Just a small quickie for your Sunday enjoyment. I wanna say that as much as I love watching people An Hero every day in Japan, the latest frequency of An Heroes has become rather disturbing. It seems the bullying in Japan has started getting more and more teenagers over there killed. Now, I often find the easiest way to kill yourself is to just to not do it. Suffering from old age as a means of death is far more painful than a bullet to the head or throwing yourself off of a building; So if you want a painful death, that’s the way to go. Anyway, let me stop yammering about suicide and just give you the news.



Soka boy bullied into taking leap off school



SAITAMA — A 13-year-old boy broke bones in his waist and chest in April after being bullied into jumping off a public junior high school building in Soka, Saitama Prefecture, it was learned Friday.

The board of education believes the boy had been bullied routinely before jumping off the eaves of the second floor in a “test of courage” on April 18.

As a result of the 3-meter drop to the concrete below, the boy sustained broken bones, including in his chest. He has missed nearly all of his classes since school began in April and is still under rehabilitation.

The board did not release the name of the school nor any other details into the incident.

At the request of the boy’s parents, Saitama police are interviewing his teachers and classmates, board officials said. According to sources, at least four schoolmates were likely involved in the forced leap. Beforehand, the boy had been ordered to pay an unspecified sum to the bullies or “prove his courage” by jumping from the second floor.

Although considered a die-hard problem at schools, bullying has been thrust into the national spotlight again since the allegedly forced suicide of a 13-year-old student in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, last October recently came to light. He allegedly jumped off a condominium building after being bullied by schoolmates, who made him rehearse his own death.

In a related move Friday, the Osaka prefectural board of education said it will allow public elementary and junior high schools to suspend bullies if they fail to heed multiple warnings.


It seems Friday’s shooting wasn’t enough, we have idiots in Japan still throwing themselves off buildings. God, our world is crumbling. And faster than I had first predicted. I mean I know suicide rates in Japan are much higher than say, the US, but umm I always assumed it was for competition from education, which I still think it’s cause Asians take education too seriously. Knowledge isn’t only from books, it can be obtained anywhere through any medium. Having all the book smarts in the world won’t save you in a time of crisis nor will it save you from a nuclear war. Knowing ahead of time where to go for your next meal, and thinking about what your next strategic move is in chess, that’s how you get smarter, not reading books everyday. Darwin once mentioned that the strongest survive, well the strongest people are the smartest people who know their way around in the world. Think of it as a faster means to say accomplish a desired task but doing that on a much faster way.


Anyway, that’s my short Philosophy lesson for all of you readers out there. This is Grass signing out.