So as I showed you guys yesterday, other than a few aesthetic changes and a few gym changes, BW2 really isn’t all that different. I suppose if you like Platinum’s storyline, it’s okay, but that’s really all that changes in BW2. See, when they first made yellow it was a huge hit because it was the first time we got to use Pikachu and the game played so much like the series. That’s what Nintendo did right for Yellow. Years later, they made Crystal, but it didn’t have the feel of Yellow. It was distant and not as interesting. But this isn’t bad, it’s just they started focusing more on story integrated gaming as opposed to something like game experience. Which, I’m rather saddened about. Anyway, just my two cents about how TPC has been like over the years. Let’s move onto news.



TMZ: Theater Shooting Victim Hires Attorney

Torrence Brown’s Best Friend Shot, TMZ Reports

Deb Stanley


DENVER — The entertainment website TMZ is reporting that one of the theater shooting victims has hired a lawyer and plans to sue.Torrence Brown, Jr. was not shot, but his best friend died and Brown says he is suffering from extreme trauma, according to website said Brown’s attorney plans to target three defendants — the theater, doctors who the attorney says gave the shooting suspect several medications and the movie studio that made “The Dark Knight Rises.”


Oh and let’s not forget our idiots in other parts of the U.S.


Man in critical condition after having his friends light his HEAD ON FIRE on a crackpot bar bet


A Georgia man has been hospitalized in critical condition after he had his friends set fire to his head on a bet at a local bar.

It was originally reported that 36-year-old William Bonner, of Thomson, got into a fight with several other patrons at Allie Katz Bar in Augusta, and then had his face burned in retaliation.

However, a surveillance video from inside the bar has revealed that Bonner had purposefully had his drinking buddies douse his head with a shot of Bacardi 151 and put a match to it, according to the station WJBF.

In the black-and-white footage, which does not have an audio track, the visibly inebriated Bonner is seen getting ready to prove his friends wrong.

It takes his challengers two attempts to light his head ablaze, and when it happens, Bonner can be seen running around the bar like a human torch and trying to put out the flames.

‘I actually thought that this man has gone wild,’ said Allie Katz manager Keith Bussey, adding that he’s has seen many crazy things done under the influence of alcohol before, but nothing quite like this.

‘They call him Ghost Rider in here from the movie, and it’s exactly what it looked like,’ Bussey said, referring to the comic-book character that was portrayed on the big screen by actor Nicholas Cage in the eponymous 2007 film.

Lieutenant Blaise Dresser said unlike other people who set themselves ablaze and then post videos of their fiery experiences on YouTube, he doesn’t believe that Bonner was seeking his 15 minutes of fame.

‘The man who was set on fire bet his friends that he was drinking with that he could set his face on fire,’ Dresser said. ‘Obviously, no one believed him and he proved them wrong.’

The manager of the Allie Katz bar had a few words of warning to other patrons who may want to replicate Bonner’s bet.

‘Do not have your friend pour alcohol on your head and have your other friend light it and think that it’s cool in front of women,’ Bussey said.

Lieutenant Dresser said there will be no charges filed in this case as Bonner has already suffered enough as a result of his ill-conceived bet.

Bonner was originally taken to GHS Medical Center before being transferred to Doctors Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.


I gotta admit, I’ve seen a lot of dumbasses in my life, but this man takes the cake. Lighting your own head on fire just to be Ghost Rider…that takes balls.

Next up, we talk about what it’s like for NASA to pay you to stay in bed all day.


50 days in bed for science: Inside NASA’s bed rest study



Heather Archuletta isn’t an astronaut. But if the U.S. space program ever lands on Mars, she’s taking partial credit.

A three-time participant in NASA’s bed rest studies, Archuletta gives up weeks of her life for research on how space travel affects astronauts’ bones, muscles and blood. In 2008, Archuletta, 40, an IT professional from Texas, was one of six people paid $160 a day to participate in a 90-day microgravity bed rest study. By remaining in bed for weeks at a time, the participants simulate gravity on a space station. (The research was halted at 50 days because Hurricane Ike forced the evacuation of Galveston, where the research was conducted.)

NASA continues to recruit new study participants. Archuletta, who hopes to join another study this spring, spoke with me yesterday about the bed rest research — and why she thinks it’s more important than ever.

In the microgravity study, you had to lie in bed tilted six degrees back. What effect did that have on your body?

The first couple days you lie there going, “What did I get myself into?” But I’m a huge space enthusiast and it was a dream come true for me to be at NASA, so I stuck with it. They assured me that everything you’re going through is what astronauts go through, so that’s what kept me going. You get changes in blood pressure, heart rate and even the fillings in my molars were throbbing. It’s such a change to the body.

What was a typical day like during that study?

We get up at 6 o’clock everyday. They play music through our speakers just like they do at a space station. We are weighed every morning on an industrial scale. They make very, very specific amounts of food and water for you, so you stay at your target weight. There are times when you have to report to tests. People come in and wheel you into different rooms. They were taking 3-D sonograms of my heart and testing my muscle strength.

You’re not allowed to nap during the day. You have to stay active. Everybody has their own television. I wanted to learn sign language, so I got books on American Sign Language and watched signing videos. I’m a big reader, too. I tore through 30 books. There’s a common room where everybody can join for meals and do arts and crafts and watch movies together.

You use a bedpan. They have a special shower with a mesh gurney that you can roll onto because you have to bathe at [an angle of] negative six degrees.

How long did it take you to recover?

