is not deserved and apology where it is not due.”

On the eve of his foreign tour, Romney said he wanted to speak his mind in Reno because he “wouldn’t venture into another country to question American foreign policy.”

But the ceasefire did not last long. Late Tuesday, London’s Daily Telegraph quoted an anonymous Romney adviser as saying “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and [Romney] feels that the special relationship [between the US and Britain] is special. The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

Early Wednesday, Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg quickly rejected the Anglo-Saxon remark, which the Telegraph said “may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity.”

“If anyone said that, they weren’t reflecting the views of Governor Romney or anyone inside the campaign,” Henneberg said.

Obama adviser David Axelrod called the remark “stunningly offensive” on Twitter, and Vice President Joe Biden ripped the comment as a “disturbing start to a trip designed to demonstrate Governor Romney’s readiness to represent the United States on the world’s stage.”

In the NBC interview, Romney said he is “generally not enthusiastic about adopting the comments of people who are unnamed.”

“I’m not sure who this person is,” Romney said. “But I can tell you that we have a very special relationship between the United States and Great Britain — it goes back to our very beginnings — cultural and historical. But I also believe the president understands that. So I don’t agree with whoever that adviser might be but do agree that we have a very common bond between ourselves and Great Britain.”

Romney is scheduled to meet Thursday with British officials, including Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, Foreign Secretary William Hague, and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

On Friday, Romney will meet with US Olympic athletes before attending the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Romney was chief executive of the committee that organized the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

On Sunday, Romney will be in Israel to meet with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres and Palestinian National Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

In Poland on Monday, Romney will meet with Prime Minister Donald Tusk and former President Lech Walesa.

Tusk criticized Obama in May, after Obama referred to a concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland as a “Polish death camp.” Obama apologized through a spokesman, who said the president misspoke, but Tusk called for a “stronger, more pointed” response.


Now, let’s talk legit shit. I mean it, legit shit. Stuff you would want to pick up from places like Japan. If you guys love squid girl, Musume, her Volume 3 manga is out for sale.


Shinryaku! Ika Musume 3

Shinryaku! Ika Musume is a new comedy shonen manga series created by Michiko Yokote. The heroine is a cute moe-type squid girl named Ika Musume who vows to conquer humanity as revenge for its pollution of the ocean. Her first…
That aside, here’s China’s cosplay.


ComicDay 10 Cosplay Pure China Quality

Author: Leon

Cosplay fans have been impressed by the quality of some of the cosplay on display at China’s “ComicDay 10″ event, with the those in attendance giving most international and Japanese cosplayers quite a run for their money.


Enjoy the gallery. Moving on…



Ministry to establish team to battle bullies


Education minister Hirofumi Hirano plans to set up an internal team to help schools and boards of education curb bullying.

The initiative was prompted by intense media coverage of a suicide at a junior high school in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, in which bullies allegedly pressured a 13-year-old boy to plunge to his death last October as his pleas for help went ignored.

On an NHK program Sunday, Hirano, minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology, described the envisioned team as “line troops” to work alongside those tasked with directly dealing with bullying.

The team’s duties will be decided after examining the results of a bullying survey to be conducted on elementary and junior high schools nationwide, the minister added.

“The education ministry will enhance its guidance and advising activities so we can demonstrate a strong will not to leave these problems as they are,” Hirano said after the program.

The ministry is considering asking schools and local boards of education to report especially serious cases of bullying so they can be scrutinized by experts.

In the Otsu case, the victim’s parents have sued the city and three of the boy’s classmates for allegedly bullying him into “practicing” his suicide before he actually went through with it.

After a school survey revealed that several students said bullies forced the boy to practice killing himself, Otsu Mayor Naomi Koshi reversed the municipal government’s initial denials that bullying took place and acknowledged that some form of harassment led the boy to kill himself.

His parents argued that schoolteachers failed to properly respond despite knowing their son was being bullied.


And our last story.


Grapes of wrath: Shopkeeper forced to pay nearly £112,000 compensation to customer who slipped on ‘mushy’ fruit outside his store

A shopkeeper has been ordered to pay nearly £112,000 in damages after a customer slipped on a couple of grapes.

Onkar Singh Gill, 50, was taken to court by 57-year-old Samira Hassan after she broke both her wrists in the 2005 fall.

He insisted that it was ‘a freak accident’ and that there was little, if anything, he could have done to prevent it.

But after a seven-year legal battle, dubbed the Grapes of Wrath, the popular grocer lost an appeal yesterday.

Mr Gill must now pay £111,859 in compensation to Mrs Hassan, who used to be a regular customer.

His son Sandeep, 29, said that the business was insured for accidents but because of a legal loophole they would almost certainly be liable for the full amount.

He said: ‘Sometimes you do wonder whose side the law is actually on.’

Outside the Appeal Court in London Mr Gill was asked to comment on the judge’s ruling. He replied: ‘I wouldn’t waste my breath.’

The court was told that Mrs Hassan was strolling past The Stall shop in Greenford, west London, when she paused to examine the fruit displayed on tables outside.

Although wearing ‘sensible’ shoes she slipped on some ‘mushy’ grapes on the pavement, falling forward and breaking both wrists.

Mrs Hassan, of Greenford, sued Mr Gill, and in September last year a county court judge ordered the grocer to pay damages.

The amount reflected her care costs and the impact her injuries have had on gaining employment.

Mr Gill challenged the ruling in the Appeal Court, insisting that his staff had taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the pavement was kept clear.

His barrister, Kenneth Hamer, said there had been no previous accidents or complaints.

But Lord Justice Lloyd, sitting with Mr Justice Morgan and Sir Stephen Sedley, rejected Mr Gill’s appeal.

Sandeep Gill, the shop’s general manager, said: ‘The amount hurts. It will be a huge dent to us but what hurts most is the judge’s ruling that we may have been careless in our duty to the public.’


I will see you guys all next time. Good night and I’m signing out.

Happy Birthday Lauren Faust

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JJ’s art of Lauren Faust for her b-day.


I want to start this out by congratulating JohnJoseco on a great job for his present to Miss Faust. While Will did also make one for her it’s only Surprise, aka Pinkie’s original base. While today is a good day for Faust to celebrate, we still need to get things going with our blog which means, we still need to push toward some form of journalism today, no matter how shitty. If you will recall Andrea Libman had her birthday not long ago. Almost exactly a week from Faust’s; Crazy, huh? Well that out of the way, I’ll introduce some of Faust’s newest stuff.









That said, let’s move on. EqD had a huge art post in celebration of this though.


Drawfriend Stuff #514


Read more »


And this one too.

Happy Birthday, Lauren Faust

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No long diatribe is needed to justify or explain this post- we all know why we’re here in the first place, and it’s because of the vision of one woman who dared to take a cartoon that was never destined for greatness and turn it into a cultural icon that can still teach us things to this day.
Happy birthday, Lauren, from the staff of Equestria Daily!


Welp, now that we got our pony high for the day, how’s about we move onto real world dealings.


South Korean-North Korean flags confused at soccer match


GLASGOW, Scotland — The preliminary women’s soccer match between North Korea and Colombia was delayed when the South Korean flag was displayed on the jumbotron alongside the faces of North Korean players, an error which incensed the players and their coach.

London 2012 has apologized for the mistake.

“We will apologize to the team and the National Olympic Committee, and steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again,” the organizing committee said in a statement provided to USA TODAY Sports.

The game was being played at historic Hampden Park, and followed the USA’s 4-2 victory over France. The second game was delayed by about an hour, finally won by North Korea 2-0.

North Korea’s coach, Gun Sin Ui, said through a translator after the match that he and the team were very upset by the error, and that the team would have forfeited the match if it had not been corrected.