It was like someone was shoving knives into my feet [when I first tried to walk]. An ambulance took us to a hospital in Austin to recuperate. They had a physical therapist travel up there with us and he helped us with stretches and special exercises everyday. You’d walk for a little while, but then use a wheelchair for an hour. It was about a month before I was getting back into my own exercise routine. It took about two weeks until I could drive a car again.

What are the risks involved in these bed rest studies?

You’ll have changes in the blood. You may have lowered bone density. Your muscles will certainly change. It was not an easy choice to make. I had a few moments of thinking, “I’ve only got one body and if anything really happens to me, what if it’s not reversible?”

Knowing the risks and with the misgivings you had, what finally motivated you to participate?

Mars. I so want to see us land on Mars in our lifetime. And we’ve got the technology to do it. We’ve got the propulsion technology; we’ve got the spacecraft technology. The last piece of the puzzle is the human factor. We’ve gotten robots there; we can get a craft there. The bigger question is, “Can we get a human there healthy enough to collect rocks once he lands?” And if that ever does happen, I’m so proud that I’ll be able to say I was a tiny little part of that.

But with the president calling for an end to NASA’s moon program, are these bed rest studies still relevant?

Yes. Now more than ever. We can’t stop being visionary because we don’t have the money right now. Whether we go to Mars in 10 years or we go to Mars in 100 years, what we’re learning now on the space station and what we’re learning now in these studies will still be relevant when we reach Mars or a Mars moon or an asteroid. I think it’s just going to be further in the future than we had hoped.


So if you wanna get paid to not do shit, go enjoy that. I suppose if you enjoy the feeling of pain it’ll be worth the money.


President of Ghana Dies at 68



BAMAKO, Mali — The president of Ghana, John Atta Mills, died unexpectedly Tuesday at a military hospital in the capital, Accra, five months short of finishing his first term in office. He turned 68 on Saturday.

News of his death came on state-run television, which interrupted regular programming for the announcement. The government gave no details of the cause, but Mr. Mills had recently spent eight days in the United States for medical treatment.

He did not disclose what treatment he was seeking, but told his fellow citizens on his return that he was strong enough to run the country. But on Tuesday afternoon, he was rushed to the military hospital, where he died.

Mr. Mills, a former university economics professor, was narrowly elected at the end of 2008, with less than 1 percent of the vote. He was due to run again in elections in December. In 2009, President Obama chose Ghana for his first African visit — testimony to the solidity of the country’s democracy — and in 2011, Ghana began exporting oil for the first time, sending out 23.5 billion barrels that year.

On Tuesday afternoon, lawmakers in the country’s Parliament awaited news about the political transition, in a solemn and mournful atmosphere.


Oh and there’s this dumbass who counterfeited $1 bills.


Fake $1 bill passed in Lewiston

by Associated Press


LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — Police in Lewiston say someone passed a counterfeit $1 bill at the Big R, a denomination that is rarely faked.

Police Lt. Budd Hurd says the bill looks real, but the paper is heavier than normal, which is what tipped off a store clerk Monday.

The bill had apparently been washed to soften its appearance and make it look older and used. Hurd says a forgery pen indicated the bill was a fake.

Hurd told the Lewiston Tribune he’s only seen a counterfeit $1 once in his career, and it was made by a junior high school student to pay off a bully.


So remember how I posted an article not long ago about the suicides? Well, they started holding a council meeting about it now.


Shiga Suicide Teachers: “We Are The Real Victims Here”

Author: Artefact


The scandal surrounding the 13-year-old Shiga prefecture schoolboy who was only able to end his bullying by leaping from his apartment block continues to deepen, with teachers apparently still of the opinion that bullying had nothing to do with his death and that they are being unfairly scapegoated for not doing anything at all to help him.

According to emails reportedly sent by the city’s top teaching official, the real victims of the scandal are the poor teachers:

“If the mass media weren’t involved, this would be nothing at all.”

“The media are just stirring things up too much.”

“We’re victims as well here.”

“Why’d they have to get the police involved now of all times?”

“Nobody even recognises the bullying caused his suicide in any case, so the reporting is all wrong.”

The bullying scandal has continued to unfold with yet more details of his bullying emerging, including the fact the bullies apparently forced their way into his bedroom and stole his wallet and that one of their number was transferred to another school where he continued to bully other pupils, as well as all manner of efforts on the part of the teachers and parents of the bullies to deflect the blame back onto the dead victim.

Even the latest prime minister has chipped in with the following:

“I have a message for any child being bullied – you’re not alone, there is certainly someone out there who will look out for you. It doesn’t matter who, just seek help.”

However, it did not take long for critics to point out the boy repeatedly sought help from teachers, parents and police, none of whom actually bothered to do anything to prevent him being hounded into suicide by his classmates.


And you can enjoy this next gallery of censored posts.


Total Eclipse Massacred By Censors

Author: Artefact



As is apparently obligatory for anything which started off as an eroge, Muv-Luv Total Eclipse has been suffering some exceptionally enthusiastic censoring, depriving fans of any unsteamy yuri action involving what appears to be an evil parallel universe version of Eilanya.


And just in case you’re getting any ideas. This is a giant robot anime.



And finally we have a figurine.


Persona 2: Innocent Sin Lisa Silverman Figure

Author: Leon


A svelte figure of Persona 2: Innocent Sin‘s Lisa Silverman is scheduled for release in November 2012, by FREEing.

Lisa is available for pre-orders now.


That’s our show for today, as usual enjoy the gallery for the figurines and anime and I will see you guys next time, this is Grass signing out; Good night, everyone.