“We were angry because our players were introduced as if they were from South Korea, which may affect us greatly as you may know,” Gun said.

Gun said he plans to ask organizers if the flag problem was intentional and added that winning was no compensation for the offense.


Good one, guys, you got the moralfags good with this one. Best troll move ever, North Korea. So remember that guy who shot the sher– I mean the movie goers? well…


Accused Colorado gunman sent notebook to psychiatrist: report

By Chris Francescani


(Reuters) – The man accused in the movie theater massacre at the opening of the new “Batman” film mailed a notebook detailing his plans to a psychiatrist at his university before the attack, Fox News reported on Wednesday, as the first funeral was held for one of the 12 people killed.

The package allegedly sent by 24-year-old James Eagan Holmes had been in a mailroom at the University of Colorado since July 12 but remained unopened until its discovery on Monday, a law enforcement source told FoxNews.com.

Reuters could not immediately verify the report. Messages left with police in Aurora and other law enforcement officials involved in the case were not immediately returned.

A spokesman for the FBI’s Denver office said the bureau could not speak about any aspect of the investigation because the judge in the case had issued a protective order on Tuesday that strictly limits what attorneys, law enforcement and court staff can say publicly about the case.

The Fox News report said police and FBI agents were called to the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus in Aurora on Monday morning after a psychiatrist who is a professor at the school reported receiving a package believed to be from the suspect.

Although that package turned out to be from someone else and harmless, a search of the Campus Services’ mail room turned up another parcel sent to the psychiatrist with Holmes’ name in the return address, the source told Fox News.

After obtaining a search warrant, police took the package away and discovered its contents.

Fox News quoted its source saying: “Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people. There were drawings of what he was going to do in it — drawings and illustrations of the massacre.”

Images in the notebook included drawings of stick figures shooting at other stick figures, the FoxNews.com report said.

Fox News did not identify the psychiatrist. Holmes was a doctoral student in neuroscience at the Anschutz campus until filing paperwork to drop out in June.

University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery confirmed in a written statement that a suspicious package was delivered to the campus by mail on July 23 and said it was “immediately investigated and turned over to authorities within hours.”

“The anonymous Fox News source that the package was received on July 12 and sat on a loading dock is inaccurate,” Montgomery said in the statement.

She declined to discuss the package any further, citing the order by Aurora County District Judge William Sylvester.

Police say Holmes, wearing tactical body armor and a gas mask and toting three firearms, opened fire on a crowded midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in the Denver suburb of Aurora, killing 12 people and wounding 58 others.

Holmes, who was arrested behind the theater immediately after the attack, made his first appearance in court on Monday, appearing sleepy and disoriented. Authorities plan to formally charge him on July 30.


Hundreds gathered on Wednesday at the nondenominational Pathways Church in Denver for the first funeral for a victim of the July 20 massacre.

Gordon Cowden, at 51 the oldest victim of the shooting, was a real estate appraiser who had taken his teenage daughters to the movie theater where he was killed. His daughters escaped unharmed.

An excerpt from the funeral program attributed to his daughter Brooke read: “I will never forget that in such disorientation and confusion of that night what was certain were your yells, declarations of ‘I love you’ to both of us. Forever, with love, Brooke.”

Joyce Zounis, who knew Cowden through a single parents group at her Aurora church, said Brooke Cowden gave an emotional speech during the service in which she recounted dancing with her father at an outdoor concert in June.

“Little did she know, this would be her last dance with her dad,” Zounis, 50, said.

Doug Newman, a friend of Cowden, said the grief inside the church was “pretty intense.”

“I’m in absolute shock,” Newman said. “”I haven’t been myself for a few days.”

Services for Cowden came as 19 of those injured in the shooting remained hospitalized, seven in critical condition.


Children’s Hospital Colorado said on Wednesday that it would use donations to cover the medical expenses of any victims who lacked insurance and would waive co-pays or deductible related expenses for those with insurance.

HealthOne, which owns Medical Center or Aurora and Swedish Medical Center in Denver, said it would limit or eliminate hospital charges “as appropriate to each patient and the circumstances these individuals find themselves in.”

HealthOne said it would not discuss any specific patient out of respect in order to respect privacy.

Judge Sylvester ruled on Tuesday that no cameras would be allowed in the courtroom when Holmes is charged next Monday. Holmes’ initial appearance on Monday was televised.

Authorities have not offered a motive for the shooting spree. Police said Holmes, a former neuroscience student, left his 800-square-foot (75-square-metre) apartment booby-trapped with explosives that authorities said could have destroyed the entire complex.

Local and state bomb experts conducted a controlled demolition over last weekend.

On Wednesday members of Holmes’ defense team spent about 45 minutes in the apartment, taking notes and videotaping the scene. Attorneys declined comment to reporters as they left.

Holmes, who authorities say dyed his hair red and told them he was The Joker in reference to Batman’s comic-book nemesis, was being held in solitary confinement to protect him from other prisoners.

The shooting rampage has renewed debate in the United States about gun control. At the same time, Colorado authorities said on Tuesday that applications in the state for background checks to buy firearms surged in the aftermath of the shooting.


Next up, we have a guy who went to a Dave Matthews band concert and wrecked some shit.


Crash Into Me: Dave Matthews fan steals, wrecks sheriff’s vehicle, deputies say

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -A Vero Beach man stole and crashed an unmarked Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office vehicle after attending a Dave Matthews Band concert early Saturday, deputies said.

Jason Amstutz, 30, stole the unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe while deputies were on foot directing traffic at State Road 80 and Fairgrounds Road just after midnight, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

Witnesses said they saw Amstutz speeding east on State Road 80 in the westbound lanes and jumping the center median several times.

Deputies said Amstutz crashed the vehicle into a taxi cab at State Road 80 and Sansburys Way. He was taken to Wellington Regional Hospital with minor injuries, deputies said.

The occupants of the taxi cab were not injured.


And since the last Queen’s Blade post got so many hits that I almost wanted to take down the post, I figured I’ll post up another one.


Queen’s Blade Rebellion OVA Tentacular As Ever

Author: Leon

The 2nd disc of Queen’s Blade Rebellion brings with it an OVA featuring Mirim and Runaruna subjected to even more of the tentacle molestation action which was so conspicuously unabsent from the series proper.
And so as we move on, so to do the idiots. Let’s talk about fuel…

Fuel imports put trade deficit near ¥3 trillion

Record offsets recovering exports as energy needs soar in first half

The trade deficit grew to a record ¥2.915 trillion from January to June as rising energy imports more than offset a recovery in exports, the government said Wednesday.

The sluggish outcome highlights the difficulties faced by the economy, which has been affected by a stronger yen, a gloomy global outlook amid the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and growing demand for nonnuclear energy resources.

For June alone, the trade balance recovered slightly to end with a surplus of ¥61.7 billion, the first black ink in four months, the Finance Ministry said in a preliminary report. The result beat market forecasts, but analysts warned of exports slowing down even more.

For the first half, the value of exports grew 1.5 percent from the same period a year before to ¥32.595 trillion, mainly helped by robust shipments of autos and auto parts to the United States, China and Thailand.

The value of imports jumped 7.4 percent to ¥35.511 trillion as demand for energy resources, particularly liquefied natural gas, rose to make up for the complete loss of nuclear power.

The figures were measured on a customs-cleared basis.

The trade deficit was the biggest since the government began records in 1979. The reference exchange rate for the six months came to ¥79.60 per dollar, a rise of 3.1 percent that caused additional downward pressure on exporters’ earnings, the Finance Ministry said.

The situation in Europe has weighed heavily on Japanese exports, not only in direct shipments to the region but also to Asian economies that use components made in Japan to build final products for the European market, where consumer and business sentiment has been deteriorating amid the eurozone fiscal and banking crisis.

Exports to the 27-nation European Union slowed 9.0 percent with the balance staging a surplus of ¥171.6 billion, the smallest on record. Exports to Asia as a whole shed 3.6 percent, while those to China, Japan’s biggest trade partner, slid 8.6 percent with the balance coming to ¥1.405 trillion in the red.

“The global economy has shown signs of declining and this will weigh on (Japan’s) exports,” Lee Chi Woong, an economist at Goldman Sachs Japan Co., said in a report, while adding the restart of some nuclear reactors and stability in energy costs would help reduce imports and improve the trade balance.

Exports to the United States recovered by 21.0 percent, with the balance standing at ¥2.482 trillion in Japan’s favor.

In June, overall exports lost 2.3 percent to reach ¥5.643 trillion in the first decline in four months, while imports fell 2.2 percent to ¥5.582 trillion, the first fall in 30 months.

The data triggered mixed reactions from experts. The surplus for June, which came against expectations of a continued deficit and was mainly due to lower prices for energy imports, prompted upbeat assessments, but at the same time some expressed worry about slowing exports.

“Exports may have entered a phase of losing momentum,” said Mitsumaru Kumagai, chief economist at Daiwa Institute of Research.


So I’ll leave you guys with this one last article.


An Otaku’s Guide to Internet Privacy

By Reason

You wouldn’t fondle a drunk girl like I did that one summer in a dimly lit garage. You wouldn’t do drugs. You wouldn’t let Kaguya spy on you. You wouldn’t let yourself be ignorant online — naturally your best friend the BP is here. For the privacy advocates out there here’s a guide to maintaining a lot more transparency online with the modern otaku in mind (that’s you!). I’ve outlined a 5-step plan which I’ve created below, and is something that any advanced internet user should probably be following to some extent.1. Use anti-tracking browser software in regards to web tracking (cookies and scripts)

Literally every website out there has some form of tracking installed because of advertisements. With browser add-ons like NoScript or Ghostery you will be significantly more transparent online in regards to tracking companies. For the beginner if nothing else then this is what you’ll want to do in at least some form.

Implementing it: Ghostery, NoScript, BetterPrivacy, Beef Taco

2. Encrypt HTTP traffic

This is a good idea because it prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. It ensures that there are no spying eyes between whatever you’re communicating between yourself (your computer) and a web server.

Implementing it: Manually use HTTPS services whenever possible, and additionally consider HTTPS Everywhere.

3. Encrypt DNS traffic

This one is extremely powerful, and even more potent when combined with the above. Encrypting DNS traffic accomplishes two things: nobody on your network can see what websites you’re visiting, and your ISP cannot see what websites you’ve been connecting to.

Implementing it: Consider the DNSCrypt project.

4. Use a better search engine

Mainstream average-consumer based search engines generally have horrible privacy standards. Take Google for example: aside from them simply having records of your online activity your saved searches can be requested by a government, bad employees could go snooping, or Google can get hacked — all of which has happened. What privacy-based search engines have in common is that they do not log IPs in the first place, they do not store searches (this particular point means an employee can’t get curious, and that they can’t get hacked and have data compromised as log data doesn’t exist), and they do not install tracking cookies.

Implementing it: Ixquick, Startpage, DuckDuckGo

5. Use a better e-mail provider

The argument for this is generally the same as the above. In regards to this specifically though the general rule of thumb is that you’ll want an e-mail provider in another country than the one you currently reside in. The idea is that, while different countries may not have perfect laws in regards to abusive data retention, snooping eyes in your country will have less readily available access.

Implementing it: An example would be that an American could consider using a European based e-mail provider like My Opera Mail.

We’ll I’ll let myself out at this point, so good night everyone; Grass is outta here.

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